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Slavery Today

It can have been a coincidence, but the same day I started acting to spread the word about H.O.W. someone posted a link about slavery on Facebook. This person has not heard of Humanity One World, but she spread the word about people who need our help. I shared the link on Facebook, too, and now I'm writing about it here.

The same day I published my first H.O.W. hub, I had one of my friends sharing a link to a video on Facebook. It said ”Please use 19 minutes of your comfortable life to learn more about people in the world. All of us can do something for someone - stop thinking it - do it!”.

The next 19 minutes of my life I spent watching a video about a person called Lisa Kristine. She was talking about modern slavery that she had seen in countries all over the world. She had been out on the field to experience the reality of the slaves. She showed pictures of people, who are slaves in our world today. It's estimated that 27 Million people are slaves around the world right now at this moment, when you and me are having our first cup of coffee this morning. The slaves work for 16 or 17 ours a day without ever being paid. The slavery can go on for generations. Some of the slaves don't even know that they are enslaved, because they haven't seen anything else. They don't know about another life than the life that they are leading. Not only men working in mine shafts 300 feet under the gound in Africa are slaves, and not only prostituted women in Asia are slaves. Also many children work many hours a day and they can't escape from the slavery. Where would they go?

Lucky Children

My children go to daycare and preschool every day. They are there for some hours and they play with other children, their friends. They learn things and do things they like. When we get home and have our dinner, my children can tell me about their day. Isn't that great? What a wonderful world we live in. In Finland we have the best schools in the world. Where I live, money are spent on children and shcools. Children in Finland are lucky.

Children in other parts of the world are not that lucky. Some boys in Ghana are getting up in the middle of the night, and they are forced to go fishing until early morning. They are forced to swim in cold water for ours to catch fish. Many of them are drowning. There are nowhere to escape for these boys. This slavery goes on for years and years.

I watched a documentary on TV about these boys a couple of years ago. Lisa Krisitine is talking about these boys in her video, too. She is also talking about young people and children as young as seven years old that are being sex traficked. They are trapped in small rooms in basements, and they are sex slaves. Sex slavery is a big industry around the world, and also many children from the USA are being trafficked. Lisa Kristine is talking about slaves in the textile industry. They work with toxic colors and they mix the colors with their bare hands. The photos Lisa Kristine is showing in her video are very touching. Some photos may look like beautiful pictures of beautiful young people, but they are all slaves. She wants people to see these people, start acting and save them from their miserable lives.

There Is Hope

There is still hope for all these enslaved people. Some of them have been helped. Some of them are doing the same job as they did when they were enslaved. The difference now, is that they are paid for doing their work.

I don't know who Lisa Kristine is. I haven't heard of this woman before, but I'm sure she's doing a great job. She wants to make people aware of the situation in the world today. I'm writing this hub to spread her message. I'm writing this hub to spread the word about Humanity One World. This is what I'm doing, and I hope it's going to help someone.

H.O.W. is it possible that so much slavery can go on in this world today?

H.O.W. can we help all these people?

Watch the Video! It's 19 minutes of your life ...

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unknown spy profile image

unknown spy 4 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

slavery is such a painful word. sometimes when i whine about not getting what i want, i told myself that i am much luckier than other children or people that once in their life experienced such treatment. thank you for spreading this wonderful hub.

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

Made, I do not know how it is possible. As I have written before, it is happening in the United States and I didn't think that was possible in this day and age. This is a cancer we all suffer from, and as long as it is happening we all have a reason for being ashamed.

Well done my dear; thank you for writing about this. H.O.W. thanks you!

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

unknown spy, it is a painful word, and I just happen to be one of those lucky people too. Thank you!!!

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

billybuc, it seems to be much more common with slavery than I thought it would be. I really hope things are going to change. As long as these things are happening in our world, I agree, we should be ashamed. Thank you Bill!

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

Thank you Made for bringing this vile cruelty to our notice.

The sad part of today is that nothing seems as shocking as we hear of each act anymore but this is why we need to push on and just remind the world just how vile this all is. It is no time for complacency. A great hub my friend and we need to keep pushing and making ourselves heard. I vote up,across and share all around.


Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Eddy, thank you so much! I feel so helpless. I don't know what to do, but spread this information. I agree, we need to be reminded of the cruelties. I appreciate your voting and sharing.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Great hub. It is so important to make people aware of slavery. We on this side of the world have a bad economic situation and young people who are eager to get away to other countries to make money often fall into slavery traps. We have notices everywhere about this to make people aware. Thanks for sharing and passing this on.

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Gypsy Rose Lee, I can understand that people fall into slavery trapps when the economic situation is bad. Thank you!

shiningirisheyes profile image

shiningirisheyes 4 years ago from Upstate, New York

It is a dreadful world when a child hates to see another day. I saw several documentaries on the modern day slavery. One in particular was Japan. It was unbelievable how these poor souls were forced to exist.

I am sharing this important hub.

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

shiningirisheyes, it's good that documetaries about these people are being made and shown to people. Maybe more people start acting to do something about it then. Thank you so much for your loyalty and thank you for sharing.

btrbell profile image

btrbell 4 years ago from Mesa, AZ

So horrible. We have been following "Invisible Children" and it is unbelievable. I was in Ghana a year and a half ago.. the conditions were less than ideal and interstingly, the children were well educated and very bright. Sadly, they had to do so much more than a child should need to. Like you, American children have it made. Thank you for sharing this important story!

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

btrbell, I'm sure you are affected in a way you'll never forget, when you experience these things in real life. It's not like watching a documentary and you can turn off the TV when it's too much to take. Thank you so much!

Break of Dawn profile image

Break of Dawn 4 years ago

Thank you Made, for spreading the word on this. Just like you, I feel so helpless. As a single individual, there is only so much we can do, and it always feels like nowhere near enough for me, and quite frankly, it's frustrating. But through our writing we can at least spread the word and make others aware of the cruelty and despair that goes on in the world. Just like Lisa Kristine, you do a wonderful job. Well done my dear.



Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Break of Down, we can spread the word and hope for something to happen. Thank you so much! You are a wonderful person, Sannel.



laptopfinger profile image

laptopfinger 4 years ago from Nairobi

Thank you for being proactive in the spread of the pro-freedom message

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Hi laptopfinger, I do what I can, and that's spreading the word. Thank you!

tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

Made, a great write, it is unbelievable but a reality none-the-less, it seem that the more things change, the more it remains the same.

Best wishes to you.

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you tobusiness. Maybe you're right. I hope this world could be a better place in the future.

profile image

Ausseye 4 years ago

Hi Made against Maids: WHO is responsible and it is clearly us, action is HOW we do something about it. Duty calls to FINISH our goal and abolish slavery, make a free world where everyone has right to liberty, freedom and equality. Make that our global goal and bring politics down to earth!!!

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Ausseye, you are right. This should be our goal. Thank you!

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