Help me I'm homeless in Los Angeles

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What can you do to help the problem of homelessness.

Help for the homeless or downtrodden in a troubled economy.

Do you know a homeless family? Do you have friends who need help?
Well guess what the burden is on all of us as human beings to help.
What things can you do to help them? Read on for some very human things
you can do to help the downtrodden and the suffering today.

Here are 10 things you can do to help.

1. When you see someone homeless please don't assume they are just

2. Donate to your local soup kitchen.

3. Prepare sack lunches and take them to the parks in your area.

4. Donate Bus Tokens to the homeless many do not have cars and a bus
token may enable them to be warm for the night.

5. Do you have more resources than many? Dig into your bank account and
pay for a few days stay at a motel for a homeless person. It will mean the world
to them.

6. Donate your old blankets to shelters and to people you see who are homeless.

7. When you go to a fast food restaurant and you see someone begging for food
don't just get them some fries, the real humanitarian thing to do if you can afford
is to buy them a meal you would eat. You will be blessed and have already been.

8. Support family shelters these are the hardest people to place. If you have
the resources to help them directly help them.

9. Homeless people just don't want handouts they want a way out. If
you have resources to refer them to a job do just that. They will be thanking
you a lifetime.

10. Do you live on a farm or have lots of space that you are not using and
probably are never going to use maybe you could consider letting the homeless
have shelter for work.

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