Hemant Karkare Hero Fights Terrorists!

Hemant Karkare Super Hero!

A True Hero. He Fought Terrorists!
A True Hero. He Fought Terrorists!

Who is Karkare?

Hemant Karkare: Super Hero!

 Hemant Karkare.  I learned about him through tangential research.  He was a universally respected head of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist squad in India.  He died fighting Terrorists in 2008.  He was a  brave and honest peace officer.  I am very happy I learned of this hero.

Can we ever escape jealousy and greed?

What follows is a report from India from 2010. The report alleges that Super Hero Hermant Karkare died from "substandard" protection vest and petty politics. Read and you be the judge.

"Lies, betrayal and denial in Bombay Vir Sanghvi, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, July 03, 2010 First Published: 22:14 IST(3/7/2010)
Last Updated: 11:43 IST(4/7/2010)



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...We know now that 26/11 could have been avoided. Indian intelligence knew that the terrorists were heading for Bombay a day before the attacks and knew what their targets were. But, as Home Minister P Chidambaram admitted in an interview to me, “We failed to connect the dots.” The intelligence failures have been addressed and at least one head has rolled. But precious little has been done to hold the Bombay Police accountable for the terrible mistakes they made that night.

If the Bombay Police had not failed so spectacularly, the terrorists could have been defeated on the first night itself. Part of the problem was a loss of nerve. Despite individual acts of bravery (such as the capture of Ajmal Kasab) the police force simply refused to show the courage required.

<b1>For instance, two terrorists operating within a confined space (the Oberoi Hotel) and armed only with hand-held weapons should not have terrified the entire Bombay Police force so much that the cops just sat outside the hotel and watched, waiting for central forces to arrive the next day.

Some of this may have been more than mere cowardice. The then Police Commissioner, Hassan Gafoor, was sacked months after the event, at least partly because he had the courage to say openly what everybody already knew: many of his officers refused to cooperate in the anti-terrorist operation.

The more we learn about the failures of 26/11, a shocking story of petty politics, widespread corruption and divisions within the force emerges.

A few months ago, Vinita Kamte, wife of Ashok Kamte, who first wounded Kasab before losing his life, published a book detailing the circumstances of her husband’s death. She based her account on transcripts of police wireless messages that she had obtained under the RTI after the Bombay Police tried to suppress them.

Mrs Kamte’s book established that Hemant Karkare, chief of the state’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) was deliberately betrayed by the Bombay Police control room. For instance, Karkare asked for reinforcements to be sent to Cama Hospital where Kasab and his partner Ismail were operating.

Though the control room is at the police headquarters, around two minutes from the hospital, no forces were despatched for half an hour. As a consequence, Kasab and Ismail simply strolled out of the hospital unchallenged and headed for Rang Bhavan Lane. They were spotted there by policemen but the control room neglected to inform Karkare.

Karkare believed that Kasab and Ismail were being tackled by policemen at Cama Hospital when his car drove into Rang Bhavan Lane. He had no idea that he was driving into an ambush. In the firing that followed, Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar were shot. Kasab and Ismail tossed their bodies on the road and hijacked their car.

Though the control room knew the policemen were lying on the road a few minutes from headquarters, it took 40 minutes to send medical assistance. In those 40 minutes, Ashok Kamte bled to death from a scalp injury.

Now it transpires that even Karkare could have been saved. People have always wondered how the bullets penetrated the bullet-proof jacket he was wearing. The Bombay Police responded by saying that a) he was shot in the neck so the jacket was no protection, b) that the jacket was perfectly good but c) the file pertaining to its purchase had been lost and d) even the jacket itself had miraculously vanished.

An investigation conducted by Headlines Today has finally exposed those claims. The channel has found the file. It establishes that the jacket was clearly sub-standard and had been rejected by the police after tests showed that it offered no protection against AK-47s or 9 mm carbines. Despite this test, top cops okayed the purchase anyway. Obviously, somebody took a kickback — and killed Hemant Karkare.

Further, Headlines Today has also accessed Karkare’s autopsy report. This shows that he was shot in the shoulder and chest — precisely those areas that the jacket was supposed to cover. So, a good quality jacket could have saved his life.

You would have thought that by now, the Maharashtra government would have launched a clean-up operation in the Bombay Police. In fact, the politicisation of the force has increased. Nor can the chief minister do very much because of the tussle with coalition partner, the NCP, which has consistently promoted its own dodgy protégées within the force. Promotions are now decided on the basis of politics, not merit.

What’s worse is that nobody acts on the evidence of police ineptitude. I asked Ashok Chavan, the state chief minister, whether he intended to follow up on the revelations that emerged from the police wireless transcripts reproduced in Vinita Kamte’s book. He took the line that as a governmental enquiry has patted the police on the back, there was no need to do more. About Mrs Kamte’s book, he adopted the position that while one sympathised with a grieving widow, a government could not really be guided by her sentiments.

But of course, this is not about sentiment. Vinita Kamte’s book is meticulously researched. The Headlines Today exposé is well-documented with actual pages from the ‘missing’ file and the autopsy report. It is no longer possible to pretend that all is well. There is a serious crisis within the force and the government needs to act.

Whenever I read about Naxalite attacks in central India and come to the bit where commentators say that the Maoists only succeed because the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is disorganised and badly trained, I sometimes wonder if the Naxalites will realise that there is a more high-profile target within their reach.

Everything we have seen about the Bombay Police suggests that the force’s level of competence is not much higher than the CRPF’s. What’s worse is that while the CRPF is at least sincere, the Bombay Police is a corrupt, badly-divided force where officers end up sacrificing the lives of their colleagues in pursuit of their own political and greed-driven agendas.

We are lucky that there hasn’t been another terrorist strike or that the Maoists do not realise what a soft target Bombay is. But if another attack took place tomorrow, the Bombay Police would let the city down and fail as comprehensively as they did on 26/11."

No Greater Love : Hemant Karkare

John 15:13

King James Version (KJV)

13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Jesus of Nazareth is quoted by the Apostle John.

This applies to Super Hero Hemant Karkare.

Super Hero Hemant Karkare laid down his life to defend his fellow citizens.

John 15:13

New International Version (NIV)

13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
Peace officers and first responders are our special angels that protects us in the third dimension. Please send your prayer of thanks to theses special spirits.

Dear Universe I now send my prayer of thanks to Hemant Karkare and all of our peace officers that are true. They all stand true and tall to defend us with their very lives. Thank you. Amen.

Brave. Pure Bravery.

This article is from CNN India; CNN.com/asia :

"(CNN) -- Hemant Karkare, Mumbai's slain terror chief, was a shrewd and unflappable investigator whose death is a blow to a police force that has difficult work ahead, his colleagues said this week.

Hemant Karkare, left, was killed by gunmen in Mumbai shortly after this video was taken Wednesday.

According to accounts in Indian newspapers, Karkare, 54, was credited with solving many crimes and did his job apolitically and with the utmost integrity.

"The state Anti-Terrorism Squad has lost a daredevil officer in Hemant Karkare," Peter Lobo, chief inspector of the Anti-Terror Squad in Pune, told The Times of India on Thursday.

Karkare, head of Maharashtra state's Anti-Terrorism Squad, was heading home Wednesday when he learned gunmen were attacking the Oberoi hotel in Mumbai, Maharashtra's Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil told The Hindu newspaper.

Karkare later got word the situation at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was more serious. The terror chief and two other officers -- armed with automatic weapons -- jumped in a jeep and rushed to take on the terrorists, The Hindu reported. Watch how victims are coping with the attack »

Footage from CNN's sister network, CNN-IBN, showed Karkare donning a helmet and putting a bulletproof vest over his light blue shirt as uniformed police officers with firearms and walkie-talkies surrounded him. Watch Karkare's funeral »

It would be the last video taken of Karkare before terrorists shot him three times in the chest near Cama hospital, the site of another Wednesday attack in Mumbai.

"Though a workaholic, he was a soft-spoken officer. ATS has received a severe blow because of the untimely death of Karkare," Lobo told The Times of India before departing Pune to pay his respects to Karkare.

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Karkare joined the Indian Police Services in 1982. He became head of Maharashtra's Anti-Terror Squad in January after he returned from Austria, where he served seven years in the Research and Analysis Wing, India's external intelligence agency.

The post in Austria was testament to his acumen as a police officer, a colleague told The Times of India.

"Due to his excellent ability to handle things, he was posted to the Research and Analysis Wing in Austria. He was like family to me,'' said Bipin Gopalakrishna, who joined the force with Karkare in 1982.

According to CNN-IBN, Karkare was credited with solving bombing cases in Thane, Vashi and Panvel and played a key role in cracking the case of the September 29 blast in Malegaon, which reportedly killed six people. He also uncovered several radical Hindu groups operating in Maharashtra, according to media reports.

Karkare came under intense political pressure while investigating the Malegaon bombing, and it was widely reported that he warned officers in his command against succumbing to pressure to doctor evidence.

"We should do our job and it is for the court to decide," Karkare was quoted in several media outlets as saying. Watch officials speculate on who may be responsible for this week's attacks »

"He was simply superb. He could handle any difficult situation boldly and with a cool mind," Aurangabad Police Commissioner Thakur Deepaksinh Gaur told The Times of India. Gaur told the paper he had worked with Karkare in Aurangabad and Nanded.

Added another Indian Police Services officer: "His death is a huge loss to our force and society."

When not on the clock, Karkare was known to enjoy sculpting and could often be found whittling driftwood, The Indian Express reported. He also enjoyed music and dabbled in palm reading, former diplomat T.P. Sreenivasan told The Hindu.

"We used to put him in one of the stalls as an Indian palmist during the annual charity fair organized by the Indian ambassador and he was big hit with the crowd," said Sreenivasan, who worked with Karkare in Vienna for five years.

Sreenivasan told The Hindu that Karkare -- who had strong credentials in fighting terrorism, corruption and money laundering -- could have earned a post at a U.N. agency in Vienna, but chose instead to return home to serve India.

Karkare is well-admired, Sreenivasan told The Hindu, and is survived by a doting family and many friends and admirers.

Contacted in Pune, Karkare's brother Shirish found it difficult to speak about his brother's death Thursday.

"He was a father figure for me," the younger brother told The Times of India.

Shirish's wife Amruta told the newspaper that the anti-terror chief would be laid to rest when his daughters arrived from overseas.

The older daughter Jui Navare lives in Boston, Massachusetts, she said, and the younger daughter studies at the London School of Economics. Karkare's son Akash is a student at R.A. Podor College of Commerce and Economics. His wife Kavita teaches at a college in Mumbai, she said"

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