Students Need Health Insurance after 22

Health Insurance for College Student

Students who are over the age of 22 should be allowed to keep the health insurance through the family health plan.   The average time for someone to graduate from college is about 5 years rather than four years.   This means that someone who starts to college at 19 will probably not be finished by their 22nd birthday.  Most of the students also continue to graduate school where they still may not have a full time job which provides health insurance.

During President Obama's run for the Whitehouse he promised to have the age limit adjusted to 25 years old to provide the coverage until the student gets an fulltime job or stops attending school.  I have not heard very much about this provision.  I was talking with my daughter and her roommates this weekend.  I suggested that they may want to start paying attention to this healthcare legislation.

I am mostly writing this hubpage to remind college students that the health care reform should be very important to them and they should really pay attention.


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