Get Paid Cash to Recycle Cans - Aluminum Pays Money!


You can get cash for recycling cans no matter where you live.  You will be able to get some quick money, in most cases, so turning them in just make sense for most of us.  The places where you can turn them in will vary a lot and the price per pound goes up and down daily, but you will always get at least something for the aluminum when you turn I tin.  Cash for recycling cans is easy to earn, and you have a lot of places you can go for the money.

Automated Centers:  These started popping up about 10 years ago, but with so many laws making it illegal to toss out aluminum, and waste management companies offering the services (although they don’t pay), people are not turning it in for money as much.  Still, you will find some of them out there and get cash for recycling cans from soda and beer, and other aluminum.

Scrap Centers:  If you have big bags of aluminum, take them to your scrap center.  This is a great way to make cash for recycling cans in your area.  Plus, if you have other aluminum to turn in, you can do it all right there on the spot. You’ll get a decent price per pound for your aluminum.  It’s not a really bad way to get cash for recycling cans in your local area.

Tax Credits:  You can donate your soda aluminum and get money in the form of a tax credit.  Organizations like the Boy Scouts are pretty well known for this.  While you won’t get money in hand, you will get a credit for the end of the year taxes.

Waste Collection:  You won’t get cash for recycling cans through your local garbage pickup, but at least you’ll be able to get rid of it the right way.  Some areas to offer incentive to separate recyclables.  In my area, you earn points which you can turn in for prizes.  Certainly nothing big, but better than nothing.  If you are looking for ways to earn some cash for recycling cans of soda, this may be a decent option to keep in mind.

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