Keep Your Investments Socially Responsible with these Green Investing Tips

It's a New GREEN World

Our world is constantly changing just as quickly as the hot investments are changing. If you're a true believer in the impact of companies on the environment, you might want to start putting your money on it. Being socially aware, going green and even a small time activist is ok now and not just for people trying to make an extreme point. Just think, if everyone took the time to see what companies are really doing or doing to harm the environment and then started supporting and investing accordingly, our investing world would be turned on it's side and in a complete panic.

Tips for Wise Green Investments

1. Do it for the right reasons and you'll probably be more successful. Don't invest in green companies because it's the hot thing to do or because you're trying to predict the future of green investing. If you don't really believe that greenhouse gases are impacting the environment, you probably won't be successful. Green investing has to have a passion behind it. It takes research and belief that you're becoming part of the solution to be successful. There's not going to be a bail out if the ecosystem fails. The government can't just put a cash value bandage on the problem.

2. Do it because your the type of person that can see the future and see how things will be drastically different 10 years from now. There are those who walk into a broken down building and see a pile of scraps and a lost cause and then there are those that walk in and have an immediate vision and excitement for what the building could be. Those are the type of people that are investing in 'fixing up' the environment. You don't stick with the status quo and you're they type of person that is innovative and creative mixed with qualitative thinking smarts.

3. Look at companies that understand that they need to do something and are already putting that plan in place. They know that the environment is reaching it's natural capacity and they're doing something about it. If they have a plan for the future and they're actually putting that into action, thats what you want. It doesn't matter if a company makes a statement that they know they need to do something, that doesn't mean anything except that their PR person told them to say it. You want the companies that are already doing something, changing their practices and developing environmentally friendly products NOW.

4. To further address #3, make sure the company is being smart about these changes.You want companies that are creatively and efficiently making these changes, but not killing their business model at the same time.

5. Make sure their money is headed in the right direction. You want to see revenue on an upward trend for these changes they're making to positively impact the environment. It doesn't matter that they're just getting started with growing and developing these product lines and new processes, as long as they're revenue is headed upward.

6. Invest in something that you're interested in. Say you're into organic food and produce, work with that sector. You'll be much more likely to stay informed and put in the necessary research.

7. Be aware of Greenwashing. This is when a company makes it look like they're doing something to be green. Maybe it's not as green as it looks or it was actually for a completely different reason but they're patting themselves on the back for being 'green' because it makes them look good.

8. Consult with a Green Investment Analyst. Talk to the experts if you're serious about making green investments.

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JosephRanseth profile image

JosephRanseth 6 years ago

This is a great foundational hub, thank you.

Do you know of anywhere that lists some of the top green stocks to invest in?

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