Heros All 30 day challege

There isn't a Walmart in Iraq or Afghanstan, so when you ar thinking of a charity this  Christmas, the soldiers can use some things. There is a great list on the blog One Marine's View He not only gives you some wonderful ideas but tells you where to find them. 

When you see a soldier walking down the street or in the market, do you ever think to say thank you?

They give up a lot to serve our country. They leave their families behind, and loved ones so we can be in that market.

A lot of people forget, the soldiers do not start the war, they fight it. People are mad at the war, so they get upset with the soldiers.

But like us, they are just doing a job. But unlike us, their job costs a whole lot more then ours It could cost them their lives.

Not only the soldiers, but their families as well. Imagine, saying good bye to your husband or wife for years?

We may or maynot disagree with the war, but soldiers are not politicians. They are the defenders of the people. Of our country.
next time you see a soldier, Thank him .Forget the politics, or the situation whether or not you believe in it.
The soldier is a person. He is our defender. Thank them and their familes today.

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Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 7 years ago

Wonderful hub,...I am hoping everyone sends just a little something. I found a few things I can add to the list of supplies, thanks to the link you included One Marine's View.

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