He Got The Point

He Got The Point...The Hi-Point 995, That Is!

Here's another example of economical armed self defense. It's all documented on video, too. It's the true account of a would be robber armed with a baseball bat who tried to rob the wrong person, a New York convenience store owner who incidentally, is also a proud owner of a 9mm Hi-Point Model 995 carbine.

Gotta' love the Hi-Point 995 carbine for sure, as when confronted with the business end of the Hi-Point carbine, the robber drops down on his knees and gets religion real fast. In addition to being able to compel this robber to instant prayer, the store owner not only protected his own life, he actually changed the robber's life, too. It's entirely possible the robber will change his nefarious ways but it's a certainty he had to change his underwear after he quickly left the building The Working Man's Gun, the Hi-Point Model 995 carbine, did work as advertised.

After this caught on camera incident, the Hi-Point 995 carbine should also get the fully deserved recognition as one of the best things going to instantly transform a backslider into a peace loving individual of religious principles and loose bowels in less than one second flat!

The Economical Hi-Point 995 Carbine

New York Convenience Store Owner Puts His Hi-Point 995 Carbine To Good Use

Bowling 'Em Over With The Hi-Point 995 Carbine

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