Gujarat Raised the Groundwater Level

Narendra Modi Changed the Situation

Modi or Rahul?
Modi or Rahul? | Source

Drinking Water Is Supplied To Villages at the Press of a Button

Gujarat Produces Electricity from Gas

Ground water level is fast going down all over India because of indiscriminate use of ground water through bore wells. But in Gujarat, the ground water level is raising. Is this not a miracle? But those who know about Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s dedication and efficiency will not be surprised by such miracles. He is capable of performing many more miracles. While entire India is reeling under the impact of power shortage, Gujarat has no such worries. Gujarat uses natural gas to produce electricity sizeably. Of course Gujarat also has power plants based on solar, wind, hydroelectric and thermal energies.

Gujarat Distributes Gas

Gujarat produces petroleum products and natural gas. Oil from Arab countries reaches north India only through ports in Gujarat. But inspite of all these things, the Central government controls oil and natural gas and Gujarat government is unable to formulate any policies towards it. Inspite of this, Gujarat government has established a company called Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation. Apart from this, there are also some other companies. This company has erected pipelines more than 6000 kilometres long and supplies natural gas to the clients. Even though Gujarat could not bring petroleum under its control, it fought a bitter war in the Supreme Court against the centre for handling gas. Gujarat also garnered support of many state governments in this matter. Tamil Nadu government refused to support Gujarat as the ruling party DMK felt that important portfolios should be handled by the Centre instead of by state governments. Gujarat obtained distribution rights for the gas produced by it.

Narendra Modi Changed the Situation

Gujarat could not be regarded by any yardstick as a fertile land. Gujarat had suffered the maximum due to droughts and natural calamities. Womenfolk had to walk with pots for five to seven kilometres for fetching drinking water to their homes. Tanker rails carried drinking water to drought areas. Narendra Modi changed this situation after coming to power. From Narmada dam, canals were dug for thousands of kilometres and drinking water was carried to different parts of Gujarat. Rain water harvesting was given top priority. Ponds and lakes were widened and purified to make them gather rain water to the fullest extent. Small ponds were built on the lands owned by the farmers with the subsidy granted by the Gujarat government.

Gujarat Raised the Groundwater Level A Great Deal

More than two lakhs check dams had been constructed in Gujarat after Narendra Modi came to power. Narendra Modi saw to it that not a single drop of water from Gujarat was wasted into the sea. Agriculture is flourishing even in areas like Saurashtra and Kutch which are close to the desert. Gujarat has succeeded in raising the ground water level a great deal. To the extent possible Gujarat tries to use water on land. Only if that is not possible groundwater is used. Electricity is needed to use groundwater. But no electricity is needed to use water on land. Gujarat, by wisely following the policy of using water on land to the maximum extent is able to save electricity and at the same time raise the groundwater level a great deal.

Farmers Are Prosperous In Gujarat

Gujarat serves as a model for entire India in how to handle groundwater and preserve it. Books have been published even in foreign countries about Gujarat’ groundwater handling skills. Agriculture had flourished in Gujarat in the last ten years due to this. Several lakhs of hectares of land have been added for agriculture in the last decade. New farmers had been created. New farmers were attracted to the profession of agriculture not only because of availability of water but also because of the sizeable profit they get in agriculture. Farmers receive quality electricity whenever they want. Road facilities cover all the villages. This facilitates transporting the produced goods to nearby towns and cities without any delay. In many villages in other parts of India, agricultural goods which are perishable rot away because of poor transportation facilities. One can never see this anywhere in Gujarat.

Poverty and Suicide Have Been Eradicated In Gujarat

There are many cold storages constructed by the Gujarat government. Only agricultural implements and tools are provided free of cost by the Gujarat government to poor farmers. Nothing else is doled out free of cost. But the farmers are happy in Gujarat. Other states supply BT seeds to farmers. But Gujarat has obtained the right to produce BT seeds. As a result, Gujarat farmers get BT seeds without hassles. Gujarat government has helped the farmers in value addition and securing more profits. The greatest achievement of Narendra Modi is that poverty and suicides have been altogether abolished among the farmers in Gujarat.

Drinking Water Is Supplied To Villages at the Press of a Button

You know how drinking water is supplied to villages in Gujarat? You might have seen in petrol pumps how petrol is filled in tanks of different vehicles. If a person wants four litres of petrol, the operator presses 4 and four litres will fill in his tank. If another person wants eight litres, the operator presses 8 buttons and the required quantity is filled in the tank. In a similar way from a controlling pumping station, water is pumped to different villages in Gujarat. If a particular village needs two thousand litres of water, then the operator presses 2000 button and the village name. Water is automatically pumped and fills in the overhead tank of that particular village. Everyday this operation is being done and nobody feels any water shortage in Gujarat.

Congress Promises to Rebuild Babri Masjid

The Congress is trying to counter Modi’s campaign in next month’s assembly elections by pointing out that Modi had never taken any steps to rebuild the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. Rahul Gandhi has promised that if the Congress comes to power in Gujarat, it will take steps to rebuild Babri Masjid and make Muslims happy. Congress also has promised higher reservation quota for the Muslims in jobs and educational institutions. It says a separate 20% seats will be reserved for Muslims in Tata Institute of Fundamental Sciences.

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pramodgokhale profile image

pramodgokhale 4 years ago from Pune( India)

I appreciate you and your plain speak and opinion. In India media and journalist are on pay roll of moneybags .The people are blind to notice what is happening best in the state of Gujarat under Mr. Narendra Modi.

He is going to win, i mean landslide in Gujarat.

Thank you for eye opening exercise .

pramod gokhale

Vaidy 4 years ago

Very nice article. Very happy to hear that at least one politician is doing such good for the people.

Modi should NOT contend for being the prime minister of India as is being suggested in many quarters. He has to make Gujarat a model state in all parameters. And still he has a lot of work to do.

The article ends with somewhat information unrelated though. May be it was not required at all!!!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you pramodgokhale and Vaidy for your comments. Best wishes to you

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