Going Green, Responsibly.

Continued Deforestation.
Continued Deforestation. | Source
Lost Forests.
Lost Forests.


The rain forrests on our planet are still being depleted at an alarming rate.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations, say that deforestation has dropped over the last decade. The drop has been from 16 million hectares per year in the 1990's , to 13 million hectares in the 2000's.

Even after factoring in new forests, the loss is a drop from 8.3 to 5.2 million hectares, [an area approx. to Costa Rica], per year.

Although some countries have increased their % of deforestation, Indonesia and Peru being the biggest culprits. This has been offset by reductions by other countries, mainly Brazil.

We cannot put the blame squarely at the feet of the logging companies. Although we may not like the way they do their business, they are still in business because, we, the consumers have a need for their product.

We should not however, just say we will switch to plastics, as plastics themselves produce their own enviromental problems.

Plastic Bags can cause death to wildlife.
Plastic Bags can cause death to wildlife.
babaj eco-tec products
babaj eco-tec products
Nativity Scene made from liquid wood.
Nativity Scene made from liquid wood.

Hazards of Plastic.

Yes, many plastics, like bottles, can be re-used or re-cycled but a lot are not. If these are burned, they release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere or they are put into landfills. It is estimated that approx. 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are produced each year. The production of these bags takes 60 - 100 million barrels of oil each year. Plastic bags are thought to be responsible for about 100,000 deaths of marine creatures each year.

It is estimated that it takes 400 - 1000 years for a plastic bag to biodegrade. This means, that as yet, not one plastic bag has been broken down by nature.

So, what are we supposed to do. We must try to reduce the amount of lumber we use, yet avoid replacing it with plastic.

An Indian company http://www.bajajecotec.com/ produces a different material for use in making flooring, kitchen and office furniture. This is made by using sugarcane bagasse. This is the residue left over from crushing sugarcane.

A German company, see


is working on making "liquid wood". This is made from a byproduct of the paper making industry.

I cannot vouch for the quality of the above products. I merely use them as an example of what fields of technology we should be, or must be promoting if we are serious about our enviroment.

Some countries have now banned the use of plastic bags. All countries should follow this example. It, along with re-cycling, are small steps in re-juvenating our planet. Unfortunely we have left it too long and our population is growing too fast, for these steps alone to surfice. It will now take many small steps to accomplish any lasting progress. We know the problems and we have the technology. It means that we will all have to suffer a little discomfort now OR teach our grandchildren, how to tell their grandchildren that their real suffering, is because we were not prepared to face a little discomfort today.

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LoveOurPlanet profile image

LoveOurPlanet 6 years ago from Austin, Texas

Thanks for the excellent hub. I vote for no more plastic bags! I love that my grocery store sells very affordable reusable bags as an alternative.

sandun81 profile image

sandun81 6 years ago

Each and everybody should follow good habits to protect our mother earth.

Congrats for Hubnugget Wannabe nomination !

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas

Congrats on being selected as a nominee for this week's HubNuggets Wannabe Contest. Good luck to you! :) Funny how with all the info that we know about plastic and other unfriendly products that more and more is being produced and used every year. Go figure! Thanks for sharing your insight about going green responsibly.

rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

Thanks for your comments.

locke Moderation in the things that count would be a start

demosthenes.locke profile image

demosthenes.locke 6 years ago

while i can understand going green and reducing our use of fossil fuels we can never be truly independent of them. also given that companies like exxon-mobile are some of the largest business entities on the planet you can not honestly expect them to go quietly into that good night. while i appreciate your candor saying we are at point a. and need to get to point b. does not really do a good job of helping anyone determine the route between the two points

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Congrats on your nomination. I have become more aware and conscientious about being green thanks to information like yours. We all need to do our part. Best of luck to you.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

Plastic is now the primary factor in pollution. It's the product of pentane--a refine aggregate of crude fossil oil. If industrialized nations will continue producing it, a dying Earth will be close to this generation.

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 6 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

Congratulations on your hubnugget nomination.

Until we increase awareness, and consciousness, there can be no real change.

Thanks for a well written hub.


rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

TravelinAsia Whatever it takes. Thanks for stopping by.

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 6 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

How about using hemp products?

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

Congratulations on your hubnugget nomination. Good hub.

Alternative Prime profile image

Alternative Prime 6 years ago from > California

Congratulations on your Nomination & Writing a Great Hub

We already have everything we need to produce all of this nations energy in an environmentally friendly way however sometimes the "Political Red Tape" can impede progress. These are common sense goals which must be achieved ASAP

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

There are already a lot of people joining the going green campaign. We should continue to promote it so more and more will follow. Thumbs up for this wonderful hub! :)

Congratulations for being a Hubnuggets Wannabe.

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rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

Thanks for your thoughts.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 6 years ago from USA or America

Congratulations on your HubNugget nomination. You've done a job on this article. I agree that there needs to be a new level of thinking, however, I attribute that as coming from a new level of consciously active people in the near future. Thank you for sharing. :)

rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

Probably, I'm working on a couple.

Natureheads profile image

Natureheads 6 years ago from UK

Aaaarrrgh! That photo of the stork wrapped in a plastic bag is horrible. Any more environmental hubs coming soon?

rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

Thanks for your comment

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

I am all for sensible conservation. I live in Wisconsin in the paper milling area. Most of teh trees used now for paper are grown new. The push for things lick ethenol has backfired and I believe has led to further depleting the rain forests.We must always be aware of unintended consequeces.

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