Have You Noticed That There Are No Black Male Instructors On Dancing With The Stars Since Its Inception?

Have You Noticed That There Are No Black Dance Instructors On Dancing-With-The-Stars Since Its Inception?

Now and then my sisters and wife would influence me to watch certain shows that I would not otherwise watch or, at least, that is what I say as an excuse to maintain my machismo among my buds. One such show that I have watched now and then is Dancing- With-The-Stars and like the benign trouble maker that I am… I have observed that the Dancing-With-The-Stars show is over a decade old and there is yet to be a Black male dance instructor. This absence seems conspicuous in light of one of the so called positive stereotypes about Blacks being excellent dancers - though this gift has eluded my dad. You are not going to hear anyone else discuss this, especially Liberals because the racism in Hollywood is off the charts toward Blacks. Yes, it is true that Dancing-With-The-Stars is a D-list show, but this lack of not ever having no Black dance instructors underscores the racism even more so.

This dearth of Black instructors on Dancing-With-The-Stars is so because of the sheer trauma of seeing potential D-List white female stars gyrating to music with Black male instructors. Think of the White stars who have appeared on the show and imagine their instructor being Black… I will venture to say that the ratings would tank. My premise is not a surprise in light of what you do not see on the silver screen and just how you will see the light-skinned Black female thespian being lovers of the White actor… so too it is with Dancing-With-The-Stars, notwithstanding its lower professional pedigree. Note though too that our Latin brothers fair better than their Black counterparts - Desi Arnaz on the I Love Lucy show - because they could “pass’’ due to their lighter hue and you may have observed that the one person whom I thought was Black on the show - Cheryl Burke - on Dancing-With-The-Stars is actually Filipino/Irish.

I can partially buy into the debate that says that Hollywood would use any instructors, Black or otherwise, on Dancing-With-The-Stars if the ratings and revenues were high… yet, I am almost certain that if there were to be a Black male dance instructor… he would more than likely be light skin and conspicuously gay. I addressed this topic again to show that the bastion of Progressive Liberalism is Hollywood and, yet, there have not been any marked change since its inception on the issue of Black male interaction with White women - be it on the small (TV) or Silver Screen (movies) because it reflects the sentiment of a sizeable majority of our nation as a whole, at least on this issue… and divorced from the fact that a Blackman is at the pinnacle of power in Washington, D.C.

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Corduroy 4 years ago

Yeah, you hit this on the head.

femmenoir 4 years ago

Hey, at least they've had black male winners. I think they were primarily hot shot athletes with a sports fan base. There have been some EXCELLENT black female competitors who just can't seem to get the support of the judges or the voting audience: Toni Braxton, Vivica Fox, Mya, and Brandy. They were all very, very good dancers - championship material - prematurely cut from the competition. Oh, well; c'est la vie. This show is just not for us.

femmenoir 4 years ago

I forgot Lil'Kim and Laila Ali, who also competed on DWTS and were excellent dancers, but got nowhere. And the longer I think about it, I feel we should not waste so much time awaiting validation from the white media. They surely don't seek our approval, so why do we seek theirs?

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York Author

it is not seeking validation - it was looking at the irony about how liberal Hollywood is... yet it embraces the same sentiments vis-a-vis interraracial issues.

Tabitha 4 years ago

According to Wikipedia, Cheryl Burke's father is of Irish and Russian descent and her mother is Filipino.

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York Author

Thanks for the correction - I shall make the adjustment to the blog...

Tabitha 4 years ago

You're welcome, and the point of your article is right on target. I found your blog while looking to see if anyone else noticed that there are basically all white people teaching. Why is that? How about someone like Shaun T? I'd love to see him on the show! But they probably don't pay enough to get him.

USA 4 years ago

It's a shame.. I use to watch it all the time because dancing for me (professionally) was a passion and career choice. Seeing the media/hollywood hasn't changed their outlook very much when it comes to "some people of color". What we've noticed when it comes to oriental people, they have welcomed them with open arms in more ways then one. Ironic.

Guess What 3 years ago

"The Jive" as the call it is the basis for ALL swing dance. It originated in Harlem. The "Tango" is the dance of black prostitutes in Argentina. Isn't it Ironic that white dancers from Eastern Europe and England are teaching black male athletes how to dance black. Pitiful.

Carole 3 years ago

I'm glad someone besides myself noticed this. They seem to be the last competition on TV that has not included a black dancer in their core ensemble or as teachers. I hope someone from their camp pays attention to this blog and recognizes that there are more than a few of us who notices this oversight.

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 3 years ago from New York Author

I do not think they care....

Happy 2 years ago

They finally, finally have a Black man on the show! Yeah, about damn time. And I can't say if he is gay but he sure isn't light skin. Keoikantse Motsepe

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