Gay Rights: Why Do They Bother You?

Remember the 1970's? Many might think these guys were fags. Actually, they are Foghat, the well known rock band. Looks are deceiving.
Remember the 1970's? Many might think these guys were fags. Actually, they are Foghat, the well known rock band. Looks are deceiving.
This woman could be gay, yet is in the military.
This woman could be gay, yet is in the military.

Being Queer

Now that President Obama has come out in public stating that he supports gay rights in marriage and in other areas, the first US president to do so, how do you feel? Many Latino and Black are much more opposed to gay rights than white. Gay rights is also generational, if you are under 35, you tend to be more accustomed to them and accepting them. Older age groups tend to have more limited or no tolerance for such lifestyles. The older you are, you are most likely not in support of them at all.

Some families have same sex married couples and either biological kids or those created with a sperm donor. In the TV show, Modern Family, there are two men with a baby Asian girl. While the two men are actors, there are many real couples like them.

The Gay rights is a lightening rod issue. Some US states have denied most rights because this is a lifestyle choice and not the same as those with color, sex, age etc. Why should those who have a sexual orientation have similar rights? By approving these rights, the government endorses homosexuality. Since America is under God and christian values, gay rights and these values creates the issue. But, if you take the religious element out of this debate, it becomes more murky as to why a gay person should not have the same rights as a straight person on the job, in the workplace, in marriage. They are still human beings. Still are subject to all sorts of prejudice and hatred regardless of any laws passed.

Some gays are obvious, some are not. Some blend with the "real world" very well because they are responsible for their orientation and act accordingly. Others are more militant, more in your face about it. These may bring about some sort of change, but these are the ones that straights dislike the most because their actions impinge on their own rights. These gays refuse or do not blend with society. They actually give all of the gays a bad name.

But, why should you care if two men or women become legally married? Weird, yes. But, except for the sexual part, they do all the same things a man and a woman do in a marriage. A gay officer in the Army, still commands his troops and has to deal with the same issues as a "straight" officer. A gay office manager or neighbor, does the same things as a straight one does. As long as the gay person does not push their agenda or sexual aspect upon you, as a straight person, it should not matter unless you are simply stuck in a KKK-like mentality.

Twenty years ago, 25% of Americans favor gay rights, in 2011, 50%. The rights conversation has been going on since the 1960's with blacks, then women. Like the former groups who struggled for such rights, gays are also. But, as we all know, just because there are laws against discrimination, it never ends and never will.

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LauraGT profile image

LauraGT 4 years ago from MA

Thanks for writing about this important topic. But, I will say that I hope you're wrong in the end. I don't think homophobia and discrimination will ever be completely eradicated, but hopefully there will come a time where it is much less prevalent than it is today.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Well, it may but it will always be there just like the black\white thing is. if anything, the discrimination will be less overt, just like a lot of discrimination about age, sex and all of them. It happens everyday long after laws are passed.

Cathy in AL 4 years ago

I totally agree with you perrya. As long as the gays behave themselves we should leave them alone. The gays didn't know they were creating HIV at the time. I think they are more responsible now. As long as they are careful not to pass any more gay diseases to normal people I'm alright with them.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

I have worked for gay managers and have a few friends that are. I have no issues with them unless they get too forward or a little to explicit in public.

Cathy in AL 4 years ago

I agree, as long as the gays behave and keep the gay diseases away from the normal people, they should be left alone.

profile image

seventelltd 4 years ago

The problem with any disease is that you have likely passed it on before you are even aware that you have it. The problem with aids is not the gay community OR the straight, it is the bisexuals that are, in my opinion, totally responsible for treating both parties to it.

It is a fallacy that the gay community are responsible for the creation of aids, whilst HIV is most likely a mutated form of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, a disease present only in chimpanzees and African monkeys, it is extremely unlikely that the zoonosis (inter-species transfer of a disease) of HIV occurred through sexual intercourse as many people seem to believe.The African chimpanzees and monkeys which carry HIV are often hunted for food, and epidemiologists believe that the disease appeared in humans after hunters came into blood-contact with monkeys infected with HIV that they had killed. The first known instance of HIV in a human was found in a person who died in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1959 And a recent study dates the last common ancestor of HIV to between 1884 and 1914 by using a molecular clock approach.

From my experience with gay people, they are just as unlikely to 'come on' to a straight person as a straight person would to a gay.

I do agree however, and so do the gay friends I have concur, that all these gay rights demonstrations and Gay Festivals only serve to promote them as being different rather than help with acceptance.

I don't think we really need to be reminded about homosexuality with Gay Pride and such, the act is blatantly paraded on just about every TV soap because it is not pc to exclude it.

Most gay people are exactly that, they prefer their own sex to the opposite. Aids is not a disease of the gays

Mark 4 years ago

Seventelltd, I completely agree. Gay and straight people need to come together and take care of the bisexual problem once and for all. Thank you for sharing your well informed and excellently written article with us.

profile image

seventelltd 4 years ago

Thanks Mark, I am sure like most, people are sick of hearing about the 'rights' issue. Gay rights, Black rights, Disabled rights, Immigrants rights. How about MY rights? I don't want gay parades and being told I can't tell a gay joke, black joke or disabled joke. How come there are no 'straight' parades? Why don't people object to the English man, Irish man and Scots man jokes? Where are their rights? Where are their demonstrations?

All these 'look at me, I'm gay or black, or disabled' demo's are the root cause of why people see them as different, needy and unable to accept their lot.

If I lost my legs tomorrow, I would not be demanding my corner shop install a ramp, if I woke up gay, I hope my family and friends would accept it, I wouldn't be at the next Gay Pride demanding the rest of the world should!

All this insistence that we should tell our children Jack and John went up the hill and Adam and Steve were really in the Garden of Eden is hardly wholesome or even needed. As our kids mature, they will accept that there are gay and straight people in this world,they will make their choices as to where they stand and in order to do that, pressure from either side will do little to help bring them to a mature decision!

InCourage profile image

InCourage 4 years ago from North Carolina

If we remove religion from the equation? Well, if we remove religion from the equation and homosexuality is no longer a sin then What is the Question? The only reason that Gay marriage isn't okay now is because our society has held the Norm that it was an evil, unnatural, and immoral act. Society believed this because it was founded by a majority of men who held religious values.

Remove religion and there is no longer any objection. No legitimate objection. Plain and simple.

There will be the "destruction of marriage" outcry but that's foolish. Marriage has been falling apart as an institution for years. 1 out of 2 marriages end in divorce these days... and since gays can't marry we really can't blame them, now can we?

Do I favor gay marriage? I truly don't care... I'm Christian... but I don't think that Christianity should be about a witch hunt, or a gay hunt, and I certainly don't think that Christianity should be about making anyone's life more trying and difficult than it already is.

I think we should give people the Truth and then it's simply up to them... I don't have to live my life angry with someone who doesn't believe the way that I believe... That's very conditional love... and that's not Mercy... and that's not Grace.

Here is the Truth... bigotry, hypocrisy, racism, and discrimination will be with us until we Grow up and start acting like Mature Adults...

Probably not going to happen anytime soon.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Seven has got it right.

Mark 4 years ago

I agree seventelltd, we should hold a straight march and shoot any protesters.

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