Grand New Party

Grand New Party

As many can tell by my writings but I am a political conservative. Being that my ideology is more in line with the Republican Party, I tend to support Republican candidates for office. That being said, I feel that Republican Party needs to transform itself into a modern day force for conservatism. It is clear that the Democratic Party has embraced liberal policies and is firmly a leftist organization. The Republican Party is a clear conservative organization, but it needs a winning message and a makeover in order to win over voters.

I would argue, and many people will disagree with me over it, but a decrease in emphasis of social conservatism. In 2000 and 2004, social conservatives helped to carry the Republican Party to victor, albeit narrowly. However in 2008 that approach did not work and many voters are rejecting the social conservative message. It cannot be the centerpiece of the Republican Party because people do not want to be preached to. On top of that, many elected Republicans have not practiced what they preached, in terms of family values, and therefore make the party look hypocritical. Now, I am not saying abandon social conservatism altogether, but I think it should not be emphasized as much as it used to be. If you are pro-life, anti-gay marriage, anti-stem cells or pro-prayer in school, that is fine and your choice, but the American people are not. Americans are wishy washy on abortion, but they are often in favor of abortions in certain circumstances. The gay marriage movement, regardless of your opinion, is gaining steam in many states and the younger generation appears to be more supportive of gay rights. Most Americans believe in morality, but that it should be preached at home and not in schools. Finally, the vast majority of Americans, including myself, are in favor of stem cell research. That is a band wagon to get onto fast. How the Republicans should deal with these? First of all, stem cell research should be embraced, as long as it is done ethically. Next, in terms of gay marriage, let each state decide. The majority of states have laws or constitutional amendments against gay marriage, so let it remain an issue of states rights. In regards to abortion, if you are pro-life, emphasize the aspects of parental notification and bans on late term abortion. It cannot be accomplished over night, but a slow roll back is much more likely to succeed. Lastly, abandon prayer in public schools as an issue. Instill those values at home and if you want those values in a school, send your child to a private school. Besides, the public school system is not the place for religion anyway, just look at how it is run. By de-emphasizing these issues, much of the public controversy of the social conservatism movement is negated, all the while the Republican Party can still hold onto many of those beliefs, in a low key way.

After reducing the role of social conservatism, I would emphasize economics more. Anyone with one eye and half a brain can see that the Democratic prescription for our economy is not working. Government intervention, higher taxes, a rising deficit, and creeping socialism will only further harm our country. President Obama and Democrats in Congress have begun to institute these policies on a massive scale and public opinion is slowly turning against them. Republicans need to embrace conservative economic values, all the while loudly repudiating the liberal ones. Lower taxes, free market, lowering the debt, cutting back pork barrel spending, and an affirmation of capitalism would go over really well with voters and would be a rallying cry for many Americans. The aforementioned conservative economic pillars are a symbol of America and what is great about us. They helped to build us into the superpower we are and spurred industry to new heights. By selling the American people on it once again, they will recall the success that we have had under it and will be a stark contrast to the extremist policies of the Democratic Party under President Obama. Just as important, is to vocally oppose the liberal, socialistic policies that the Democrats seek to impose on the country. The Cap and Trade bill, government run healthcare, corporate bailouts, the economic stimulus, and whatever else comes out of Washington are all vulnerable to conservative attack because they are the wrong answer to everything. I would go as far to call the policies “anti-American.” Now to be clear, I do not believe that Democrats themselves are anti-American, just wrong. I will say that the policies are anti-American. The liberal economic policies espoused by the Democrats are the furthest thing from what we stand for. We are a people who get things done, who are innovative, creative, and believe in a free market. There is a need for public opinion to turn against those socialistic ideas and people need to realize that the Republican Party is a better option for economic stewardship.

Foreign policy has always been one of the strong points of the modern Republican Party. I still believe it is, just a few set backs have dented the image. Poll after poll shows that the Republican Party is trusted more on foreign policy and national security issues. Those polls reflect the accurate representation that the Republican Party is stronger on defense and keeping this country safe. The primary reason is voters realize that Republican politicians have what it takes to do whatever is necessary to protect America. There is a reason why 75% of our brave men and women in uniform vote for the GOP, they are trusted to protect America. The mismanagement of the War in Iraq damaged some of that trust, but ground was made up with the success of the surge. Democrats have shown themselves to be weak or indecisive, time and time again. President Obama has not properly handled the Iranian crisis or the North Korean one. For that matter, the closing of GuantanamoBay and reading terrorists their rights has not exactly inspired confidence in his leadership. The only reason people are not realizing this is because we are all focused on the economy. Republicans need to remain at the forefront of all international problems and be national security friendly. This, along with the socialistic economic policies, is the Achilles heel of Democrats. The best way to make people aware of it is be loud with what you would do differently and point out all of the flaws in the liberal thought. By focusing on economics and foreign policy, Republicans can show that they are the best ones to lead this country.

The Republican Party needs to expand its base by appealing outside of the south and Midwest. We also need to step up the reach to minorities, young people and women. Making gains with these groups are crucial to success at the polls. By advocating the clear differences with the Democrats, the GOP will be more likely to do well with these groups. Lastly, moderates must be accepted if we hope to win. The key is to have issues where everyone in the party sees eye to eye, a statement of principle or something similar, but on some other issues differences may arise. Diversity will breed success.

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TheManWithNoPants profile image

TheManWithNoPants 5 years ago from Tucson, Az.

Good hub my friend. You're not following my "No Pants Politics" but it's a little different than the norm. I agree with you. The conservative party needs an overhaul, but I have to take it a bit further. BOTH parties need to be jacked up by the engine and have a new car installed. I'm a conservative by the way, but I don't defend the party when it's wrong. If you get a chance, read my stuff. I've got a grass roots organization called the Housefire Project. We're growing, and we're going to change the way Washington does business. I'm following ya my man. Keep up the good work!


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