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Our health care system is broken and the Doctors in Washington have no idea what the correct prescription should be. Yes, sad but true. The debate that is raging among Democrats and Republicans is literally too little and too late.

For decades now our health care system has been slowly grinding to a halt. Doctors no longer adhere to the Hippocratic oath that all Doctors take. The goal of most Doctors now has nothing to do with healing. It has everything to do with getting the most money out of a client. Most Doctors no longer get a thrill from curing a disease. The thrill comes from seeing their bank account grow.

Much of the debate we are seeing now centers on end of life care. The truth is that for decades now the law has been leaning towards the humane elimination of the elderly, the disabled and homeless.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are already several laws on the books that reward Doctors that counsel (push) the elderly into hospice care. Still another law makes it a federal crime for a Doctor to recommend a treatment to an elderly client that is not covered by medicare.

Under current medicare rules a Doctor that puts a client into hospice care is rewarded through higher fee reimbursement. This means that any Doctor that can convince a client to accept palliative care as opposed to curative care will in the end receive a greater reimbursement from the government.

Furthermore, the government has decided that if a procedure is not on the medicare list then a Doctor cannot recommend it, even if the client is willing to pay for it from his own pocket! Doctors that treat the elderly must always be on guard not to cross this line. For instance, if the Doctor tells an elderly client that a new treatment is available but medicare will not pay for it, then the Doctor has just committed a federal crime.

Exactly where does all this fit into our great society? Well, the great thinkers in Washington have hit upon a universal truth. The planet earth has finite resources. The human population cannot continue to grow unchecked. It is therefore in the best interest of society for our elderly, homeless and disabled to accept their early demise from this earth.

We are starting to see this attitude all across the nation and the world. Politicians in Washington and in State offices no longer represent the masses. First they ask, “What’s in it for me?”. Then if they stand to gain, they will act.

We are seeing this attitude from the top to the bottom. Children no longer want to be responsible for their parents. Their attitude is “You had your life now let me have mine“.

What we are seeing is the beginning of resource acquisition wars among groups that would have never thought of fighting for a resource. Families, neighborhoods, cities, states and nations will soon have to compete for resources from the earth.

Out in west Texas a small troop of monkeys were placed into a small area. At first the troop grew and prospered. But as the troop grew in numbers they used up the earth’s resource. Soon there was no more grass. The waters became polluted. The trees started dying off. Soon the monkeys were fighting among themselves. They fought over the only shade left. They fought over a small patch of grass. They fought over the water. In short they fought over scarce resourced.

Health care is a resource. It is a scarce resource. As with all resources the laws of economics will prevail regardless of what actions congress may or may not take. The haves will receive quality health care. The have not will receive whatever is left over. That is the law of the fittest. The law of survival.

May God have mercy on us all.

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

Just curious, do you have any recommendations for changing health care policy in the United States? I agree with many of your comments, but not with your nihilistic conclusion.

Pancho Villa profile image

Pancho Villa 7 years ago Author

Hey Deeds, I wish I did. Health care is a very complicated issue. It is an issue filled with greed and mistrust, among other things. I know several Dr's that no longer see anyone pro bono (for free) because if they do medicare will lower their reimbursement rate. In the next few days I will be giving it a lot of consideration and maybe publish another post offering some recommendations.

TheMoneyGuy profile image

TheMoneyGuy 7 years ago from Pyote, TX

Good Question Ralph.

I find the healthcare debate to be one of the hardest in any society, it does become a push between the thriving and ailing, Society versus the Individual.

My, short answer is this, I would outlaw any and all medical insurance schemes, they do nothing but inflate the cost of healthcare so that the insurance company can deliver on its responsibility to its shareholders to turn a profit. So, no matter how good they say they will be, they are legally bound to screw someone over.

By getting rid of all insurance, care would be subject to market forces, the problem with this is those with the ability to pay will always dictate the concerns of the doctors.

To overcome this I think our public money should be spent on making a lot of doctors in our public universities; this would make sure the supply and demand would keep healthcare costs down.

The last aspect again is in medical research; again make the universities the hub of this research.

The reason I like this idea as opposed to a full on government run healthcare, is I was born a Native American, I have always had government care, it sucked. I joined the Military when I was 17 the healthcare sucked but not as bad as the BIA hospitals. Lastly, I am now a veteran and use the VA system and OMG it really sucks. So I am absolutely sure the government cannot run a reasonable nor successful medical system. So, I think we must ingrain our doctors with the responsibility to care for the sick.

I realize these are short answers, and observations, but I do think getting the insurance companies out has to be the first real step to reasonable care.


Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

I sure agree with TMG on getting rid of the health insurance parasites. They add too much cost and don't function in the interest of the people they insure, let alone those they refuse to insure because of pre-existing conditions.

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