How's This For a Legal Assault Weapon Plan

Shooting at a Regulated Rifle Range
Shooting at a Regulated Rifle Range

Assault weapon Proposal for your further consideration

Here is an unique, sensible proposal for enthusiasts to own automatic assault type weapons and large capacity clips. Don't bust your banana guys, as this is only meant to stir the kettle. Your comments please.

Under this unique and far out proposal, guns of all types would be allowed. How’s that for a starter? Could it work?

Anyone who qualifies can own assault weapons and large capacity clips. Fully automatic weapons are ok as well. There are very few conditions attached. A background check, a training course and complete registration are required. But under this plan, all you gunners can now legally own all the advanced weaponry you so desire, limited to one each of any of the guns that fall into the category of assault weapons designed for military use. Think of it. Now you can play and shoot to your hearts desire. Bang bang, rat a tat tat all day, all night Mary Ann.

Isn’t that a big part of what you want? You can touch and feel your weapons to the point of orgasm and then shoot your rounds until you and your rounds are exhausted. Exciting?

Even the gun manufacturers might be in favor of the plan. They can sell more guns than ever and plenty of ammunition as well.

There are some catches as might be expected. Of course guys and gals, there have to be some. You just can’t be turned loose and be allowed to take your artillery home with you. No, Obama is not going to take your guns. It doesn’t work that way in this country. No matter what the NRA tells you. Here is a proposal to chew on ‘round the campfire.

Anyone who owns or buys an assault type weapon from an approved and authorized seller well regulated organization the second amendment refers to). You check and store your weaponry there at must join a Regulated Gun Club (RGC), which will qualify you as a member of a WELL REGULATED MILITIA as stated in the amendment. When you come to shoot, you will show your ID, check out your guns and head on over to the gun range or assembly rooms. You can shoot to your heart’s desire, clean and polish your firearms and when it’s time to leave, deposit them in the secure storage safe that is registered under your name.

You will not be able to take your babies home with you for the kids to play with, sorry. You don’t really want to hunt with an assault rifle anyway, do you? Most sportsmen don’t.. You have enough legal stuff under your pillow and on your gun rack. No one will be able to touch your guns but you.

Now here’s the interesting part. The Regulated Gun Club will be under the supervision of the National Guard of your State and an elected committee of NRA members and local officials.

As some may think, the downside of the proposal is you can not take your weapons out to use to overthrow our current or subsequent government. That is not what the USA is all about. In the event of an invasion or act of war involving a foreign government, the US Government can release stored weapons to members for the defense of the country.

So guys, how does that sound? I am curious to hear the objections to the plan.

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taburkett profile image

taburkett 4 years ago

nice try - but as you stated - it is simply a concoction - and a very faulty one at that.

your plan removes all firstline self-defense against the evil that comes to the front door or through one of the windows because my weapon is stored elsewhere.

if you wish to maintain "a well regulated militia", then you must permit all militia members (every legal citizen) maintain their weapons within arms reach. (by the way, that is why guns are called arms)

we do not need government regulating guns.

what we need is a society that will acctually fix the evil immoral problem correctly - this means eliminating the evil person.

however, as usual, people would rather put a bandaide on the problem rather than cut out the cancerous growth.

government has been in charge of the poor education system, the slave generating welfare gate, and the depressive redistributive economic system.

during my lifetime, the best thing the government has ever done is to get out of the way of progress - less government.

personal responsibility is the answer.

Kramar profile image

Kramar 4 years ago from USA Author

How do you propose we rid the world of all the "evil" people, the "cancerous growths" you refer to? Would you round them up and confine them to camps and prisons, ship them elsewhere, irradicate them in gas chambers, bible whip them? Is that what you have in mind?

ps my proposal stated that you would still have access to all the legal weapons you own but not the banned assault weapons and high cap clips.

ib radmasters profile image

ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California


Laws, regulations and controls don't apply to the criminals. They will get the guns, just like alcohol was gotten during prohibition.

Taking guns from law abiding citizens works for the criminal.

Gangs are the real problems, and none of the regulations etc, are going to impact them selling illegal drugs to our children, engaging in child prostitution and human trafficking.

The US has limited resources and they need to focus on where the fish are already biting, over 33,000 gangs and over 1.4 million gang members. With 280,000 gang members already in prison or jail.

The Mexican Cartel outgun and out-man the US Border Patrol. And these cartels do affect the US because that is where they service their customers.

peoplepower73 profile image

peoplepower73 4 years ago from Placentia California

The real problem is that the NRA hobbled the ATF from doing their job. On the one hand, they say they want to enforce existing gun laws and on the other hand they have restricted law enforcement from doing their job when it comes to background checks, etc. They did it with the Tiahart Amendment. Here is the result of the amendment:

Restrict cities, states and even the police from fully accessing and using ATF gun trace data, which can show where illegal guns are coming from, who buys them and how they get trafficked across state lines and into our communities

Requires the FBI to destroy certain background check records within 24 hours, making it nearly impossible to use those records to help solve crimes or to identify gun buyers with criminal histories who were mistakenly approved

Blocks ATF from requiring gun dealers to conduct inventory checks to detect loss and theft, which law enforcement says is a dangerous back channel source for criminals who are in the market for illegal guns.

The ATF is allowed to inspect dealers licenses once every 12 months. They actually have inspected only once in 17 years, according to a Washington Post article, 12/5/2008.

e-five profile image

e-five 4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois, USA

Gun nuts insist that there should be no limitations on their ability to stockpile military-style weapons, and that if people have a problem with others carrying around weapons that have the ability to kill 50 people in less than a minute, it's their responsibility to get with the program and weapon-up.

I don't want to live in a society where people walk the streets with enough firepower to mow down 75 strangers if they're having a bad day, and I reject the notion that the only legitimate response to that situation is to respond in kind.

The notion that any reasonable restriction to gun access "won't [absolutely] solve the problem" is a false choice. We make determinations all the time that there should be reasonable restrictions on dangerous behavior to curb carnage, and we never expect that these restrictions will absolutely eradicate bad actors entirely. This argument is a false choice--- like saying that unless seat belt laws will completely eliminate traffic deaths once and for all, they're not worth implementing.

If reasonable gun restrictions such as closing registration loopholes, insurance requirements, a ban on excessive magazine capacity, or a ban on military-style assault weapons-- reduced gun homicides by 30, 25, or even 20% per year, that would be an absolutely successful public policy result that would not at all violate the 2nd Amendment. As things are, gun deaths will soon eclipse car accident deaths.

Even in the Old West, newcomers to town were often asked to check their weapons with the Sheriff upon arrival as a safety precaution. What you're advocating is not only worse than our current state of affairs, which is already worse than the Wild West, but a return to ultimate lawlessness of the jungle. I'm gratified that a substantial majority of Americans and all but a very slim minority of activist gun owners feels as I do. So it's going to be YOUR responsibility to yield to OUR majority decision, and not our responsibility to yield to the your fringe.

peoplepower73 profile image

peoplepower73 4 years ago from Placentia California

e-five: At last a voice of reason. Thank you for your comments.

profile image

graceinus 4 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

Until we all come to the same understanding and terms of the mess we have created with guns, only then will there be the will to find a way to fit it, one way or the other.

Kramar profile image

Kramar 4 years ago from USA Author

It absolutely befuddles me when the gun guys refuse to give in on any point about gun restrictions no matter how sensible they are. There is no starting point for a discussion. They have only one point of view -- "no compromise "on the issue. They and the teaparty and the Party of No are from the same mold and are counterproductive to the cause of reason. Unbelievable!

profile image

graceinus 4 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

Why don't we focus on the most important issue regarding guns. Like getting them out of the hands of the criminals who ALREADY have them.

Kramar profile image

Kramar 4 years ago from USA Author

That is a great idea Gracie. How would you propose we go about doing that .... short of starting a civil war? Gunnners are sensitive, even anal about their weaponry. The NRA has them convinced that Obama plans to do just that.

Kramar profile image

Kramar 4 years ago from USA Author

Gangs and borders are the cause of many of our internal problems. I agree with you Radmaster . But what is your plan to eliminate the gangs. That's an issue that befuddles me. You rail justifiably against them but never say how to handle them. We have imprisoned thousands of gang members, particularly in California to no avail. They have continued to prosper in prison and have created a hierarchy of power that has spread its tentacles across the nation. Our authorities can't manage them. How would you?

You might also look to the example set in the former USSR and today's Russia. The management and control opf the gangs is a nightmare. The russian secet mafia is one of the most feared and powerful organizations in the world. It's all run from the prison gulags. What would you have done about the gangs there?

Please don't put it all on Obama.

profile image

graceinus 4 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

Well Gee Kram, which one is the lesser of the two evils?

ib radmasters profile image

ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California


The first thing is to recognize that the gun control issue is not the issue. Gangs are the issue, and as long as the people and the politicians keep arguing over gun control, they are taking the spot light off of the gang problem.

So the first step is to recognize the problem.

You are correct about gangs running their business out of the prisons.

This is all mentioned in my hub on gang control, not gun control.

There are 2ver 280,000 gang members in prison, but there are also gang members in Law Enforcement and the US Military.

You are also correct about California where the prisons, and jail are over crowded and prisoners are getting early release.


So the second thing is to prioritize are law enforcement resources to go after the deadly and most violent criminals first.


third, get rid of the death penalty, it is not a deterrent, and it costs billions to go through the legal process.


fourth, put Marijuana in the same class as tobacco, and alcohol. This would cut the gang business down by billions of lost revenue.


fifth, revamp the prison system. Parolees are not allowed to fraternize with other parolees when they are out of prison, so lets not let them fraternize while they are in prison.

Make those convicted of violent and deadly crimes get zero frills, and for frills they will have to earn them. No TV, no Internet, no library, no body building etc.

It is inconceivable that more crimes are committed while in prison than on the outside. It is like the 900 pound person that is bedridden, who is feeding them.

The obvious suspects are the prison guards, and anything going in and out of the prison needs to checked by a group other than the guards. There needs to be an independent audit of the prisons, where they can go over the procedures, and the CCTV tapes to see where the problems exist, or potentially exist.

Guards in CA make 6 figures, and a lot of it is in overtime. We need to restaff for no overtime.

Another idea would be to have something like the Air Marshal concept for the prisons. A roving force of guards that would rotate through the prisons in CA. I am not sure how many would be in the group, but large enough to cover the prisons. Maybe they could be recruited from ex military police.

These are just a few ideas, but the biggest idea is to bring the issue of gangs out past the current gun control issue.

The real problem is that the gangs wouldn't exist if they didn't have customers for their illegal businesses. So why not consider taking away their business, Marijuana, and prostitution for starters.

Read my hub for details on the problem.

Kramar profile image

Kramar 4 years ago from USA Author

Radmaster I agree with most of what you say but guns are still a major issue where i come from.


Kramar profile image

Kramar 4 years ago from USA Author

ya got me Gracie

ib radmasters profile image

ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California


As you only say in your profile that you are from the USA, then Gangs are the problems for the major issue of guns.

Even if gun control stopped any future mass slayings, it wouldn't even make a dent in killings and shootings by the gangs.

In California there are over 20,000 people that own guns, but they have been adjudged mentally incompetent to continue their gun ownership. but the government doesn't have the funds to follow through.

What I don't under about the guns issue in your Area is how that can be put on the top of the list way ahead of the gangs issue.

Gun control only affects law abiding citizens, but gangs are dealing in illegal services and products and they protect their business with their weapons.

Mass slaying are random acts of violence, and by definition they can't be solved before hand.

We already have gun controls, both safety and background checks, and gun safety. So wouldn't you start by making sure that the laws the we already have are strictly enforced.

In NY we have the Sullivan Act covering many weapons and it has been around since about 1911.

If the government bans, prohibits or makes something illegal it just becomes a product for the gangs to sell and increase their business.

So in your area whet are the guns issue by priority?


Kramar profile image

Kramar 4 years ago from USA Author

Guns here in Detroit are a real issue. The automatic rifles are the weapon of choice for drive by shootings. The cash strapped police recntly uncovered an assault rifle that was loaned and used my a number of groups. As I recall, it was traced to 5 or 6 separate shootings 350 dead from gunshots in 11 month of 2012. Police often do not respond until chided by news groups. The polic are understaffed as the city is almost bankrupt and the 85% black population refuses to allow the state to step in under the emergency management act. Most crimes are black on black. No citizen cooperation, no respect for life, no fathers and a refusal for mothers to believe their "babies' are guilty of anything. Can't forget the examples the crooked politicians in the city leave for the citizenry. Drugs etc..High drop out rates and a limited job market for the uneducated drop outs.

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