Gays and Lesbians stop trying to get married

Are the gay and lesbians trying to get married really looking for equal rights, or are they more interested in being in the spot light. Most of America is against the ideal that two men or two women can be married, but are not against the ideal that they can be a couple. If all that the gay and lesbians want is equal rights, then that is exactly what they need to ask for.

The concept of marriage is simple. It is the bond between a man and a woman under God. As we have seen many times in the polls and voting, this is the common belief of most Americans, and the values set forth for a society must reflect the individual beliefs of the majority of its members, basic sociology 101. What we have also seen in voting and polls is that most Americans are not against gay and lesbian couples. We as a society believe that this is a personal choice and we accept that.

This leads us to the compromise or solution, Civil Unions. A civil union would give a couple the same legal rights of a marriage, and is basically a marriage with a different name. As a society we are not against gay and lesbian couples having the same rights. We don’t want to discriminate. What we want is for our values and beliefs not to be disrespected, which is what would happen if we allow gay and lesbians to use the term marriage. There is a phrase I heard in college that fits this situation perfectly, ‘your rights end where mine begin’. The term marriage has been used by straight couples since the beginning, and by allowing the use of the term marriage, many straight couples believe their values are being imposed on. You don’t have that right.

If what the gay and lesbian community wants is the right to form a civil union, then ask for it. If they want to coin their own name for it, then that is fine also, just don’t use the term marriage, which is a sacred term to so many. If the ability for two men or two women to form a civil union were to be put on the ballot, do you really think that most Americans would deny them that right? I believe that most same sex couples are really only looking for equal rights, and would agree to use the term civil union (as long as the states provided the exact same rights and procedures as they do with marriages). The problem is the small, very public, groups that are trying to gain political power and public notoriety. They are creating all of the problems, and they are the ones that are keeping the rest of the same sex couples from enjoying their equal rights. The next time you see a protest over gay and lesbian marriages and they are screaming for equal rights, ask yourself is it for equal rights or is it just screaming.

Authors Notes: This is a subject that has created a lot of heated debates in the news and in the polical arena, but it seems so simple to fix. We have two sides battling it out in public, but both sides seem to be extremists and not representing the majority. You have religious leaders judging people on personal choices and trying to ban same sex unions, and on the other side gay and lesbian activists demanding to use the term mariage. Both sides need to come back to reality, back toward the middle. The majority of America stands in the gray area in between the two groups, and this is where the issue will be resolved. I was raised in the Catholic Church, the picture below is that of my church when I was a kid, with strict beliefs, which include not drinking and smoking. However, in that same church I was tought not to judge others, and force my beliefs onto someone else. I don't mind being around people who drink and smoke, nor do I mind being around same sex couples, because in the end, we are all God's children.

St. Peters Catholic Church
St. Peters Catholic Church
Protestors in California
Protestors in California

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GovHater profile image

GovHater 7 years ago from The underground

A marriage is the union of a man and a woman under God. I know we aren't always able to understand His design and His plan, but I think that if he had planned for someone of the same sex to be together, then He wouldn't have had 2 sexes.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

I went ahead and approved the posting of the comment because I am a firm believer in freedom of speach, but I definetely do not care for the comments. You are using the Bible to justify your beliefs, but it is not our place to judge others and if we are unable to understand wordly things how can we understand Holy things.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author


Although I do disagree with your beliefs, I do appreciate you reading my hub and taking the time to respond. This is how we open lines of communications. Thanks,

janetjamerson 7 years ago

DUh First Nations Two Spirited REAL NATIVE AMERICANS GAY AND LESBIANS BEFORE EUROPEANS TOOK THEIR LAND are trying to get equal rights that two people get when they are hetroprivlidged automatically privilidged married while genociding and and killing off the FIRST NATIONS TWO Spired REAL Native American gay and lesbians

janetjamerson 7 years ago

TOO BAD CIVIL UNIONS that homophob hetroprivilidged KKK ppl get called marriage isnt the same as far as equal privilidges and rights as homophob hetro privilidged KKK automatic privlidged dont even have to think twice privilidged oppressors get. After all who cares bout these EUROPEAN NoN Natives with their European Religions programming to oppress THE FIRST NATIONS Two Spirited REAL NATIVE AMERICAN gays and lesbians that the Religious programmed Europeans took the land from and genocide

Lucky Nik profile image

Lucky Nik 6 years ago from East Bay, California

A legal marriage is a civil marriage and has nothing to do with God. The only reason that religious marriage is considered legal is because the State has granted the officials the ability to give a civil marriage IN ADDITION to the religious marriage. Medical, legal, and financial benefits are given to legally married people and a tax-paying law-abiding committed couple - of any gender combination should be as entitled as anyone else.

Kazechan profile image

Kazechan 5 years ago

Okay no offense but if A "Straight Couple" Who are "Atheist" Then should get a Civil Union. Plus Why the heck can't I get married under god, being Gay and Christian? Plus I believe god didn't make the ceremony to begin with so stop trying to keep it from good people who want the same EQUAL rights of marriage let and have it, its not like were saying "Oh this is now a Gay Tradition" or something bad. Geeze. Just want to be married and be able to have the same rights as A MARRIED COUPLE which CIVIL UNION DOESN'T GIVE.

apologetics profile image

apologetics 5 years ago

Good reminder. Gay isn't cool. It never was.

Hikikomori 4 years ago

If a heterosexual couple want to get married, does it mean they want to be in the spotlight?

If a homosexual couple want to get married, does it mean they want to be in the spotlight?

Marriage is the joining of two people who love each other, and in any marriage I've ever seen, yes, the couple are the main attention. That goes for both heterosexual AND homosexual. When you go to someone's wedding, you don't ignore the bride/ groom and bride/ groom and stare at the ceiling or something; you're there to witness them express their love and dedication to each other, gay or straight.

I want to get married someday in my home country. I would love to be exclusive to the one person who is perfect for me. I won't be allowed though, just because we'll both be brides. I'm only 16, and I haven't met that person yet, but when I do, I want to be able to have all the "firsts" that any couple should be able to have.

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