Hillary Clinton Tries to Tell the Truth

A recent poll about her truthfulness.
A recent poll about her truthfulness.
I have tried to tell the truth, LOL.
I have tried to tell the truth, LOL.

Even when she tried to convince the American populace that she, "Always tries to tell the truth" and has never lied, even a tiny bit, during the recent CBS interview, she came across as smirking or simply unbelievable on camera. When you see the interview, your gut reaction is simply, "Yah, right!" in a sarcastic manner. When she was pressed by the interviewer, it simply got worse as a convincing argument. It was actually funny when she tried to keep a serious face to the question.

But, what are the facts? Why does most of America, except devout followers, think this way. There is the now known fact about Benghazi. Communication documents show that what she said in private to internal staff about the cause of the takeover (an assault) by radical elements was 100% different than what she told the families of those killed and to the public. That is a glaring lie, not a misstatement of facts.

Lie number two is about the ongoing email server issue. She used a personal email server while Secretary of State. Right off, that was breaking all procedures that were in place then, but besides that, Clinton has stated that none of the emails on the servers that the FBI has contained any confidential, secret or Top Secret documents of national security. She said this last August when the threat and issue was raised. As we all know now, that was another lie or negligence. The FBI has now found numerous documents on the server she used that were in all three categories! Some were classified Top Secret. This was on her personal server she used at her home. A lawyer might be able to put together a case that Clinton "complied" with the rules governing federal employee email use, but her actions are nevertheless hard to defend. The most recent FBI disclosure is that 22 documents containing 37 pages are Top Secret and of all the documents over 1,700 are deemed confidential and classified. Hillary stated there were no classified documents on her email server. This is not a right-wing or left-wing attack, it is from the the FBI that seized the servers when it was found out Clinton had used a personal server for Secretary of State business.

Yet, the only channel that continues to follow the email story is Fox. CNN and MSNBC pretend it is a non issue and not a news a story. This will change when and if the US Attorney's office indicts her. This is a real political issue for President Obama. Will he advise his appointed US Attorney to ignore the issue and not indict her during this election year or wait until December, after the election, to do this? Probably. Hillary and Obama are from the same cloth. If Clinton is elected, there will be little change in the Obama policies and many think it will be just Obama's third term as President under a different name. Maybe. Surely, if Obama tosses her to the FBI wolves with now evidence that she broke internal protocols as Secretary of State and then lied about what was on the server, her quest for President will be over! It is like handing over the election to the Republicans, which Obama would never do.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat or independent, facts are facts and Hillary, like all politicians, tell lies to advance their agenda. It is just how it is.

Do you think Hillary Clinton tells the truth about Benghazi and her Email?

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emge profile image

emge 11 months ago from Abu Dhabi

Good post. Politicians are the same everywhere

perrya profile image

perrya 11 months ago Author

Thanks, you know, like many Americans who like her in some aspects, these two issues being ignored in the media are really bothersome to me, especially the email. I suspect nothing will be done by the justice department until after the election.

Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia Allain 11 months ago from Central Florida

emge - I think you need to look into Bernie Sanders' campaign for president. He is one of a kind, definitely not the same.

His favorability rating is remarkably high as voters recognise his authenticity and integrity.

perrya profile image

perrya 11 months ago Author

Sanders is not a revolution or movement, IMO. Just an anomaly that young, naive, voters or socialists are attracted to. It will come down to Clinton vs. Trump or maybe Rubio.

lions44 profile image

lions44 11 months ago from Auburn, WA

Important work once again, PA. It's 2008 all over again for the press corps. They did not look into President Obama and they have no plans to investigate HRC. Just awful. A century of incompetence already just 16 years in. Shared.

perrya profile image

perrya 11 months ago Author

Thanks and agreed.

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