How Investigators Messed Up the Crime Scene of JonBnet's Ramsey's Murder

The police hadn't secured the crime scene at first from intrusion. They didn't protect the forensic evidence because friends were let in and out of the house at random. The press and the public were suspicious too of the police respecting the refusal of the parents to be questioned at the police station and they let them be questioned together as the Ramsey's had wanted it... was the rumor. But Franklin Foer says that their interviews had an hour's interim between the questioning of each one and that this occurred on April 30.

Cmdr. Mark Beckner made the unprofessional remark that the Ramseys were under an "umbrella of suspicion." this was before the interrogations began in April 1997, but it was a mere four days after the horrid murder that a friend of John and Patsy Ramsey, Mike Bynum retained the services of criminal-defense attorneys, although they hadn't been named as suspects, which came later. Bynum realized the cloak of suspicion that had enveloped the Ramseys.

Linda Arndt became the scapegoat for all of the mishandling of the case. She had been on the force for fourteen years, but they removed her from the case during April of 1997. She resigned in April 1999. Arndt sued her superiors for defamation, but during her defamation trial in 2001 the district court judge ruled a summary judgment against her. Rocky Mountain News reported in 2001 that Arndt's life had suffered tremendously from her reputation being ruined and that caused her to have a tremendously hard time getting another job


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