How Can I See My Own Mug Shot Free?

How can I see my own mug shot for free? If you were arrested and found yourself in jail, then chances are there would’ve been of booking photograph taken of you. This is standard procedure during the booking process of almost every jail or prison in the nation. You will have a chance to view the photograph that was taken of you at the jail by using several different methods, which I will show you in this article. Let’s look at how you can see your own mug shot for free, so you can show it to anyone you want.

Perhaps the easiest way to see your booking photo from your stay in jail, or at least the most effective method, is to go in person to the jail and ask for it. This is because your pictures will take in a jail are considered public record, which means you have a right to access them. This may not be as quick as trying to get a copy of your own mug shots of free online, but it is certainly the single most effective method you can use. You can use this as your first up, or you can use this is elastic, if all the others do not yield good results. It is really up to you, so do with it what you want.

Since most jails now have an online roster posted on their web sites, you will have a chance to view your jail photograph online. If you are lucky enough to have been booked into one of these jails, you can probably find a copy of your own mug shot in a matter of minutes. Since many counties only false these as a roster, once you are released from the facility your picture may no longer be posted online. You may still be able to access the photographs through the county’s website if they include inmates there no longer incarcerated.

If you want to take us all a step farther, you could consider going beyond your own mug shot, and asking for the copy of your booking videotape. Since virtually every facility keep the video recording of the booking process, you can request these records just as you would any other form of public record. You can use the videotape for whatever you see fit, but hopefully you don’t see it as a badge of honor.

Now that you know you can see your jail pictures, and you know how to find your own mug shot for free, go out and request the pictures.

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