Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama

Obama is accusing Clinton of attacking him with distorted facts. He also said that there is a chain emails propagating on the web saying that he is a muslim and swear using Koran. He said this a black propaganda of the Clintons.

Hillary won two states already including the Nevada as the last one. She said that Obama is now despirate by his two lost. Right now they are waiting for South Carolina votes which most of the black is supporting Obama. While Clinton is strong on Latin Americans. Many people wants Hillary because a woman they said is more understanding than man and the Clinton administration was good in terms of economy and medical care service.

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soyelude profile image

soyelude 8 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

Time will tell.

IWantMoney profile image

IWantMoney 8 years ago

They are neck to neck right now. I just hope our Republican Canadidate doesn't end up in the White House. Very tired of OLD politics.


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