Hillary Clinton 2016?

Hillary Clinton-Is she ready?

“Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion.” (Hillary Clinton) These are the words expressed by the candidate for President 2016, Ms. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. I have followed the leadership of Hillary Clinton as she presided beside her husband (former Democratic President Elect, Bill Clinton-1993-2001). Historically, does Hillary Diane Rodhman Clinton know about politics and is she ready for the critics reminder of her past and her movement to making history with applauds in 2016? How will Hillary move through the crowd of critics to her vision of becoming the 1st female president of the United States of America?

In her early life, Hillary appeared to be destined to become an important key in the political arena that would open the door to a possible 2016 presidential victory. In 1973, Hillary graduated from one of the most elite schools on earth, Yale Law School and served briefly on the Congressional legal counsel. After serving on the counsel, Hillary decided to return home (Arkansas) and marry her now husband and former president, Mr. Bill Clinton. As she began to co-found groups such as Arkansas Advocates for Children, national media was taking notice of this former Yale graduate. Hillary was listed as the top one hundred most influential lawyers in America, according to The National Law Journal and served on many education boards as well as corporate boards in Arkansas. Hillary was not aware at the time of service that she was setting herself up to become one of the most influential women in America.

A victory was won for Hillary’s husband, Mr.Bill Clinton in 1993 and the two were on their way to creating a better place for America. As First Lady of the United States, a major project for Hillary was the Clinton Health Care Reform of 1993, which was unsuccessful and did not pass Congress. Life appeared to be on edge during the Clinton Administration as the Whitewater controversy surfaced and the Lewinsky scandal in 1998 became the highlight of the Clinton Administration.Within each obstacle encountered during the Clinton administration; the marriage of Bill and Hillary remained constant as the media and supporters wondered if there would be a divide. Amid all the controversy of an interruption in the peace within the Clinton administration and home, the Clintons' moved to New York in 2000 and Hillary Clinton would make history by becoming the first female senator from the state of New York. During the September 11th attacks, Hillary supported the military and the action taken in Afghanistan, but clearly did not accept the conduct of the Bush administration’s conduct during the war. As a matter of fact, most of George Bush’s foreign policies did not sit well with Hillary Clinton. During the 2008 presidential elections, Hillary narrowly lost to now President Barack Obama.

Hillary did not win as president, but she served under President Barack Obama from 2009-2013, and was head of the department conducting foreign policies. Before leaving her post as secretary of state, Hillary trained Mr. John Kerry so she could step down. According to ABC news, Hillary Clinton had 31 years of public service when she stepped down from her post.

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be an intelligent woman because universities such as Yale require stellar students with exceptional grades. Her selection by the student body to be the first student to speak at commencement proved that she had something important to say and leadership skills. While reading some history on Hillary, I discovered that as a first year student, Hillary was conducting meetings with second and third year law students. Hillary’s bed has not always been full of roses, but amid the Whitewater controversy, she hurdled over that obstacle and despite the allegations of an intern playing the role of Bill’s wife, Hillary was able to remain stable and maintain her political agenda as well as her personal life agenda. Her humbleness and ability to follow was shown as she served under President Obama who was her greatest opponent in campaign. In 2013 before leaving office as Secretary of State, Hillary was having some medical conditions, but she bounced back and is set to campaign and win votes. On many pictures that I review and social media sites, I see Hillary speaking to the people out of concern, which means that this is one president that will listen and follow-through. When I think of the challenges Hillary has faced, I often time think of a woman who is small in stature, but powerful in words and learned. As I read through the critic’s comments, I don’t see much back lash from Hillary trying to prove the allegations right or wrong, but I see someone hot on the campaign trail making long strides. If I could sum up a motto for Hillary Clinton in one sentence, I would say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.”If Hillary is able to win the votes of the majority and prove that her leadership will reform America, she will make history by becoming the first woman president.

Hillary for President 2016----

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Hillary-112 Countries as Secretary of State

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retief2000 20 months ago

It was certainly a brilliant move on her part to oversee the transfer of great amounts of Uranium to the control of a Russian company - for millions to her family foundation. CORRUPTION!

cathylynn99 profile image

cathylynn99 20 months ago from northeastern US

Hillary had nothing to do with the uranium deal. you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. even fox news says there is no evidence of corruption in this instance.

Alfreda profile image

Alfreda 20 months ago from Texas Author

Right, she had nothing to do with the uranium deal and there is valid evidence that I will write about.

retief2000 20 months ago

The uranium deal required Hillary, as Secretary of State, to sign off on the deal. NYT not Fox. Continue the delusions, the iceberg is about to hit her.

cathylynn99 profile image

cathylynn99 20 months ago from northeastern US

"there is no indication that hillary played any role in the approval."


retief2000 20 months ago

So you are comfortable with Hillary despite here love for Margaret Sanger?

retief2000 20 months ago



If it quacks like a duck....

So you have no trouble with Hillary's love affair with racist/eugenicist Margaret Sanger?

cathylynn99 profile image

cathylynn99 20 months ago from northeastern US

retief, the page from "the wrap" doesn't exist. the NYT article you cite states again that the decision was made by someone else.

retief2000 20 months ago

I suppose the real answers are in the illegally destroyed emails on her illegal private server. If nominated, unlikely even though there appears to be no alternative for Democrats, she will not only be the first female nominee for the Presidency from either major party, but the first one with scales and cold blood.

Alfreda profile image

Alfreda 20 months ago from Texas Author

If we are speaking of the Whitewater scandal, the baton was constantly passed because evidence was not properly presented to link the Clinton's to the mishap. Everyone involved either resigned, one committed suicide and this case was given to an assistant. I am currently writing about all of the presidents and their causes and if the Whitewater scandal and Monica L. is the only imperfection, the Clinton's are doing a pretty good job. If we review all the presidents, every last one of them have a skeleton in their closets. I always believe that none are perfect, we all have sinned and fallen short. No one is perfect, but everyone is given a second chance by God.

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