How Did Casey Anthony Kill Her Daughter?

31 Days

If you've been following this case since 2008, then you already know that Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her daughter, 2-year-old, Caylee Marie Anthony. Casey Anthony faces a first-degree murder charge, and the trial is set to begin at the end of May 2011.

If you're not familiar with the story, which has many twists and turns, here's the (somewhat) simplified version: In early June of 2008, Casey Anthony, who lived with her parents in Orlando, Florida, packed up a few belongings and her 2-year-old daughter, and drove away from her parents' home.

Casey told her parents she was vacationing elsewhere in Florida, but this was a fabricated story. Casey spent her time in Orlando, living off of stolen money and checks, and sleeping at the homes of her boyfriend and friends. The "vacation" lasted 31 days, and within that 31 days, no one had seen 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. As for Casey Anthony, she was seen partying in clubs, getting a tattoo, and at one point, she even borrowed a shovel from her neighbor to remove bamboo from her parents' yard. Still, no one had seen little Caylee.

Casey's parents grew concerned; they wanted to see their granddaughter. Caylee's maternal grandmother, Cindy Anthony, decided to track down her daughter; and when she found her (at the boyfriends house), she learned that little Caylee wasn't there. Cindy and Casey drove away from the boyfriend's home, and returned to the Anthony household.

Where Is Caylee?

Cindy Anthony demanded to know the whereabouts of her granddaughter, Caylee. According to Casey, Caylee was with the nanny. What nanny? Zenaida Gonzalez, otherwise known as "Zanny the Nanny." The story didn't make sense. Who was Zanny? Where was Caylee? Casey didn't have a logical explanation.

Cindy, in an attempt to frighten Casey Anthony into telling her the truth about Caylee's whereabouts, made a series of (three) calls to 9-1-1 on on July 15, 2008.

At first, Cindy told the 9-1-1 operator that she wanted Casey charged with the theft of an automobile and money. In the second call to 9-1-1, Cindy once again reported her daughter as a thief, but this time added that she wanted to report "a possible missing child." During this call, Cindy can be heard telling Casey, "I already gave you 31 days."

In the third call to 9-1-1, a frantic Cindy Anthony told the 9-1-1 operator that Casey admitted the nanny had kidnapped the baby. Cindy also added, "There's something wrong. I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car."

A Sad Ending

And so began the massive search for the mysterious nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, AKA "Zanny the Nanny." Police did find a Zenaida Gonzalez, but this woman had never met Casey Anthony, and she eventually filed her own lawsuit, as the publicity and harassment ruined her life.

Police never found the "real" Zenaida Gonzalez, but on December 11, 2008, Caylee Anthony's skeletal remains were found by a meter reader; the child was dumped in a wooded lot. The cause of death was not determined; however, the killer had placed duct tape over the child's mouth. The duct tape was decorated with a heart sticker.

Cause of Death

The cause of Caylee's death was inconclusive; however, medical examiners noted that there was "no post-mortem trauma to the body." While Casey Anthony awaits her trial, prosecutors have compiled over 500 pages of circumstantial evidence that may reveal more information surrounding the death of Caylee.

On May 9, 2011, Judge Belvin Perry ruled to allow the results of air sample tests to be used in the Casey Anthony murder trial. The air sample tests may prove that Casey Anthony's vehicle, specifically the trunk, held traces of chloroform and human decomposition. Why was chloroform in the trunk? How was it used? We can only put the pieces together in our minds. Hopefully, prosecutors will be able to paint a clear picture of the crime, support their arguments with solid evidence, and convince the jury to punish the guilty party for her crime.

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Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

This story, when it came out completely broke my heart. Before we knew that there was no "nanny," I empathized with Casey Anthony... her daughter kidnapped by some psycho, but as more information came to light I quickly realized we were being duped by a psycho. No one who is innocent behaves that way, even if she didn't murder her child with her own hands, she delivered that poor baby girl into the hands of another murderer. Absolutely chilling. My heart goes out to Caylee's grandparents, their lives will never be the same, we can't even pray for closure or peace for them, because they'll never have it.

Sue Tarr 5 years ago

Anti abortion demonstrators should also be out there trying to help these poor unwanted children to have a safe life after they come into the world.I'm an advocate for abused and neglected children, why is it that murder or physical abuse will only get the attention of agencies that are hired to protect them. Why wasn't the grand-mother given legal custody of the beautiful child?

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 5 years ago Author


You're right. Any mother in her situation would have done anything to help find her child. I think the Defense team realizes that they're about to hit a brick wall (hence, all the "mitigating factors" talk). I mean, Casey already admitted (in a jailhouse letter to another inmate) that there was no Zenaida; Linda Baden (former member of Defense team) said the same thing on 48 Hours. So, the nanny story goes out the window.

Really, what can her Defense say at this point? She sold the baby? She woke up after a night of partying and the baby was missing? Members of the Anthony family had spare keys to the car, too?

They're grasping at straws...

I really feel for all the friends and family members of this psycho. They've been put through hell and back.


@Sue Tarr: By all accounts, Casey was a good mother before all of this happened. All friends and family members say she was an attentive and caring mother. I guess that's what makes it so hard to believe she would do something like this. Maybe it was an accidental death? Still, her behavior just doesn't make sense.

joanne 5 years ago

sorry, I have always felt she was guilty of murder...Casey Anthony

is a mess, in my opinion...Also a chronic liar...Too bad she had to

throw her dad under the bus to cover more lies..The whole thing is just too sad.

lynn 5 years ago

i have been watching the trail on tv, sweet beauiful caylee is an angel, she is in heaven with god, i pray for caylee and her family. i want to see justice for caylee, i pray that casey will tell them the truth, i will keep praying for her,

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 5 years ago Author

I'm not buying the "she drown in the pool" story concocted by Baez.

Bria 5 years ago

this is a horrific story. I feel that Casey killed

Caylee accidentally, but none the less killed her.

I do not believe that she was molested by her father

or brother. I believe that she wanted to party and

sleep around. Such a shame a beautiful little

girl had to pay the price.

sharon 5 years ago

I believe Casey is a nutta, if she wanted to have fun she should've left the child with her grandparents, my heart goes out to them.and my heart aches for caylee.

granny 5 years ago

i truly feel Casey Anthony is just a spoiled brat who couldn't handle the fact that her parents cared so much for Carlee. this her father molesting her is just another lie planted in her head by her lawyer. Casey is all about me myself and i. she also took drugs are people forgetting this. if this was an accident then why put type over then mouth of carlee with a sticker heart on it.

she knew this would hurt her mother major big time. i'm sorry but feel she knew what she was doing. in the beginning it was said tony did not want kids

susannah42 profile image

susannah42 5 years ago from Florida

Somehow that child was murdered, or accidentally died. The biggest part of that case is that there was a cover up.

LULU SUE1987 profile image

LULU SUE1987 5 years ago

I have been following this trial and can see that Casey has serious mental problems. I think she wanted to party and was in the habit of drugging her child with Xanax to do so. She ran out of the Xanax and started using chloraform. It killed that child and the Casey covered it up. So Sad.

aparis72 5 years ago

THis is a tragedy all around. The focus should b on Caylee. I do not fault the parents, they're in an awful situation! I don't believe Casey was molested. Unfortunately, no-one will believe a word she says now anyway. My guess is that she'd been dosing Caylee regularly with chloraform so she could go out & leaving her alone, probably in the trunk. Then Caylee died from an overdose or aspiration & Casey found her that way. Thinking only of herself, she tried to cover everything up, knowing it would all b found out. I doubt it was premeditated, but she should spend the rest of her life in prison.

Karleamey 5 years ago

Casey is definitely a pathological liar and deserves much worse than what the death penalty could bring. But don't be too naïve to believe her mother and father are so innocent. Not that I believe they had anything to do with harming their grandchild, but no question Casey was subjected to pretty horrendous circumstances in her childhood. Why do you think daddy tried committing suicide? There is way more to this story .......

DeAnna 5 years ago

If it was a pool drowning accident, why on earth would George have agreed to bury her. Also, when did Casey supposedly tell Baez about the alleged drowning? Casey is so selfish, she would have used accidently drowning as a way to get out of jail 3 years ago and Baez should have helped her with that defense. None of this makes sense.

gloworm 5 years ago

Remain strong Cindy and George you did the best you could and you gave Caylee lots of love - its horrendous what you are being put through just because you loved your grandchild!

md 5 years ago

After viewing Lee anthonys most recent testimony where he shares caseys version of events when she claimed that Zanny held her down on a parkbench and took Caylee away from her to punish her for being a bad mother...I believe may be the closest thing to a confession weve heard come out of her mouth! There is a small bench next to the playhouse in back yard...I believe that may have been the place SHE held Caylee down and placed the TAPE ON..OR WHERE SHE LAY CAYLEES BODY WHILE CONTEMPLATING WHERE TO BURY HERE AND ULTIMATELY DECIDING THE BACK YARD WAS PROBABLY NOT A SMART PLACE. Zanny was Zanax, I also think Casey was probably self medicating with booze and pills, and probably committed the murder while high on something thus when she refers to "Zanny" she is talking about herself AND WHAT SHE DID TO CAYLEE NOT ACTUALLY WHAT ZENAIDA DID TO HER...SHE DID IT ALL BY HERSELF TO HERSELF

jm101328 5 years ago

OMG good theory kstep15!! i think she gave her the xanax (aka zanny the nanny) too & probably put her in the trunk w tape over her mouth in case she wakes up crying & shes not back yet from partying, but the baby wound up dying & so she buried her & dumped the car to make it look like it was stolen or something.

shirley 5 years ago

She meant to kill Caylee. The home computer showed someone had looked up chloraform and how to kill someone. Who do you think was looking that up on the computer? Casey..

She planned to kill her!

Roxanne 5 years ago

If Caylee drowned like they are trying to say, isn't there a way for them to find out? Water in her lungs perhaps or was her body so decomposed it couldn't be checked out? I don't understand.

profile image

goldie84 5 years ago

I think she DID use chloroform, and did so successfully for quite some time. I think the last time, she over-did it, and put the baby in a coma. So when she comes home from drinking, drugging, and screwing, she panicked. She couldn't take Caylee to the ER, or she'd have to explain WHY the baby was in a coma. So she puts duct tape over the baby's mouth, in case she wakes up and starts crying. I don't think the baby was actuaolly DEAD when put in the trunk, but died from not being able to breath because of the duct tape, and the heat of a car trunk in FL in the summer. Now this SOB is throwing EVERYONE under the bus - even people sh doesn't even KNOW like the real Zanny, this ex-con who supposedly had phone convos with George around the time Caylee went missing, and the meter reader guy. Between all of them, the father, the brother, the mother - EVERYONE has GUILT EXCEPT CASEY!!! She is the ONLY ONE who is GUILT FREE!! If Juror #4 (the woman who can't "judge" anyone) hangs this jury, I hope someone slaps the CRAP out of her!! It is SO OBVIOUS THAT CASEY IS GUILTY! The ONLY reason you don't report your baby missing is that YOU WANT HER GONE, and MADE HER GONE!!!

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 5 years ago Author

Roxanne -- no lungs. They only found a skeleton.

Sooner 5 years ago

Why Casey wait too long for 31 days to report that her daughter missing. If I were in her shoe. I wuld report within 24 hrs. God knows who did killed Caylee. Casey desired stayin in prison for life sentence without parole.

DanielaVienna 5 years ago

I believe that she didn't give up custody for caylee to her parents because then she would have lost all support and money she received from cindy and george for being a "poor single mother". she killed her baby, but I think she forgot that a mother of a "kidnapped" baby can't easily go out partying. so she fantasized about zanny the nanny to save time for a better story. a story that wouldn't let her lose her face but allowes her to live her unsteady party-life.

Jennifer 5 years ago

It amazes me that people can even question that this girl killed her child. No caring parent would of done one of the many unexplainable things that this girl did. I'll be happy when the case is over and she gets what she deserves

Laura 5 years ago

What a bombshell today. My mouth fell to the floor as I listened to Cindy say that she looked up chloroform on the computer. What a freakin mess this is. I definitely know that Casey is guilty of not notifying the police and her parents and brother about Callies disappearance. No mother in her right mind would allow anybody to hurt a child of theirs. Nor would a loving and caring mother go out and party and not be distraught that her child is gone. She knew something was wrong and instead of going to the police she drowns herself in partying so that she can stay numb, so that her conscience doesn't get the best of her. I do believe that she could have been molested, and from this powerful surge of anger that she may have felt she could of became so despondant not knowing how to feel when something went wrong, she partied to dumb these feelings. I do think she loved her daughter but resented her because she felt trapped wanting to take care of her but wanting her freedom too. It is a shame that she didn't seek help outside of her family.

elvis gezel 5 years ago

The justice system is not about justice but all about money/////pure greed//////A judge is a guy who could not make it on his own and is a freeloader on tax payer money////The district atty office all whor-s and same with lawyers///////We have the scum of society in the justice system

tessjo 5 years ago

don't give her life but put her in for 20 plus so when she gets out she will be much older and not look very good no one will want to party with her then

Louise 5 years ago

What if Casey put chloraform on a tissue and used the duct tape to hold it over Caylee's mouth and nose so she could not take it off. This way Casey could party all night while Caylee was in the trunk of her car.

Salguod 5 years ago

Casey is innocent, I believe, she didn't do it and neither did OJ

project 5 years ago

this girl should have the same thing done to her but worse, i hope she suffers...who does that to a helpless child, sick people in this world

Helen 5 years ago

but why she didn't gave the child to someone that want to adopt a girl before comiting that horrible crime. She is a bitch look at her face in trial trying to defend her self and sometimes putting face to confused people. Dead penalty to her. I'm not a mom yet but how can someone killed her own child or any child and keep living with any regrets. I wold go crazy and look at her fresh like an orange.

Justice! 5 years ago

This f... bitch .. I was thinking she didn't wanna intentionally killed her but she probably did put her to sleep while going party everyday , one day she over did it ! and panic , did what she had to do to not be in trouble , of course Caseys mom is so mad at the beginning freaking out , but now that her daughter is facing DEATH PENALTY ! she had to lie for her daughter !! WTF!!! DON'T ENABLE HER!! SHE HAD TO PAY FOR CHILD ABUSE AND KILLING THAT INNOCENT CHILD!! IM SURE someone out there that is as crazy as she will kill her!

Dorothy 5 years ago

I will never understand why witnesses are put under oath (still lie) and defense lawyers are allowed to lie while defending their guilty clients. Casey Anthony dragged her family through the mud with more lies throwing all the blame on her father. If that baby drowned in the pool, George would call 911 immediately. I don't believe this family was disfunctional. Cindy was a working mother, George was a retired police officer and brother Lee held a job and was a self-sufficient citizen. Casey did not want to work, was a party girl and I believe was difficult from a teenager on. Her parents said having Caylee was the best mistake Casey made. Casey was jealous of the love between her parents and Caylee. She killed that baby in a jealous rage, realized her mistake and had to make up her story blaming her parents to get even. Where is she going to live now? Maybe Jose Baez will take her in. I have great sympathy for Cindy and George Anthony. How they loved their little granddaughter and never will get over losing that innocent child. CASEY MAY BE NOT GUILTY BUT SHE IS NOT INNOCENT.

Marlene 5 years ago

She guilty and she got off because she lied and the baby body was bones Karma will get her sometime maybe not right away but sometime in her life she will realize what a creep she really is.

katie 5 years ago

casey anthony, your family,the defense team, you are all a disgusting bunch of people. money talks the bitch walks. what goes around comes around. you all need to take a walk to the wizard of oz and get a heart. how dare you all are givin the rite to wake up everyday and parade around the street like your something special. garbage has a better place in society than you casey anthony..

goldie84 5 years ago

Well -- the lying f__king bi_ch did it -- she got away with murder. My hopes for her are these: that there are whackos who threaten, stalk, hunt, and haunt her -- day in and day out for the rest of her discusting, miserable life. I hope she is paranoid for her life and saftety every single remaining day of her evil life. I hope the life she leads OUT of jail pales in comparison to the life she lead IN jail. I hope she spends the remaining days of her life in utter fear. She should. OJ wasn't as hated and despised. This is what I hope for you Casey Anthony -- it is your karma.

randa 5 years ago

guys, what do u think about being a lawyer?

who is going to defend paedophiles...? and yet, even THEY can find a lawyer....

it must be one hell of a job. how the f++k do they sleep at night???

btw, i read somewhere about that maybe casey is going to make porn movies now. ah! that sounds just like her ;-)

GuestA 5 years ago

@ Louise - No. Forensic found no tissue fibers, only the duct tape.

"What if Casey put chloraform on a tissue and used the duct tape to hold it over Caylee's mouth and nose so she could not take it off. This way Casey could party all night while Caylee was in the trunk of her car."

tommyschmidt 5 years ago

ya 3 years in prison and it was an accident who does that oh ya right a murderer

debbie 5 years ago

I think Casey Anthony is a f---ing liar, how in the hell all 12 jurors could sit and listen at all the evidence and still says she is not guilty,what the hell a damn blind man could see she is guilty, and a slut. I think she was wanting to go party and couldn't find a babysitter, and she drugged caylee with zanax and put that damn duct tape on caylee's mouth and covered her nose with it, put her in the trunk of her car while she was whoring around. SHE KILLED THAT BABY. and i hope and pray to god that when she gets out that their will be an insane person out there that will do her the same way.BUT I THINK CASEY AND HER DEFENSE LAWYER JOSE, will move to another country with each other and live on the profits she will be making on her dead baby, which i think the judge should not allow her to profit off a damn thing, and to that damn defense attorney Mason he made me sick, who would go celebrate and have drinks after helping a bitch walk free of murder, hell u might as well let scott petterson walk to. I just hope when she gets out someone willtear her a new asshole. And another thing if anyone wants to get by with murder lets load up and go to Florida. pissed off in west virginia

Lightharry 5 years ago

No one knows what happened and how the child died. Why don´t they chill and let Casey Anthony answer to god. All the couch potatoes should shut-up.

goldie84 5 years ago

Lightharry -- Casey WILL answer to God -- of that I am certain. Its selfish of us - myself included - to want to SEE her get what is coming to her. It will give us all SATISFACTION to see her SUFFER for what is completley OBVIOUS she did. But -- then again -- look at OJ. This slutty, bitchy, twit is too self centered and sociopathic to NOT get in trouble again. I'll bet we haven't seen the last of her. She'll be in jail again one day for something. I just hope the bitch doesn't procreate again.....She needs to have her ovaries ripped out.

Shishi 5 years ago

Signed petition for re-trial & forwarded to friends around the world who are equally shocked by this horrendous miscarriage of justice. The world is watching. RiP Caylee, love from Australia xo

goldie84 5 years ago

Oh Shishi -- IF ONLY IT COULD BE DONE!! In this country we have what is known as "double jeopardy." You CANNOT be tried for the same crime twice. The murdering b!tch could actually write a book now confessing to and detailing exactly how she killed that baby -- and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

goldie84 5 years ago

Ummmm -- does ANYONE find this weird besides me????-- THREE of Casey ANthony's boyfriends DIED in CAR ACCIDENTS in 2007 -- Ortiz, Duggard, and Baker. HELLO!!! Wouldn't it be out of the ORDINARY to loose ONE boyfriend in a car crash, mush less THREE?????!!!!! We may have a "black widow" here....what if she were planning to kill Caylee one year in advance (in 2007)? And let's face it -- the slut didn't know WHICH screw was Caylee's dad -- and decided to get rid of anyone who COULD have been her dad so there was no reprecusions? It's easier to be tried for murder if there isn't any other parent around, right? Why wasn't this looked into? Holy crap -- the b!tch sh!ts gold!!

shari 5 years ago

She DID KILL her precious daughter, maybe by accident maybe not, but regardless she has no conscience and is dead to feelings. She deserves what the LORD will give her, eternal life in a lake of fire. Left to rot like poor beautiful Caylee. R.I.P, and to George and Cindy, try to find peace in all this, knowing you had no part in this horrible nightmare. Casey made her own choices and obviously got away with murder.

celavi 5 years ago

It's not casey at all it's the crooked criminal justice system in america!

Margie 5 years ago

I absolutely agree with the other reader's response. Casey Anthony is a habitual "drug user", and wanted to continue her drinking, drugging, and whoring lifestyle. I absolutely agree that she was "HIGH" on drugs one night, and didn't have a babysitter. "Zanny", also referred to the drug "Xanax", was one of the drugs Casey used on the baby. She was strapped, and when that drug was no longer available, she searched the internet for other options.... namely "CHLOROFORM". How can anyone be so stupid as that jury to let that SOCIOPATHIC, PATHOLOGICAL LYING DEGENERATE off scott free ? The jury was lazy, and the prosocution played "ALL OR NOTHING". They were afraid of the death penalty, and just to unintlligent to see motive and reasonable doubt. No one else had Caylee in their care, except that wench. She is demonic in every sense of the word. If there is no immediate justice, she will come across "KARMA"

Juli 5 years ago

yes she kill her little Caylee and if and all who helped her get away with murder will someday realize she was lieing to them to Casey played her cards good to her team they believed every word she said so they will all pay for what they did to Caylee.

Juli 5 years ago

yes she kill her little Caylee and if and all who helped her get away with murder will someday realize she was lieing to them to Casey played her cards good to her team they believed every word she said so they will all pay for what they did to Caylee.

Caytlynn 5 years ago

if you take a look at the photos of her mom when she saw the evdence she was crying and smilying at the same time so therefor SHE DID IT

justcurious 5 years ago

where was her car for 31 days without someone noticing a foul order coming from the trunk? also wondering why her remains(caylee's) were not scattered in the woods by animals?

A Very Loving Mother 5 years ago

To the lawyers who helped BITCH ANTHONY get off scott free AND THE JURORS, do you all even care about that BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS BABY and what HELL she had to go thru?? How can you all sleep at night knowing what casey did to that PRECIOUS BEAUTIFUL BABY????? And YOU let her off scott free.....You will NEVER have to feel pain again ANGEL GIRL, YOU WILL FOREVER BE LOVED AND MISSED

shan 5 years ago

o good god y would a mother do that to a lover in her life that she felt so many pain to deliver prehaps where was the father she should have left her with her granparents r take her to her fathere tears

Lost In New Jersey 5 years ago

No mother would act the way Casey acted - she thought this whole thing was funny, couldn't care less that her baby was dead.

And she DID murder that little girl - WHY ELSE did she not report the baby for 31 days & lie, lie, and lie some more about what happened to Caylee? She dumped little Caylee in that swamp for a reason - to let her little body decompose - NO CAUSE OF DEATH? NO PROBLEM!

And how many mothers could drive around with a dead body in their trunk for weeks? And act normal, as if NOTHING HAPPENED. ONLY A PSYCHOPATH. This woman is completely insane and should be locked up in an asylum forever, she is a danger to everyone around her. The shameful thing is that she has been let out on the loose.

swannee 5 years ago

sick mother inject her for good of everyone.

angel123789 5 years ago

this woman is crazy physco she did it plain and simple you don't just not tell anyone your kid id missing for 31 days in my opinion she gave her the drug realized she was dead duct taped her mouth let the body decompose made up a nannny that she knew was a real person so it looked like she wasn't lying killed her three bfs and i think she should be in prison forevere

Eri89 5 years ago

I as a mother cant understand how in world ppl like her are allowed to have kids. I hope she cant sleep at nights. I don't have words to describe how angry I feel towards casey , her lawyer and who ever is on her only relief is that this little angel is now with god and not with this fuckin demon..if justice is never served here on earth, I know justice will be done in front of GOD and she will never be forgiven...i can fkn understand how shes gettin money out of this situation...but if this fkn lawyer that is defending her have any kids I just hope dis never happens to any of his kids..she prolly is sleepin with him thats why he is on her side..but the good thing is that this bitch is always gonna have to hide worst than a rat...shes always gonna ba HATED for the rest of her days...RIP little angel casey...

cas1974 5 years ago

I knew from day 1 she killed her daughter. Her mother helped cover the truth by saying she looked up chlorophy. With new technology being used to solve crimes these days,it's mostly protecting the guilty. They need way too much solid evidence to convict instead of using common sense and facts. They know she did it,this country lost it's balls.

fay 5 years ago

the 31 days convice me that she did kill her but i think it mite have been an accident and she got scared and did what she did to cover it up she would have went to jail if she didn give her to much of the chloform just to put her to sleep for awhile so she couldn't tell the truth how she did it her mother should have let her give caylee up for adoption in the first place she made it clear she didn't want her but she was force to keep her she wasn't ready for motherhood and i believe that cindy was so into herself she didn't think about her daughter feeling at all so that led to a big disaster that will never go away and for casey nothing good will ever come to her she was wrong in everything she did she could still have given caylee up for adoption and her mother could have done nothing about it that would have been better then killing her the way she did. casey wii always have dark circle around her rather she see them or not may god forgive you .

charliemommy20 5 years ago

how the hell can someone kill a baby.. wtf if you didn't want to baby give her to ur mom y n dad

HP 4 years ago

Xanax was the real "xanny the nanny". Casey Anthony was a Xanax freak. It was Xanax-induced rage that prompted her to kill her baby. Nothein more. If she went off Xanax she could probable become a good person.

very concerned 4 years ago

I just watched the made for tv movie, I felt sorry for the prosecutors, that dumb defence lawyer made me ill, as for the jury, I hope they rest in peace everynight for the ridiculous verdict of not guilty, a tiny life was taken, and I do believe that Casey Anthony should have been found guilty, I think she's a good actress, what a phony, and "sicko", god will remember what she did, her day will come. RIP little Caylee.

profile image

steve1286 3 years ago

Hey I heard she changed her name to Amber Ward and now lives in Vero Beach Florida

joyceweldon 3 years ago


annabelle 2 years ago

she knocked her out , put duct tape in case she woke up, forgot she was in trunk because she was so wasted than had to hide the body.

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