How Should The Occupy Wall Street Movement Proceed And To What End?

How Should The Occupy Wall Street Movement Proceed and to What End?

I, like many Americans, have been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) evolve over the last few months with great interest. They began as a seemingly ragtag group of demonstrators but have grown into a very influential movement. OWS has demonstrably raised awareness regarding the growing wealth disparities and corporate malfeasance within the United States and the world. Their commitment to this cause in the face of inclement Winter weather, a paucity of amenities, and the growing police crackdowns around the country has been nothing short of inspirational. I myself have wished that I could support them in person on Wall Street. After all, I worked there for 27 years before falling victim to the financial chicanery which took place in those institutions. Now I work difficult hours within the retail field in New Jersey far from Wall Street. My current work schedule is long and tiring making my attendance at the demonstrations in downtown Manhattan problematic at best. I have wanted to support them in some way and have struggled with how to accomplish that.

Several months ago I wrote a Hub outlining the causes and possible remedies regarding the financial meltdown of 2008. Now I would like to outline the goals and issues that I feel the OWS movement should emphasize to further their cause and to maintain their relevance. The goals and issues I will outline are ones I have heard and read the demonstrators elucidate from time to time along with others I consider vital to our nation. The first three that I will define are ones that I feel are at the core of the movement's ideals. They are the three main foundation issues that should drive the movement to achieve their goals. These issues are the increasing wealth disparity between the rich and poor, the flood of corporate money into our elections and governments, and the increasing size and lack of regulation of our financial institutions.

Finally, I will discuss three less central but still very important issues that I feel that OWS should incorporate into their movement. These are affordable universal healthcare, alternative renewable energy, and the increasing threat to our industrial and financial regulatory framework. These three issues come under my umbrella of improving the American quality of life. Hopefully I will have enunciated a clear program of goals and issues that most citizens can rally behind by the end of this article.

The most common chant heard at OWS gatherings is that the upper 1% of Americans in wealth are controlling and harming the lives of the other 99%. One way they do this is by influencing governmental policies and legislation that allows these disparities to grow. These wealthy individuals along with Corporate America wield this influence through intense lobbying and massive election campaign contributions. The OWS movement is right on target with this issue.

The main area where the 1% have engineered this increased wealth disparity is by influencing tax policy on Capitol Hill. The income tax rates on the wealthy have been falling steadily since the Reagan administration. They dropped from 70% in 1980 to 50% by 1982. They dropped again to 38.5% in 1987 and then to 28% in 1988. The theory behind the last two cuts was that the elimination of most tax loopholes would make up for the lost revenue of the rate cuts. That never fully materialized and the loopholes for the wealthy and corporations soon reappeared. Eventually these rates rose to 31% in 1991 and 39.6% in 1993 to close the massive budget deficit. This was a much fairer rate than those instituted during President Reagan's terms. The budget was balanced ten years after these rate increases were installed.

This occurred not only because of the rate increases but also because the economy became very robust during this period generating much greater tax revenue. This disproved the conservative theory that higher tax rates always hurt the economy. These rates remained in effect until 2003 when the Bush tax cuts were fully implemented. Capital gains and estate tax rates were also slashed dramatically leading to a reverse Robin Hood effect. This was the most massive wealth shift from the poor and middle classes to the wealthy in United States history.

In the meantime, the Social Security income threshold has remained at $106,800 for more than two decades. This far exceeds the inflationary growth of this period further enriching the upper classes who pay much less proportionately into this fund. These trends need to be reversed back to at least the Clinton era rates. The Social Security income threshold must be increased by a large amount to ensure that this essential program remains solvent for our retiring baby boom generation. Elderly retirees have given vast amounts of their income into this fund over the course of their many years of employment. We must preserve this program by increasing revenue not cutting benefits.

The largest threat to our political system and American way of life resides in the exploding influence of unlimited and anonymous election campaign funding. The United States Supreme Court ruled that corporations, unions, and all other organizations have the same "freedom of speech" rights as all individual United States citizens when they issued their Citizens United decision. The influence of money on our electoral process had already proven to be enormous even before Citizens United. That ruling turned more than thirty years of campaign finance law on its ear. Now any organization can receive and utilize unlimited amounts of contributions for campaigning for or against any candidate. The only limitation is that these organizations cannot coordinate in any way with any of the candidate organizations.

The campaign spending during the 2010 elections, the first after the Citizens United decision, shattered all previous records. Corporations and wealthy Americans poured huge amounts of money into Republican campaigns all over the country. Many of the Democratic candidates were outspent 2-1. The industrialist Koch Brothers had been at the head of their own conservative group long before the Citizens United decision. They funded the Citizens United organization with the aim of tearing down the existing campaign finance restrictions so they could extend their political influence even further. It worked brilliantly. They now fund many right wing organizations including many Tea Party groups. Their funding was essential in creating that movement.

They also fund a conservative policy writing organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Newly elected Republican legislatures all around the country have been passing new legislation written by ALEC. These new laws have included lower corporate taxes, lowering or eliminating regulations, curtailing municipal union rights, and placing restrictions on voting groups that lean heavily Democratic. It is obvious from all of these conservative corporate machinations that action needs to be taken to restrict this unlimited and mostly anonymous campaign financing. They are corrupting our democratic electoral system as well as our governments.

The only way I can see us effectively accomplishing this goal in our current judicial environment is to actively push for a very strong campaign finance Constitutional amendment. The Supreme Court in the Citizens United decision declared that corporations, unions, and other organizations have the same rights such as freedom of speech as individuals. This is the personhood issue. A new Constitutional amendment should state from the outset that this premise is false. They should continue from this point and state that all campaign financing should be regulated and fully disclosed from the outset. Political donors are revealed the year after an election under our current system. This is too late for voters to make an assessment regarding the influence these donors have and whether it is positive or negative. A public financing mechanism should also be included along with strict limitations on campaign contributions. This goes for both individuals and for all organizations. All contributions would be fully disclosed with easy and quick access provided to the public with this information.

No positive changes will be possible for the governance of this country without the elimination of these unlimited campaign funds. The upper 1% in the United States now dictate policies because of these contributions. True change for the other 99% will not occur without an amendment cancelling out the Citizens United personhood ruling. This will bring sanity back to our elections and subsequently our governments.

The third major issue that I feel the OWS movement should adopt is the strengthening of the regulation of our financial markets while also downsizing our "too big to fail" financial institutions. The sheer size and interconnectedness of these institutions constantly threaten our economic security. The 2008 financial meltdown is the prime example of this condition.

Financial institutions were given virtual carte blanche in the late 1990's to take any risks they wished while also growing to monstrous sizes. This occurred by way of repealing the section of the Glass-Steagall Act that separated investment banks from commercial banks. Banks were now allowed to invest both their clients' money as well as their own in the stock market and other markets. Soon they were investing heavily with declining degrees of risk management as their profits grew steadily.

Financial institutions also created new and much more complex security instruments such as derivatives to create even greater profits. Over a trillion dollars were invested in these instruments with very little knowledge of what their makeup was and what risks were attached to them. In actuality, they were little more than bets on how certain market segments would move. They were operating as if they were in a casino. The mortgage securities derivatives were cashed in when the housing market crashed to the detriment of these financial institutions.

The only thing our federal government could responsibly do was to bail them out to prevent a catastrophic collapse of our entire economic system. This would most certainly have led to another "Great Depression". We have effectively become the backstop and the insurance policy for these financial institutions. It is about time we held them responsible for proper risk management.

We need a renewed separation of commercial and investment banking, the elimination of predatory banking practices, and a return to smaller more manageable institutions. The Dodd-Frank Reform Act of 2010 was a good first step to implementing common sense reform to our financial system. Unfortunately it was greatly watered down to secure wavering Senate votes. The banking industry lobbied hard for this moderation and is still working behind the scenes to water down or eliminate this legislation. It is reprehensible that they accepted huge bailouts to survive and now want to continue on as they had before the financial meltdown.The OWS movement should continue to place a spotlight on this abomination and advocate for much stronger regulations and smaller institutions.

There are three other issues that I feel the Occupy Wall Street movement should incorporate as their causes even though they are not at the core of the movement. The first is universal healthcare. Our current healthcare system is incredibly unfair and inefficient. Employment is required for most Americans to obtain affordable healthcare insurance. This is very inhumane and as a nation we should be weaned off this system as quickly as possible. The new Affordable Healthcare legislation passed in early 2010 is an important first step though it does not go far enough. OWS should work feverishly to advocate for universal healthcare while also working to strengthen this new legislation. They should also argue for the weakening of the healthcare insurance companies that make huge profits while limiting healthcare options and declining claims. OWS should also demonstrate for the creation of an entirely new results oriented system instead of the current dysfunctional fees for tests and procedures process. This would place a strong curb on the skyrocketing costs of healthcare by curtailing the plethora of unnecessary tests and procedures which are only ordered to generate revenue for the healthcare provider. Healthcare is one of the largest industries in our economy today and is growing rapidly due to the aging of the baby boom generation. Controlling its costs and covering everyone is essential to the revival and sustainability of our nation's economic health.

The second ancillary issue for the OWS movement to adopt is the need for America to convert from our current fossil fuel energy industry into one run on alternative renewable energy sources. The supply of fossil fuels in the world is depleting rapidly. This is occurring just as China, India, Brazil, and other developing countries are rapidly growing their economies. This is similarly expanding their energy needs. The results will be oil and gas prices rising prohibitively threatening the strength of our economy. These fossil fuels are also destroying our environment and promulgating global warming . Both our economic and physical survival are at stake. I feel the OWS movement should strongly urge our government to fund research into all promising alternative renewable energy options.They should also encourage all of our governments to institute cleaner industry and automobile emissions standards.

Finally, the OWS movement should fight the growing trend of industry deregulation at every turn. Corporate leaders have been pushing heavily for deregulation over several decades. They are now able to use unlimited money to accomplish this goal by funding independent Political Action Committees (PAC) to help elect candidates that will be friendly to their deregulation desires. This is due to the aformentioned Citizens United decision. This is in addition to the massive amounts of lobbying money they already use to influence legislators. A large amount of candidates were elected this way in 2010 by way of independent corporate money. One of the major goals of the Koch Brothers, the leading corporate organizer and donor, is the elimination of as many industry regulations as possible. They feel that they know how best to run their industries and in turn what is best for America. Corporate America has already wreaked tremendous damage upon our country through environmental degradation, product defects, and numerous financial shenanigans. Loosening or eliminating the regulations that already exist would be madness. Strengthening them is imperative to the environmental and economic health of the United States.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has already made a strong impact on the political psyche of the American people. Where will they go from here? They are strengthening their online capabilities to connect with supporters and the public. Will they also combine this with a more cohesive message? My opinion is that they will have to develop one for the movement to significantly advance further. They have successfully brought to the forefront the issue of the gross wealth disparity between the wealthy 1% of our country and the rest of us. They need to continue to hammer this point across while fleshing out the issue with solutions to rectify the problem.

Another critical issue that affects all aspects of our governance and economy is the explosion of campaign finance money in our elections due mostly to the Citizens United ruling. There is no way for OWS or any other group to change the vast inequity of the distribution of wealth in this country or curtail corporate corruption without regulating campaign finance. OWS must press for a very strong Constitutional amendment to limit this corporate financial influence.

The third major issue is highlighted by the "Occupy Wall Street" movement name. They need to continue to focus like a laser on the reckless and predatory activities within the financial industry. Wall Street's practices of bundling mortgages and writing derivatives fueled the housing boom greatly enriching their bottom lines. They also misrepresented many of these securities leaving their clients holding the bag when the housing market crashed. The OWS movement needs to continue to hammer away at this issue while advocating for much stronger regulations along with smaller financial institutions.

Finally, the OWS movement needs to support the three quality of life issues I stated as important but not core issues. Universal healthcare, alternative renewable energy, and the strengthening of industry regulation are necessary for all Americans. Our nation's physical and economic health hinge on our success in achieving victories within these sectors.

My belief is that if the Occupy Wall Street movement adopts and sticks to these issues and goals, they will significantly extend their influence within the American populace and electorate. The movement has the potential of changing both the content and the character of our political system. My hope is that they do not waste this opportunity by presenting a fractured and sometimes confused message. I believe they are organizing now to do exactly this and they will come out in a big way this Spring. Our country needs their message, enthusiasm, and dedication. I am rooting for them and I will try to support them more substantially in the future. We all need to do so. The United States is at a critical juncture. We can follow the right wing Republicans into a deeper era of corporate cronyism and anti-intellectualism or we can look to the future and follow OWS as they attempt to make this country a better place for we the 99%.

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maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

It is a campaign program in itself.

profile image

Sooner28 5 years ago

More regulations and universal health care are policies I can support!

peoplepower73 profile image

peoplepower73 5 years ago from Placentia California

I agree with everything you said. The problem is how do you combat the mega-funding from the right wing? I think it's our job to educate the populus so that we can vote these people out of office, but that is a process that will take time. Thanks for SHARING.

I would like to suggest that you use paragrpah headings for your writing, it would make it easier to read.

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you for your comments Maxoxam41. It is a campaign program in itself and hopefully one the entire 99% can and will get behind.

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you Sooner28. Our current system of healthcare is inhumane and casts off large swaths of society. Our regulatory systems need to be strengthened and not slashed as the Koch Brothers wish. They have done enough damage to our country.

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

We need to combat the massive amounts of funding from Corporate America by staying engaged together while creating networks to get the truth out. This is what OWS is doing. I hope they remain effective and committed. Thank you for your comments and advice, Peoplepower73.

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

Is the "Occupy" movement trying to "Occupy" or are they really trying to liberate America?

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

Obama was looking for ideas, your text is sharp and definitively applicable! He is surrounded by master degrees and it is the best he can do?

Borsia profile image

Borsia 5 years ago from Currently, Philippines

The US tax code is so huge that nobody, including the IRS, really understands it. It is more than 7 times the length of the Bible and makes far less sense. It was written for the most part by the very ones who profit from its complexity and endless loopholes. The answer is to completely scrap it and go to something simple like a straight federal sales tax set at 12% and requiring a 3/4 majority popular vote to raise it.

So long as it is enacted in the same fashion as state sales taxes, which don't tax basic necessities like food, there is no unfair disadvantage to the poor. It could even be written so that people living below the poverty level would get some amount of relief, although I don't favor any such additions to the complexity.

Anyone with a HS education should be able to read the entire code in 1 day and understand it. It should be limited to something like 50 pages, but could be done in 10.

Using a simple sales tax means that EVERYONE pays, including corporations and even illegals. It takes away the huge underground economy's tax shield as well.

The first step in creating real affordable health care is TORT reform, something that the left has fought against tooth and nail. Add to that cost controls on things like hospital issued drugs and basic supplies, an aspirin in a hospital often cost as much as $10 a simple bandage is just as much even though the hospital is paying less than $.05 for these.

Obamacare had some real value when first proposed but by the time it was passed it has almost as many loopholes as the tax code. It has resulted in a large number of job cuts and is pushing more companies off shore. It offers no real benefits to employees of small businesses and is pushing them toward either cutting hours or outsourcing.

We need to take all of the money out of politics and it isn't that hard to do. Set it up so that a single fund pays for all political adds, campaigns and debates and bar all outside funding. On a national level everyone who can qualify in all 50 states has to be included in all debates, regardless of party affiliations.

Today the average politician spends 70% of their “working” time raising money.

Being out of the country during the whole OPW thing and seeing it only through international and foreign news they came off more like bad Cheech & Chong skits than a real movement.

In street interviews few of them could form a sentence let alone a plan.

The real flaw I see in most of the arguments I hear is the blaming of one party over the other. They are all equally guilty.

MobyWho profile image

MobyWho 5 years ago from Burlington VT

HS... You continue to be a voice of reason. Would we be of any help to "the cause" by picking the separate issues, expanding and elaborating on them, one by one, and publishing messages on all our online venues, including FB and Twitter.

Thanks for breaking it down...

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

They are occupying Wall Street which hopefully will in turn liberate America. Thank you for your comments, Tea Party Crasher.

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

President Obama is in campaign mode and has not been able to do anything since 2010. The Tea Party House members block everything. I believe his first two years were pretty good. He will do much more if he wins and the Democrats regain Congress. Thank you for your comments and your compliment. I appreciate it, Maxoxam41.

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you for your comments, Borsia. A simplified tax code would be a great idea but the last time one was passed in 1986, the corporations lobbied and eventually got their loopholes back. The problem in the U.S. with campaign funding money is that the Supreme Court ruled that it is equal to free speech and cannot be restricted. Corporations will get whatever they want with these contributions. The Tea Party began as a ragtag group but they are becoming better organized and they just need a more cohesive message.

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you, MobyWho. I believe it is advantageous for us to write on all different sites on all the subjects I wrote about. The more we communicate our views on these subjects, the more the word will spread. We also need to contact our legislators and of course vote. The November election will be crucial for the future of our nation.

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Bravo, HS,

It always seems to be free market profits and socialized losses for these guys. The establishment, the plutocrats are not concerned with the protests until they cross the threshold of having political clout in Washington, then they will panic. The forces of reaction will not be reasoned with and will have to be eliminated in some shape or form in the future to preserve society intact. While there is plenty of blame to go around most of it belongs clearly in the lap of the GOP/right.

Hopefully with the present circus of clowns passing for GOP presidential candidates will do us all a favor an fall upon their own swords... Very poignant article, thanks Cred2

Deni Edwards profile image

Deni Edwards 5 years ago from california

HSchneider--well put, my friend. It is always a pleasure to read like-minded thoughts from someone who is able to lay it all out rationally and sensibly.

I'm with you!

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you Credence2. The Republicans and their corporate benefactors will fight these causes tooth and nail They have all the power and will never be willing to relinquish any little bit of it. The Koch Brothers epitomize this and they have been coordinating these efforts for a long time. They preach the free market but they manipulate that market in their favor. Therefore it is anything but free. The current crop of Republican candidates are pandering to the Far Right and I believe they are taking the whole party down. I want them to continue down this road so we have a clear choice this November.

profile image

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you very much for your kind comments, Deni. We need to all be with the OWS movement and their causes. It is the good and vital fight. Our country's future is at stake.

tammybarnette profile image

tammybarnette 4 years ago

HSchneider, very well done! Awareness is key, we just got to keep getting the messages out there. We have got to make sure we gather friends and neighbors to get out and vote!If the Conservatives win we are forever lost, we will be the slave class.We will never recover.

profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

You are absolutely correct, Tammy. The Republicans have become so Far Right that their election would be a catastrophe for this country. Luckily these candidates are making the case against them very obvious. We do need to get everyone out to vote but also to support the OWS efforts and goals. They are the issues we the 99% should support. Thank you for your wise comments, Tammy.

Karre profile image

Karre 4 years ago from Eskridge, Kansas

Insightful article. Thanks!

profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you very much, Karre.

MobyWho profile image

MobyWho 4 years ago from Burlington VT

Has the OWS movement kept moving? Do they have a standard-bearer and a defined path to progress? Have they established a network of spokespeople yet? Where can those of us who are involved in divergent projects right now lend support by 'spreading the word' as opposed to sending money?

I'm putting these questions to you (rather than trying to find the answers myself) because you are the Hubber most savvy on this subject. I've been following an Examiner, Robert Bowen, who seems to be sympatico.

We can't let the movement die at this point: Election 2012 is critical.

profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

The OWS movement seems to be stalled a bit in their public events and consolidation of message. Police forces in many cities have cracked down hard on their peaceful assemblies. They pride themselves on being leaderless and invite a host of prescriptions and issues. It seems that networking has become very strong among them throughout this country and the world. Go to for their official website. You can learn much more about them and what is going on via this site and how you can help with networking or anything else. Thank you, MobyWho, for your caring and committment.

dbachman profile image

dbachman 4 years ago from Cincinnati, Ohio

You are so correct. The OWS has begun to evolve into something that this country needs very badly. We need to keep our freedoms. I wish I could be as good as you with Hubs. I'm so new and have very little experience at this. To get good comments from someone like you has really lifted my spirit and confidence. Thank You So Much.

profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you for your kind comments, David. OWS has evolved well. They need to become more focused in time. As for your writing, remember practice makes perfect. Write what you are passionate about and you will improve as you go. You are off to a great start. Don't sweat it.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

"The largest threat to our political system and American way of life resides in the exploding influence of unlimited and anonymous election campaign funding." - I think lobbying in general has to go - it is legal bribery, plain and simple.

"Now any organization can receive and utilize unlimited amounts of contributions for campaigning for or against any candidate." - It amazes me that the Supreme Court allowed this to happen. That to me, means that the judges are also crooked and bought-out by interest groups.

"downsizing our "too big to fail" financial institutions" - Many people are talking about the too big to fail concept. I wrote about it today too. I actually wrote about this issue a few times. This slogan is a great neo-con invention in order to sucker the public out of bail-out money. It has become a threat: if You do not pay us, society will collapse. Thus, we have become hostages.

The only thing our federal government could responsibly do was to bail them out to prevent a catastrophic collapse of our entire economic system. This would most certainly have led to another "Great Depression". - Should have let them disintegrate. They will anyway because the debt system is not sustainable. The fiat money that is in circulation will be quite worthless very soon. The System is rotten from the roots. The Federal Reserve has to be leveled and those who orchestrated the crookeries, people such as Timothy Geithner have to be at least jailed if not fed to piranhas - his type of creatures.

"They are strengthening their online capabilities to connect with supporters and the public. " - We are connecting world-wide. As a member of Occupy Toronto, I am in touch with many other Occupy Movement locations. For example, last fall/winter I myself visited Occupy Tampa ( and made some connections there.

The social websites and instant messaging has made things a lot easier. "Together United We'll Never Be Defeated!"

On a last note, I must say that it is difficult to cover everyone's concerns thus, it may seem that the Occupy Movement is not united because we have not come out with a specific list of demands. First, we have to hear everyone's opinions and with that in mind, it takes a while to cover that angle. This Movement is a grass-root organization, not lobbied by interest groups so, its platform is the platform of the common man. There are many different issues: electoral reform, environmental rights, aboriginal rights, women's rights, etc. We cannot neglect people's concerns. Thus, everyone has to be included and this has been difficult - that is true.

We also do not want leaders because we can see what happens to leaders who oppose the system: Julian Assange comes to mind - now hiding in a Chilean Embassy ...

Interesting read. Thank You for the support and I would like to let You know that You do not have to come and dodge rubber bullets and tear gas canisters in the street with us. People are needed elsewhere to talk about these issues, raise awareness and inspire others. We need active people at home and in the streets!

"We are the 99%!"


P.S. Sharing this article!

profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

Thank you for your comments and the sharing of my article, Mr. Happy. I appreciate your update from the inside of OWS as to what is going on and developing. I do realize it takes time to develop ideas and strategies. Your interconnectedness is amazing and needed to get the word out. The National Media has grown bored and aloof. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading much more from you. The massive corporate money now flowing through our corrupt political system is threatening all of us. We must continue to fight it along with the complacency of most American citizens. They need to be educated to our dire political condition.

MobyWho profile image

MobyWho 4 years ago from Burlington VT

Just last night I was looking online for a Credit Union in Burlington, VT - I stumbled across a history of credit unions in the state. Sounds like Mr. Happy describes our situation...plug away, plug away at it. I hope we're not too late to save the middle class (now lower middle, soon to be poor class). Google "The Credit Union Movement in Vermont: a brief history". Persistence pays.


profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

You are right, MobyWho. The middle class is fading fast in this country and the corporate class in this country wants it to disappear completely. Don't they know that it is we who buy their products and services? Strip us of all of our wealth and the gravy train ends. This situation is with us now and shows no abatement. They are so shortsighted and greedy. Thanks for your comments.

Naper Design profile image

Naper Design 4 years ago from Atlanta

Mr Happy, I am curious. Would you curtail the lobbying power of all... ie? Unions, 527 groups, non-profits in all form?

If so, then I am in complete support. If there is an even reciprocity to keep all sides from buying votes then I am in complete agreement. The problem I find is that both sides are perfectly ok with their respected ideology spending whatever it chooses, but are completely against money being spent by those they appose.

The hypocrisy on the entire thing stinks

profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

I can only speak for myself, Naper Design. But I would cut off all campaign funding and lobbying of all groups. If not that, I would have it extremely regulated and disclosed. That would be for all groups.

MobyWho profile image

MobyWho 4 years ago from Burlington VT

I remember being on the "other" side and thinking it was union demands for higher wages that turned the economy upside down. I have no doubt they are responsible for demands beyond what the citizenry could afford. Inflation hits? Their wages were secure, while the rest of us ponied up the cash. Job security? What about the small business owner? Nobody backing him/her up.

Now that I think of it, this problem is cogent: but that's 'then' - lobbying will go underground; better to have the dirty work out in the open. Answer to the problem????????

profile image

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey Author

I have no problem with the lobbying being above board either, MobyWho. But it must be much more highly enforced and regulated. There has been too much of the "wink wink" between lobbyists and politicians. I want to see the direct connections between the lobbyists from all sides and the votes of politicians. Also the gifts.

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