Hail Senator Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi

Hail Senator Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi

Hail Senator Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi

Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi is a brave son of Pakistan a brave Senator and a Momin with Eman at the higher degree of Eman than the average Muslim in Pakistan, particularly the personage of the media of Pakistan who have neither courage nor respect for the laws of the Sharia to speak and say Faisal Raza Abedi, ‘you are speaking truth and the Chief Justice with all his paraphernalia and all the pomp propping him is a liar and deceiver’.

The Media of Pakistan has been taking interview and recording Faisal Raza Abedi in their talk shows for the last three years and not once have they said Faisal Raza Abedi is right, though he has been showing them hard facts about the deceit of the Chief Justice lying on oath and taking loan from the House Building Finance Corporation for building House and deceiving the corporation and using the loan on the son’s Valima.

This is hypocrisy of first rate of the media, guarding their parochial interest in disregard of the moral obligation the media has to serve the Ummah which should be even at the cost of danger to their worldly interests. They talk of Tipu Sultan Shaheed and Sayedus Shuhuda Imam Husain (a), but only from their lips not believing in their virtues and not speaking from the inner core which speaks truth. Their hearts are tied to expedience and they are doing disservice to the nation. If there is not one person of courage and honesty among them they are a lot of dust and muck.

Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi has been showing hard evidences of malpractice of the CJ Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhari to the public but how tragic is the fate of a nation which nourishes fallacy and ignores justice for expediency. Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhari should be long kicked out of his office but no one in the nation has the courage to catch him by the collar and take him to where he belongs to the prison. And with what face the nation will go to the graves when their conscious will be pricking them, their souls will be mauled and they will be a bundle of conflicts within and without.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has lied and Faisal Raza Abedi in unequivocal words proved it and yet he is sitting as Chief Justice God’s curse may descend on the fate of the judiciary with such a dishonest judge as their lead man. He must immediately be kicked out to save the nation from evil omens due to the cause of the judiciary. It is smeared in sin. All the immoral judges of Pakistan should be immediately scuttled and removed and Pakistan’s values and standard restored. And for his services Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi should be given recognition. If he is made Prime Minister of Pakistan this would be a favour to Pakistan and to the post of the Prime Minister and not to humble self of Faisal Raza Abedi.

If the nation is not taking action against the Chief Justice Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhari it will be accomplice in the crime of the CJ which ranges from favouring his son, Arsalan Iftekhar, immorally protecting him from sentences, illegally constituting one man commission to let off his son possibly with lighter sentence or no sentence. And letting off proofed offenders of the Taliban with sentences given from his lower court. The nation needs to haul itself of the quagmire and arrest the CJ and give him the severest of punishment.

Guz-raay Manzil-e Tasleem-o-Raza Mushkil Haai

Jinkay Rutbay Haain Sewa Oonko Sewa Mushkil Haai

Wada Aasan Haai Waday Ki Wafa Mushkil Haai.

The road to submission and wholeheartedness is difficult

Those who have high status, for them hurdles to cross are also difficult

The promise is easy; keeping the promise is difficult.

Such overlooking of immorality will prove to be a quicksand for the nation, in which it will sink, knee deep unable to progress and move and earn laurels. Such practices in injustice have already brought the nation to suffer all kinds of mishaps and all other nations today are better than Pakistan because they have a better justice system. And justice is the balancing wheel of straight and un-waivered journey to glory. Thank you Faisal Raza Abedi for shaking up the conscious of a nation, still struggling to find its destiny. We need you to live long and present your extempore speeches and sustained logic.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


13. 09. 2012


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