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Politics as usual....

People who know me, know me as a staunch Republican. Very conservative, straight-laced, and, most importantly, a loather of liberals. I've done plenty of ranting and raving in the past 2 years or so. I voted for McCain and Palin and I sternly believed that Obama was NOT going to win the 2008 Presidential election. But, I was so very wrong. And of course, like any other time I'm wrong, I became angry.  I jumped on that "Anti-Obama" wagon, and I held on for dear life.

I always listened to conservative talk radio and watched conservative opinion shows on FOX. I was, and still am a big fan of Hannity, O'Reilly, and especially Glenn Beck. Not to mention the thwarts of local conservative talk show hosts <Shout out to Bill Colley!  A friend and very talented talk host on WGMD.>  I do live in southern Delaware a.k.a The Mid-Atlantic Conservative Capital. Conservatism is EVERYWHERE down here.  Everywhere except Rehoboth, of course.  Fo those of you who do not know, Rehoboth Beach, DE is the Gay Mecca of the east coast... move over San Francisco, Rehoboth is right on your coat tails!

Anyway, I know it seems like I don't have a point, but I do:  My point is this: It's exhausting.  All the anger, the fear, the arguing...and for what?  What the world needs is peace, tranquility, happiness.  And we will NEVER find that in politics.  Instead of focusing on our differences, maybe we should just focus on how to make the world a better place for our children and future generations.  How do we do this?  I'm not quite sure... If I knew, I wouldn't be sitting here blogging...I'd be trying to fix the problems of the world.  BUT, I do know this... we can start just by loving eachother... no matter what they believe politically or what their religion is.  If you disagree with me, that is fine.  It would make me a hypocrite to think otherwise.  Like my grandmother always said: "It takes all kinds of people..."  We all just need to learn to respect  that.

Thank you.

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Jim Bryan profile image

Jim Bryan 6 years ago from Austin, TX

The first step is admitting that there is a problem. Right and Left might as well be up and down at this point. I'm not sure how the core of America's values has become "what ever the other guy doesn't want" as opposed to doing what is right, but it sure seems that way--and it isn't very good for us. I'm going to follow you from here out just to see where you go with this new epiphany.

PrettyPanther profile image

PrettyPanther 6 years ago from Oregon

I'm about as liberal as you get and I'm marrying a man who worked under Ronald Reagan, calls himself a conservative Republican, and has voted for a Republican for President in every election, except the last one. What he and I have both discovered is that if you just turn off the TV and stop listening to the partisan rhetoric (such as from Olbermann on the left and Hannity on the right), you will become a happier person and be able to think more clearly for yourself. Regardless of how objective you think you are, if you constantly listen to only those with whom you pretty much agree, it will only harden your opinions and inevitably close you off from some excellent ideas.

Plus, it sounds obvious, but it is important to respect people you disagree with. This is what seems to have been forgotten by so many people.

Janet 6 years ago

I do not really believe if you show respect to everyone you disagree with you will be happier. Well I suppose you personally will feel happiness but it will mask the actuality of what is happening. You need to listen to O'Reilly and Beck and get their opinion and you can still develop you own. Olbermann is the one who need to show respect. Respect conservatism. To conservatives he sounds like an idiot. It is good to turn off the tv but do not grow complacent.

Sean 6 years ago

I was waiting to see what others wrote before jumping in. I have to agree with Janet, not watching your conservative host is not the right thing to do. The real way to go is to fact check what is being said by both Liberal and Conservative sources. People fail to realize that an opinion can be wrong when it's oposition is backed up by facts. Instead of being lead around by opinion, allow the facts to shine light on your path. Respect is one thing, but means nothing if you have to disavowel your values and beliefs as prerequisite to that respect.

ShannonBaich profile image

ShannonBaich 6 years ago from Where ever I go...there I am. But, mostly I'm in Delaware. Author

I think we should all hold hands in a circle and sing.

Jim Bryan profile image

Jim Bryan 6 years ago from Austin, TX

I like holding hands with pretty women like yourself, so I'm down, but can we sing ANYTHING other than "Kumbaya?" I hate that %*^$#^& SONG!

I also agree with Sean, purely philosophical notions aside, an opinion that does not stand up to facts is as worthless as deaf, mute, and toothless sleeping dog.

ShannonBaich profile image

ShannonBaich 6 years ago from Where ever I go...there I am. But, mostly I'm in Delaware. Author

AGREE with SEAN! Blasphemy!!! Hahahaha! I'm kidding, of course!

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