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I was watching an older movie tonight, called "Copland". In it, the IA Officer told the Sheriff of Garrison, NJ that he was not a real cop. He was trying to make him react and help him catch the bad guys, who in this case were corrupt cops. But it got me to thinking...Some big city cops might feel that small town cops don't know what it means to be a "real" cop...In other words they have no clue what real crime is.

Taking the movie for an example, the New York City cops that lived in Garrison felt the Sheriff was nothing but a puppet. But it isn't the badge that makes a Police Officer...It is the heart. In my book, the Sheriff was the real cop while the corrupt cops are not. Corrupt cops are criminals disguised as Law Officers. They are not true Police Officers.

As you can see in the picture above, those people who would be Law Enforcement Officers take an oath. For a true cop, that oath means something...Something they are willing to die for. You know, a true Christian can be told apart from a so called christian by their actions. A true Christian obeys the laws GOD set for us. A so called christian twists scripture to justify their lifestyles. A true cop can be told apart from a corrupt one by their action. A true cop takes that oath seriously, and serves the community they live and work in.

I know that corrupt cops exist, but as I said, they are not cops. I have faith in and support our Law Enforcement Officers. I put my trust in GOD knowing that those false cops will be found out...And if they aren't they won't get away because GOD sees all and HE will punish oath breakers.

I see so many Police Officers getting killed, and it makes me feel so frustrated because there is nothing I can do to protect them. It is funny, I know, to think a cop needs protection, but they do. When I was a little kid, I was watching a cop show on tv...I think it was CHiPs. There was a Police Officer that was headed back to the station to log out, and from there he was going to the hospital, where his wife was having their first kid. He saw a car being driven erratically and pulled it over. What he did not know, could not know, was that the couple in the front seat had been taken hostage by the man in the back seat, and when he leaned into the window to see better how many were in the car, he was shot and killed. It stunned me...And awoke in me a very strong protective feeling for Law Enforcement Officers.

My dad was a cop. But he was not a good cop. He liked to abuse his authority, and his wife and his kids. He was an alcoholic. I also had a cousin that was a cop. He was a good cop. I always wanted to be a Police Officer or work in some branch of Law Enforcement. In Jr. High, our school had a Police Officer that was very well loved by all the kids. He wanted to encourage anyone who wanted to be a cop so he started a Police Cadet program. However, it did not last long due to lack of funding. But I still learned a lot from him. And I decided that I did not have the personality needed to be a good cop. I was to gullible to put it bluntly, I was to trusting.

CJ was a very dedicated Officer, and still is as far as I know. Last I heard he had returned to child protection.

The cops getting killed out there are the good cops. And they are dying to protect you. And me. Their job would be a lot easier and a lot safer if people were willing to take a little risk, by this I mean start observing your neighborhood. When you see something that doesn't look right or isn't part of the everyday happenings, let the police know. Your call can be anonymous even. Try to give them as much information as you can about what you saw. The biggest reason crime is so prevalent in this country is because so many people never see anything...they are to afraid to get involved. But let me ask you something...If you were the victim, wouldn't you want someone to speak up on your behalf? If you were the cop, wouldn't you want to know that the people support you and are looking out for you? Think about it.

Don't hate the Police because of a few corrupt cops. Help them catch those bad cops.

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Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 4 years ago from Jamaica

I am sorry about how your dad treated his family but sometimes the stress of the job get's to the men and women who serve us. Here in Jamaica our police officers are always edgy and do things without thinking because there are those criminal elements whose sole purpose is to harm them.

I also love how you likened the cops unto Christians and in a way we as Christians are 'soldiers' who must abide by the laws of God.

Have a wonderful afternoon and thank you for a delightful read.

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

normally i am inclined to agree with you...but in his case he became a cop specifically because he loved to bully others and this gave him the cover he needed to do it without getting into to much trouble for it.

i also believe that there are people here who set out to kill cops, not by accident but on purpose. LEO's must be super careful and cannot afford to trust, it could get them killed. unfortunately most citizens think cops are aloof because they think they are a better class of people, this couldnt be further from the truth. the good cops are unselfish and care about their communities and would give their life in a heartbeat to save another. and the media would have people believe that the bad cops outnumber the good cops, but again this is not true. it is just that the bad cops get more attention than the good cops do. thank you for reading and also have a wonderful day.

A Little TRUTH profile image

A Little TRUTH 4 years ago

I think most cops do join the Police Force with good intentions – as you say, to serve and protect the people. But later they learn that that admirable purpose is only a front for an organization that is more corrupt and commercialized than most people want to believe. But then they have a job that they need to keep, in these hard times, and they slowly and unknowingly get conditioned toward corruption. Maybe this is what happened to your dad. I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

Also, unfortunately the Police Industry tends to attract many who are just interested in being one notch above the people on the street – like this guy: , and those interested in wielding the power given by the badge, the gun and the siren with relative impunity.

Yes, cops getting killed is a tragedy – whether good or bad ones. It’s the bad ones that abuse their power and antagonize people to rage that makes it more dangerous for all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame it all on bad cops – there is also the occasional criminal who happens to have a cop unfortunately get in his way.

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

i know my dad...he got into law for the power it gave him over others. i do not believe that bad cops out number good cops, i do not believe law enforcement is a cover for its own organized crime. i do believe bad cops give all cops a bad reputaion. and i believe that people tend to blame cops instead of ccept reality, like the young man who was killed by police in california. after the fact everyone blamed the cops and said what an angel the guy was. however, he was killed because he had a gun and refused to drop it, he even raised it. if cops wait around to see what is gonna happen next they end up dead. today cops are forced to handle perps with kid gloves because if anyone cries foul, they can lose their job. and there is always someone who will. a lot of the so called police brutality caught on video is only one tiny piece of the story. those filming it often come in in the middle of things and have no clue what went down to make cops react the way they do. i am not saying there is no police brutality, i am saying it is not as wide spread as people believe it to be.

A Little TRUTH profile image

A Little TRUTH 4 years ago

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to say that bad cops outnumber good cops, like I said, I think most have good intentions. And I agree with you that law enforcement is not a cover for its own organized crime; but I think it gets used, or is also used, as a front for an increasingly corrupt and commercialized organization. I believe the difference is significant. Power corrupts, and we are simply seeing the result. It only takes a small minority of bad cops in the higher positions to maintain a corrupt organization if they know how to control people.

I can’t disagree with you re. the man killed in California. I wasn’t there, and I don’t know how much truth there is in the news stories. But I do know that police have an extremely delicate decision to make very quickly when it comes to the use of deadly force. They are well trained in this and in the vast majority of cases they make the right decision. I’ve had some firearms training from cops myself, and I highly respect their strict adherence to safety first.

You have a good point about how much police brutality there really is. The mainstream news certainly seems to be playing it up a lot more recently. It’s as if they now want to riel the public up about it. For example, the Trevon killing with its apparent police negligence and abandon, is all over the news every day almost like 911 was. But this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened, as is well known in black communities. Why is the news exposing this kind of thing playing it up so much now?

Thank you for writing a nice hub on this important topic.

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

police brutality, corrpt cops, these are things that sell, like natural and man made disasters sell. but then the media has never been known for being saying they cant say where our soldiers are and then proceeding to do just that. chaos, heartbreak and trouble is the name of the game for them. they do not car who their stories harm. they are not made accountable for their stories harming people. any time they get rebuked they cry about freedom of speech. i have very little regard or respect for most media.

thank you for reading and commenting on this hub. have a great night.

A Little TRUTH profile image

A Little TRUTH 4 years ago

Hey, by the way, speaking of good cops, are you familiar with ? It is an organization of Police, Military and Firefighters who vow to actually KEEP their oaths to the Constitution and thereby the people, as well as educate others about it. They vow to disobey direct orders if needed, because their oath is higher than any order. This hub might even be a good place for one of their videos from the “About” page.

Haven’t seen the movie, I’ve got to see it now!

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

i had seen the words oathkeepers, but never knew what it was about, now i MUST go see...thank you very much for telling me about it. i think you will enjoy the movie. have a great day.

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