How Growth Rate Increases The Crime Rate


Growth rate can increase the crime rate in a city, state or nation. There are several factors that contribute to the increase in crime rate during a period of growth. Crime peaks, economics and population are three important variables.

Crime Peaks

When determining the crime rate versus population growth, crime peak is an essential part of the equation. When following statistics year to year, crime might have a peak one year and decrease in other years. The crime peaks should be apparent if you look at the numbers over the time of a decade or more.


According to Pettinger, economic growth is a major indicator for a rise in crime in some scenarios. In a high economic turn there are two reasons for an increase in crime. There are more things to steal and theft is a crime of envy more than a crime of poverty.

Population Growth

There are conflicting views about whether population growth correlates with a rise in crime. According to Josh Belzman of MSNBC, population growth, gang activity and police demands have caused a rise in crime in Washington D.C. Chamlin and Cochran argue that other factors besides population growth are determining variables in the rise of crime.


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