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What to Do About Health Insurance

It is more confusing than ever.  I went to my monthly union meeting the other day.  The topic of conversation was the health insurance proposal.  There was a member of the union explaining how the health insurance plan would benefit its members.  One of the things that he explained was that if someone lost their job they would be able to get health insurance if the public option was passed.  We all know in this day and age there is a good possibility that someone could lose their job even if they work for the federal government.  The individual that was speaking to us says that the public option is really needed in the bill for competition.  I agree with this.  The public option must be a part of the bill because there are just too many people who are unable to afford insurance in the current system.  The rates for all the insurance companies are constantly going up while more benefits are being taken away.  This is something that I do not understand.  If we do not have the public option, we must have some sort of way to make the insurance companies stop increasing their rates.

Is There Enough Competition

I really do not believe there is enough competition.  It seems that most people have Blue Cross Blue Shield on my job.  This insurance is extremely expensive and I received something in the mail indicating that certain parts of my plan will no longer be available in the coming year.  Part of the problem with the current insurance system is that the insurance companies are allowed to renegotiate your policy and raise rates on a yearly basis.  This means that the insurance compan ies have the ability to give themselves a raise eventhough the people they are serving will not receive an automatic raise from their company.  This seems inhereritly unfair.  I am all about private health insurance but not if it means that one or two companies have a monopoly on the industry.  Clearly there is a monopaly because any new insurance company cannot afford to compete with the large insurance companies.  If the government does not offer a public option how will there ever be any competition for a company as large as Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Do you know of anyone who can afford to start an insurance company today and provide coverage from the beginning.  I certainly do not.  As long as there is little or no competition there will always be problems with the health insurance Americans receive.

How Should a Public Option Work

I think the public option should be made up of a group of individual who are willing maintain the insurance company without large salaries.  Their salaries should be based on the salaries received by the top Federal Government Officials.  If their salaries match those received by the large insurance companies it will not be long before the public option insurance company just become like all the other insurance companies.  The premiums should be less than the other insurance companies with the understanding that only basic healthcare will be provided.  The purchaser of the policy should be required to sign a statement of understanding that there will be not elective surgery paid for.  This option should for those who cannot afford the employee based plans, not those who are too cheap to purchase the employee plan.  If the public option is set up for these individuals people who can afford the health insurance they have now should not be concerned.  After all I cannot imagine giving up my insurance company for a basic insurance policy as I work everyday and am able to afford pretty good health insurance.  I still believe that it is my responsibility to see that please who cannot afford health insurance has a way to get at least basic health insurance.  The only way I see to do this is to have a public insurance company provide this service.

If the public option is set up this way the only way it will affect the current health insurance companies is that they will not have this large poole of additional people to put on their rolls.  A large percentage of people who do not have health insurance are in poor health and the whomever provides their health insurance will most certainly have to pay more money in health care costs.  Therefore I don't understand why the insurance companies are not supporting the public option because it will relieve them of the responsibility of providing healthcare coverage.

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jiberish profile image

jiberish 6 years ago from florida

If they would allow people to shop for insurance across state lines, the insurance companies would become more competative, and prices would be reduced. The insurance companies know that this public option will put them out of business.

M S Reifer profile image

M S Reifer 6 years ago

There are many ways other than a public option to reduce health insurance costs. The problem is that the administration wants you to believe a public option is the only way - they plan to use this a stepping stone to universal healthcare.

Look towards individual states for some ideas. is one website that shows how one state (one without state income tax by the way) is dealing with healthcare issues. Maine tried a public option and it is a miserable failure.

Healthcare costs would not be so high if Medicare and Medicaid were better run.

Your fear of unemployment is sensible, however, you seem to imply that employer-based health insurance makes sense at all!

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