Gov 2.0 Explained

If you think of Gov 2.0 in terms of user-generated content - in which the responsibility for providing accurate information is placed on the customer (logical, when you think about it) - it's easy to see how Gov 2.0 functions properly.

And the best example might be the standard American passport application:

  • Go to the US State Department Passport Application web site.
  • Fill out the online form.
  • File the form online.
  • Pay for the service from your bank account.

The reason the above method makes sense is because:

  • You know your personal information better than anyone else.
  • You have an absolute vested interested in the accuracy of the information on your passport, especially when you travel.
  • You have the supporting documentation in your possession (birth certificate, and so so).
  • You are the most likely person to pay for the government service (ha ha, get it).

The way a government, state, or county agency encourages customers to receive services in this manner (as described above) is usually with a web site and some form of online application that must be filled out correctly by the customer - user-generated content, aye - in order for the service to be provided:

  • It's not the government's responsibility to fill out the form for the customer.
  • The purpose for having accurate information on a passport is to preclude being detained at a border crossing.
  • The government can’t afford to pay the fee for every passport request that arrives - we'd really go bankrupt if the government paid for everything.

So, that's an example of correct Gov 2.0 in its purest form.

One Army Civilian Employee web site offers a sophisticated Gov 2.0 twist.

One of the best examples of Gov 2.0 in action online is the US Army’s FASCLASS Position Description web site.

In short, the FASCLASS web site is a database with Army civilian employee position descriptions written by human resources specialists, often with input from employees performing actual duties. For example, if you type in the word "logistics" in the "Position Title" box at the FASCLASS site - 40 gazillion "Logistics Management Specialist" real-world position descriptions pop up (OK, not 40 gazillion, but there are hundreds).

An interesting way to acquire user-generated content, aye?

The best part is that the information is, in turn, provided to the public for free - more specifically, made available to people interested in federal employment.

[If you stumbled across this article looking for federal job search information, feel free to visit this full Hub covering the use of FASCLASS and personal accomplishments to write a federal resume.]

The taxman cometh (sort of).

Who does your taxes?

If you fill out your own income tax forms with the assistance of software - you are participating in yet another interesting form of Gov 2.0 - in that, the democracy (republic, whatever) otherwise known as the good ol' US of A allows a capitalistic middleman (TurboTax) to ask customers to fill out their own tax forms - similar to the passport situation noted above, as the taxpayer knows what numbers to place in the little block - with the TurboTax middleman showing a bit of profit for providing the service.

U.S. Postal Service.

This one is easy to describe:

  • You, the customer, order or pick up your own own postal shipping materials - ranging from boxes, to tape, to labels (I remember when they first started doing this, I want to say it was in the 90s).
  • You place the To and From address information on the labels - because you have this information readily available or know it off the top of your head.
  • You take the stuff to your local Post Office, paying to have them mail it for you.

Are not the various combinations of Gov 2.0 and capitalism great?

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Never heard it like that before ... 5 comments

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

I like this one as well.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 5 years ago from Arlington, TX

If it says "gov" I'm not sure I want to necessarily go there. Great info here.

The Frog

sean kinn profile image

sean kinn 5 years ago from Key West and Budapest Author

Someonewhoknows, perfect citizen perspective. Keep your eye on our government. Sean

someonewhoknows profile image

someonewhoknows 5 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

Have you ever wondered what the government means when they refer to us as customers?

I always thought "customers" were people who pay for a goods or services to a business.

Does that mean that our government is not of,by and for the people.

Rather that,it is of, by and for their customers.

We,hire them to tax us,to fund their porkbarrel spending ,as well as pay them more than their private sector counterparts with the exception of C.E.O's of major corporations or wallstreet insiders and brokers who make money wheather their "customers do or not.

How ,many companies do you know of that make a profit wheather their "customers" are satisfied or not?

1.The oil comanies? Do they have competition? Really?

2.The water providers have little or no competition

3.The Post office used to have no competition.Now,with email they are losing "customers" and lowering their package delvery cost up to a point because they have to compete wuth U.P.S.,FED-EX,and others.Didn't you at one time think the post office was a government agency? So,why is it we have private companies or corporations which seem Incorporated into the government itself?

Could it be because the government itself,has been taken over by a private enterprise?

4.The FEDERAL RESERVE is thought to be a government agency and yet,it is privately owned by a group of corporations and private banks both foreign and domestic.

Who are their "customers"?

Their "customers" are the people of,by and for the United States AS "UNITEDSTATES CITIZENS" or corporate entities as defined by them not as living people but as "STRAWMEN" with the same status as a corporation.

CORPORATIONS can be liquidated wheareas people have unalienable rights,corporations do not

TheOnlineBlogger profile image

TheOnlineBlogger 5 years ago from Cairo, Egypt

They are!

Nice hub sean.

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