Government Corruption: Proof Positive


It’s amazing how everything in this world is related. Like the butterfly effect (that’s where a butterfly flapping its wings in South America will affect the weather in North America) all elite citizens and big businesses affect each other in definite and astounding ways.

The players we see every day on the news all seem to be interrelated somehow. I find this situation very unsettling. What are the odds of everyone of these national players knowing and interacting with each other?

Consider the following. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are a huge part of the housing bubble fiasco. Further, consider that the two businesses, although investor owned, are semi governmental in that the two were put into business and funded by congress and moreover congress has oversight authority over the two businesses.

So, what does an agency that is answerable to congress doing hiring lobbyist to lobby congress? It’s a bit like your children hiring someone to argue with you in their behalf and then asking you to pay them. Even more importantly, how do these two semi governmental agencies get away with making political donations to the very people that have oversight authority over them?

The big three auto makers are not in any better position. All three auto makers are paying millions to lobbyist even though they don’t have money for anything else. During the presidential campaign they donated millions to the candidates. Both political conventions were partially under written by the big three to the tune of millions. Now that the election is over, they have pledged millions for the inaugural balls that are to take place on January 20. And now, after donating millions to both political parties, the big three auto makers are asking the people they gave money to, for a loan. How can they lose.

The banking industry has the same story. They hire lobbyist at a cost of millions. They donate to every political campaign on the federal level and participate in the funding of the political conventions of both parties. Then they ask those same people that they help put in office for a bailout.

And now, through the Governors office of Illinois we are treated to the inner workings of the political community. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. If you can’t scratch my back then scratch your own back. This is nothing new. It has always worked this way. All politicians ask themselves how can this person I am about to appoint benefit me and help me achieve my goals.

Are there any public officials with “clean hands”? That is a very good question. What makes for clean hands? Does not getting caught mean clean hands? What about the situations above? Every one of these situations reek of conflict of interest, favoritism and corruption.

Even worse yet some of those actions give the appearance of the private sector and the public sector committing a crime under the RICO Act. Actions like those taken by the financial sector and the auto industry seem to qualify on the surface. When one takes into consideration the millions spent on donations to politics and politicians then the bailout granted by those same politicians, those actions seem to border on organized crime.

Any organization that has paid a lobbyist within the last four years should be disqualified from asking congress for financial help of any kind. Any organization donating more than $2,500 in any form to any party or candidate should also be barred from receiving any financial benefit from any governmental agency.

The premise is simple. No one gives huge donations without expecting something in return.


Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary.

Work with nature - plant a tree for more oxygen and less pollution.

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