How Our Dependency On Gasoline Affects Everything

Every since I can remember, gasoline prices have been just as volatile, in some cases, as the US stock market. I see the political games that our politicians use in their speeches, on how much they are going to command the gas or petroleum corporations to set gas prices, at a price that we all will enjoy paying, here in the United States. It's all, just a load of nonsense.

As a child growing up, I know that nobody is going to give you something for nothing, there is a price associated with anything that is bargained for in life. By a politician promising, that they are going to promise gasoline prices will not exceed a certain price, if I believe that, I think I will believe that the state of Nevada has an ocean, and it's for sale too.

At what cost to the people in the United States, will the price of gasoline be set at a price, that we all can afford? As it stands now, today's gas prices affects everything in our country. When I say everything, I mean everything, our economy, the way companies conduct business, the stock market, the price we pay for goods, etc.

We all scream about foreign dependency on foreign oil, yet we have petroleum companies here, who continue to price gouge, gaining billions of dollars in profits, by continually increasing the cost of gasoline, whereby giving us excuse after excuse, that the exploration of going to find oil, and refine it into gasoline, is the biggest reasons, why we're having these inflated gasoline prices.

Then, to top it all off, we have people, as well as companies or corporations, who manipulate the markets, which causes gasoline and oil prices to rise and fall based on their tactics of manipulating the oil and gasoline markets. As it stands nothing, and I mean, there is absolutely nothing legally that happens to these people who manipulates the markets, whereby leaving American citizens, to struggle with paying high gasoline prices, while they rack in millions, or Trump Lotto billions of dollars.

I'm at the point in my life, where I can park my cars and find other modes of transportation.Here are some things we can do to curb our dependency on gasoline, I believe that if WE stopped buying gasoline, or reduced our dependency on it, the prices will fall. As long as we believe we have to have it, all of the parties responsible for delivering it to us for usage, will continue to raise their prices.

Once the demand for gasoline falls, the price will fall. If we continue to consume gasoline at the rate we are consuming it, that will only give the parties at be, more reasons and the incentive to inflate their prices, and give us ridiculous reasons why they raised their gasoline prices.

Here are some suggestions WE all can do to not only keep more of our money in our pockets, but reduce the demand for gasoline in our country.

* Take other modes of travels, IE: Mass Transit, Motorcycles, hybrids

* Car Pool

* Take shortest routes to where you have to travel

* Limit your travel

* Verify that your gas cap on your auto is tight, gasoline will seep out if the cap is not tight

* Check your tires on your auto, verify they are at the correct tire pressure

* Verify that your automobile is properly tuned, and your engine is balanced

* Know how many miles per gallons(mpg) your auto gets in the city and on the highway

* If you can, limit your travel, and pay very close attention to areas in your locale that has or advertises the cheapest or lowest gasoline prices.

Last but not least, curb your dependence on gasoline or even boycott the gasoline establishments, eventually prices will fall, when the demand starts to fall for it as well.

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JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


Just a little more information to think about.



Domestic drilling advocates WARN of increased global demand for oil, dwindling supply


Obama you tube propaganda video.2008 NOW OBAMA IS THE CHIEF!

CorpGiant profile image

CorpGiant 4 years ago from Dallas Texas Author

Hello Jon Ewall,

I believe supplies are dwindling, yet I believe our country is storing oil up like we would never believe, and refining oil into gasoline at some point in this country must be viewed as one of the things in the process, where alternatives must be utilized to curb dependency on domestic and foreign oil.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


''where alternatives must be utilized to curb dependency on domestic and foreign oil ''

Alternates will never replace oil. The reason being is that the alternates cost more and are an unproven commodity. Solar panels supposedly have a 25 year use, only work a portion of the day and are inefficient as to pay back time. The President's FOLLY is destroying the country in these troubled times.

Obama feeling the heat from oil producers


CorpGiant profile image

CorpGiant 4 years ago from Dallas Texas Author

Hello Jon,

The problem with Oil and gasoline, whether it's domestic or foreign based, has been problematic for years now. It's not just an Obama issue, ALL political parties alike are responsible for giving the US based and foreign Oil giants too much latitude. Whereby the citizens here in the US are paying the price for antics being played by politicians making promises that they cant keep, whether it be to the domestic Oil companies or the foreign oil giants in countries abroad.

We have technology in place that would allow us to move away from our dependence on oil and gasoline, our country just will not make the changes that are needed for us to break this vicious cycle, where we are being used and abused by these petroleum companies, politicians and foreign oil moguls.

This is the TRUTH WE as people here in the United States, are either going to continue to allow ourselves to manipulated, used and abused monetarily by these entities, or we are going to take a stand and say enough is enough, and curb our dependency on gasoline, along with domestic and foreign oil. CG

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


We the people are not the problem except for electing some idiots to serve our country in Washington.

A President once said '' Congress is not the solution, Congress is the problem''. HOW TRUE!

Corpgiant 4 years ago

Hello Jon,

I agree WE are not the problem. WE are allowing ourselves to be manipulated, because EVERYTHING we do, or use is dependent on oil and gasoline. I'm tired of going to the pump and seeing these ridiculous gas prices.

It's so asinine to continue to be abused at the pumps, and abused by domestic petroleum companies, along with foreign oil giants and politicians alike.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


Hey, I screwed up the quote! Congress should have been stated as GOVERNENT. CONGRESS is only 2/3's of the government, left out the President. Sorry for the mistake.

CorpGiant 4 years ago

Hello Jon,

I understand, no problem.

They are more or less groups, Government, Congress, Senate, and then the Presidential Cabinet.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


''EVERYTHING we do, or use is dependent on oil and gasoline.'' OIL IS THE LFE LINE IN THE WORLD.For some members in our government to deny the use of the nation's natural resorces is unforgiving in these troubled times. The jobs lost are in the multi millions. In 2008 the President promissed jobs if he was elected. Since Jan. 2009, Obama's administration has lost 2 million jobs on his watch.

Check this out.

Barak Obama Campaign Promises During the 2008 presidential election campaign

this past week,4/13/12

Obama order coordinates federal oversight of 'fracking,' gas development


Obama chief strategist David Axelrod

Live and uncut, scare tactics?

President Obama’s tax returns rate was . 20.5 % , a lot less than his secretary

Note that Wallace questioned if the president will be sending a check to the treasury.

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