Getting Fired: Gerald Walpin's Reward for Integrity

President Barrack Hussein Obama
President Barrack Hussein Obama
Gerald Walpin (former Inspector General)
Gerald Walpin (former Inspector General)

President Obama and Gerald Walpin

How sweet it is, the power to do no wrong. To be so loved and admired that rose-colored glasses distort the picture of integrity and moral value; given by the very people who voted you in; the ultimate free pass. President Obama has lost sight of his job as our elected official and you, Gerald Walpin, will pay the price. Gerald Walpin was fired without cause or explanation and now President Obama and his staff have (approximately) thirty days to put a reason together after-the-fact.

I know I will hear the arguments of George Bush (and his cronies) abusing the office to which he was elected. I will draw the fire of those that see President Obama as the next Gandhi, but the fact remains, he has shown a blatant disregard for legislation. Legislation that when introduced to Congress was co-sponsored by, then senator, Barrack Hussein Obama .

The Inspector General Reform Act

In April, 2008 the Inspector General Reform Act was unanimously passed by the senate; a bill meant to amend the Inspector General Act of 1978. Ironically, this bill was enacted to create a Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, in addition to other enhancements. One of the statutes presented in the bill was a requirement that the president give Congress a 30 day notice, with explanation of cause, if an inspector general is to be fired. Inspector General Gerald Walpin received no such courtesy; he was given an ultimatum: Resign in one hour or you will be let go. According to the Washington Examiner, Gerald Walpin recalls Norman Eisen saying “Mr. Walpin, the president wants me to tell you that he really appreciates your service, but it's time to move on. You can either resign, or I'll tell you that we'll have to terminate you." Irony rears its ugly head one more time. Norman Eisen is the Special Counsel to the President for Ethics and Government Reform. I wonder if President Obama will use the excuse of ignorance, which seems to be the excuse du jour, when it comes to accepting responsibility for one’s actions.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson

Inspector General Gerald Walpin's Investigation

Inspector General Walpin just finished an investigation of corruption in which Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (KJ of NBA fame) misappropriated grant money given to his nonprofit organization St. Hope. The investigation of this organization began last year and, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, “The city of Sacramento likely is barred from getting federal money -- including tens of millions the city is expecting from the new stimulus package -- because Mayor Kevin Johnson is on a list of individuals forbidden from receiving federal funds, according to a leading attorney the city commissioned to look into the issue.” Kevin Johnson, it should also be noted, is a supporter of President Obama. Where are the cries of cronyism? How is it that Kevin Johnson, whose organization bilked the government of over $400,000, keeps his job, while 78-year old Mr. Walpin loses his job for doing the right thing?

Integrity in Washington

If President Obama truly wants to be a hero for our youth, he’d be standing up for Mr. Walpin and condemning Kevin Johnson. What kind of message is this sending to our children? Is it hope and change? I think it’s the same dreaded business-as-usual that President Obama constantly associates with the former administration. This self-proclaimed “man-of-the-people” is nothing more than a charismatic, media-made icon of the same-old-thing. Just know, Mr. Walpin, that some of us still appreciate those with the courage to choose integrity over popularity and self-indulgence.

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tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

bgpappa you are preaching to the chior here . This Is the problem our elected officials cheat with Impunity now because there are no consequences ! We are only a step above Iran right now and you say that may be a little bit strong a statement,but I say our guys cheat and nothing happens ! You forgot to mention Dick Durbin too . Another Chicago politician , SURPRISE !

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida

Incredible,how much more will the people allow of this blatant corruption.I learned something here,great article.

puppascott profile image

puppascott 7 years ago from Michigan (As far as you know...) Author

In this story, yes tony, I did forget BIG Dick Durbin. Why post a story that everyone wants to ignore? Besides Martha Stewart did this years ago. How commonplace?

By the way, tony, get your puppas/pappas straight. I'm puppascott, the other guy with, the funny eye, is bgpappa.

Brute, I think there is no limit. As long as the citizens of this country believe they are sheep, they will follow a shepherd. It removes the whole responsibility thing.

Thanks for the comments.

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

Scuse me puppa !

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

It is despicable what they have done to this man. "same old story?" I am afraid it is much worse than that, as we will soon see. Good Hub. Sad story.

puppascott profile image

puppascott 7 years ago from Michigan (As far as you know...) Author

Indeed, we will see,

Thnaks for the comment, James.

Carrie Bradshaw profile image

Carrie Bradshaw 7 years ago from Manhattan

Hey, integrity in the workplace causing the good to get fired is my own story, too! I posted a hub called, "When Personal Integrity Gets You Fired". I stood up against corruption in my last two companies and just turned down a job because the corruption was evident in the interview process. I pray to God I don't ever have to work for corruption again! I am still believing!!

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