How To Get a US Nonimmigrant Visa

What is a US Visa

A US visa is a document that gives permission to person of Nationalities that require it, to go to the border of the US. Once at the border the immigration officer will decide on how much time to grant the visitor to stay in the country. This means that a visa does not give permission for a person to enter the US it only takes you to the officer. The expiration date on the visa does not state how long the person can stay a person can stay in the country. For example if you are granted a visa that is valid for ten years does not permit and individual to stay in the country for ten years, it means that throughout that ten year period he will be able to travel to and from the border freely, not necessarily to and from the country freely.

US embassy Jamiaca point of interview

How to Apply for a US Visa

Applying for a non-immigrant visa can be both an easy and a difficult. It really depends on the type of visa that you are applying for and the individual's case. Some others may be more complicated but in the future and upon request I will create a blog addressing each class of non-immigrant visa. This blog Addresses B2, and B1/B2 which is business and pleasure.

The first step is to really get advice on who qualifies for US non-immigrant visas and weather or not you would fall into that small amount who qualifies. If you have heard from worthy sources that you do not qualify, then do not bother to apply. US visa applications can be very costly and taking a blind shot like that can be a waste of money.

If you heard from worthy sources that you actually have a chance then follow the steps below.

Step 1

Pay all necessary application fees. This varies by the country in which the application is being made. You usually will have to pay a mandatory application fee, and a different fee to make the appointment. People of some nationalities must pay reciprocasy fees. You can get more information on this on Be sure to keep all your US visa application receipts issued as you will need them as proof of payment.

Step 2

The next step will be to ensure that you have a passport that is valid for at least a year. You will need to make the appointment. And you will need to fill out a DS-160 form online.(This can be found at The form will ask for you to upload a photo. This photo will have to be one that was taken within the vicinity of the last 6 months. It will have to pass a test online to see fit is up to standard( I advise that you go to a photo studio, take the portrait and ask them to put it on a USB drive or Blank CD.You will also need one hard copy of the photo). After completing the form you will be given a confirmation page. Ensure that you print it with a competent printer as the bar code on it must be machine readable, and take it with you on the day of interview.

Step 3

If you have completed steps one and two you may now complete this step. You will need to gather supporting documents such as you ties to your country and others that will prove your case. This will be discussed further down in this blog. After gathering supporting documents you have successful completed the process which allows you to meet with the consular officer.

Annotation- Not all person will have to show up on the day of interview but persons who do not have to show up must have someone over the age of 18 years to represent them.( I would choose wisely). Persons who do not have to show up at the embassy are persons under the age of 12, and persons over the age of 75. Everyone else must be present at the time of interview.

Step 4

This is where you actually rest fully the day before interview and prepare to answer the questions of the consular officer. Whatever you do don't be nervous. Try to forget about it if you can, and enjoy yourself just to keep yourself for worrying. The day before your interview take note of the time you are supposed to arrive. Get you clothing ready and sort out your transportation needs. Remember that being prepared removes nervousness.

Step 5

Once you get to the embassy relax and follow the procedures that are given to you by the staff. Smile and greet the officer. Do not smile too much but be pleasant. Stand upright and be confident in your answers.

Video display of Day of interview

What the Visa Officer is Looking For

On arriving to the consular officer you will be asked to place you left hand on the scanner. Then your right hand, then your two thumbs.

The Consular officer will be one that has gone through rigorous training, and will be one that is an expert in their field. They also know a lot that you may think they font know and they also have access to a lot of information. Therefore it is advisable that you refrain from lying.

The Consular Officers are trained to assume that everyone who applies for a US visa has immigration intent. It will be up to you, the person applying to prove that you have too many ties or a very strong tie to your country, so you even if you would like, would not attempt to immigrate to the US using a non-immigrant visa. Some of these ties can be:

  • Land
  • House
  • Car
  • Stocks
  • Social Clubs or high position in church
  • A lot of money in bank
  • Long lasting or fruitful Employment

Please bear in mind that ties are not limited to those that are listed above.

The consular officer will also want to verify that you have sufficient funds to pay for your trip, and that the funds you possess can cover your length of stay and purpose of trip. This is a major deciding factor on whether you will be granted a US visa or not.

They also usually want to ask a trick question like "if you get a job offer in the US would you take it? you should answer these questions wisely as they help to determine whether you have immigration intent or not.

The Results

After all this only one of two things can happen. You can get granted a us visa, or you can get refused a us visa. If you get refused, well life continues, it is not the end of the world as some people take it, just try your best to forget about it. You are free to reapply, but if you choose you will need to get some advice from an expert for you might have done something wrong.

If you are granted the US visa, check to see that you information is laid out correctly and check the validity of your visa. Validity falls between 7 days and 10 years. Enjoy your Trip!

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Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

Good to know!

And congrats! This Hub won the Daily Drawing prize for Day 13 of the HubPages Share and Share a Like contest!

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago Author

Thank you !!!!

Mani dhiman 5 years ago

man you rock thanks for this .

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago Author

thank you for your comment. if you happen to have any questions feel free to ask.

nancymervin profile image

nancymervin 5 years ago

In case you intend to extend your stay or change the visa you can make use of the Form I-539 and apply 45 before the present status expires. With proof for the current status and a valid reason for the extension or change your application will be approved.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago Author

thank you for your annotation nancy it is well appreciated.

hazelickes profile image

hazelickes 5 years ago

A tourist will always require a return ticket.

Basal Thermometer 5 years ago

francis5k 4 years ago

very informative! good job!

Rhonda Nelson 4 years ago

Most of this information is good but these days they rarely ask for proof of funds or ties to your country. Based on the information you provide in your application form, you are questioned and you either are granted or denied a visa. People have been known to do all sorts of things to prove they have ties to their homeland and that they can finance the trip when in fact they can't. I know of someone who has a 5 year multiple and cannot afford to travel to date. That visa may have expired and she hasn't been able to use it.

Rheamai 4 years ago

Hi! I am a direct hire and on the process of paper arrangements with the help of my employer to get my visa. I saw the list of these "ties" that will prove of no intention of immigrating and I realized that I do not have any of those since I am still young and looking for work. Does it mean that I have no chance of a granted visa? Please reply asap..:( thanks and more power!

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author


It doesn't mean you have no chance of being granted a visa. Ties are just one factor the visa officer will use to determine you eligibility. For a visitor's visa the officer will attempt to verify that your intention is just for a visit, ie, not work, study, immigration etc.

Ties are not limited to that which I have listed in this article. There are many more things that they put into consideration. Family is also a very strong tie to one's homeland. Therefore I can t judge whether you have a chance or not until I know your specific case in detail.

If I understood you correctly you were using your current employer to help you with the paper arrangements. Let them give you a letter certifying the position you hold with them. Having a job in your homeland can prove that you have means for paying for your trip and they may consider it a tie as well.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author


The Department of State does often attempt to verify your ability to pay for your trip. Proof of funds help them to determine if everything adds up , ie your job, ability to pay, purpose of travel etc.

akua 4 years ago

i applied for a visitors visa and was a 2nd year student at a nursin trainin college in uncle is d one who invited me to US and he is the one sponsoring.he works in an investment bankin firm so he gave me an invitation letter,his bank statement,employment letter and i also took introductort letter from school.the interviewer told me i dnt thinkin of re applyin but dnt kn wat wnt wrong

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author


There are several factors that the consular officer considers when they interview you. The documents that you present to them does not guarantee approval. When the consular officer says that you are not qualified for a US visa, he/she means that in your current situation i.e. employment , living, etc. you cannot be approved for the type of visa that you are applying.

asking your uncle to file the form 1-134 affidavit of support may be useful if you ever decide to apply again. The affidavit of support is basically the best way for the sponsor to certify that he will bear all your expenses while you are in the country and that he will ensure that you don't become a liability to the Government.

The I-134, however is only 1 document and having it at the time of interview does not guarantee that your visa will be approved.

Desiree 4 years ago

Hello D-Richie93:

I have upcoming visa interview and kinda tense after I heard some negative feedback who have been denied.

My intention is for tourism only for me to see my dream place in US. I am married but I will travel alone just for a week. My husband does not want to travel but he permitted me to see my dream place.

I have a permanent job and earns P15k monthly and got a dollar account. Do you think this is enough to show the Consul Officer?

Aside from that, only a friend will be my tour guide but I will stay in a hotel and didn't make any reservation yet because I have to base it first with the result of my interview on this coming next week.

Do you think $6k is enough for my bank statement that I won't be a liability to the US within just for a week of vacation there for me to witness a yearly big event?

Is travel history very important? Do I still need a sponsorship letter from a friend although she or he is only a tour guide?

I find your site very informative and you are not selfish sharing ideas with your fellow race. Very much appreciated the kindness you have. May God bless your good heart.

Yours truly,


Desiree 4 years ago

Your site is very informative. You must be a good Samaritan for sharing all of these. Thanks that I got this site.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author


Thank you for visiting my hub and I sincerely appreciate the kind words that you have shared.

Based on the information you have given to me, from my experience I can say you have I high chance of being approved for the B2 visa. Please bear in mind that nothing does guarantee your approval, it is solely up to consular officer's discretion.

I can understand that you are nervous, I have not met anyone who has not had a drop of anxiety before being interviewed for a US visa. After all being granted or denied a US visa can impact the course your life take. Nervousness, however, will not in anyway help you at the time of interview. My suggestion is that make plans in case you don't get granted the visa. That might help the nervousness a bit.

You were asking if your income was enough for the officer to grant the visa. In regards to that, my judgement would be that it sounds feasible. But again it is up to the discretion of the consular officer.

Travel history is in some ways important. For example a person who has overstayed in another country before would have very small chance of being granted the US visa. A person who has traveled often and returned on time will have that as a good word to present to the consular officer.

In your case they will probably not care about a sponsorship letter. They will ask you places that you plan to go while you are in the US (be very careful answering this and keep your list moderate and realistic)

and who you plan to visit, and where the person you plan to visit lives.

Again thank you for visiting my hub feel free to ask any additional questions, and feel free to invite anyone you know with similar issues to post questions right here.

Desiree 4 years ago

Oh Sir, thanks a lot. You're such a great help. Seriously, you're a good Samaritan. Thank you very much again. Muah!

Desiree 4 years ago

Sir, I don't have person to visit because I don't have relatives in the place where I am going to visit. I just want to witness the Macy's parade. It is my dream to be a part of that parade and take picture as part of my one week vacation.

I'll just get a hotel in the heart of the city worth $100 a day but no reservation yet.

Yeah, I guess, still depends on the Consul Officer and with the help of a little luck.

Thank you very much and more power to your informative site.

Yours truly,


Shiela 4 years ago

Hi Mr. Richie,

What should I do kung next month na ang non-immigrant visa interview ko and then bigla naman dumating kahapon ang resulta nang annulment ko which is granted. What am gonna do kung nabago na ang apelyido ko at hindi na pareho sa mga filled up forms ko for US Embassy.

Where should i discuss this matter dahil baka mapahamak ako during my interview.

Thanks po, Mr. Richie.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author


You're welcome and the fact that you are staying at a hotel is acceptable to them. Good Luck!

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author


I am unable to understand because of the language. Can you attempt to write in full English?

Mayo 4 years ago

Hi D-Richie,

Good day!

I'm adopted daughter of an American citizen (also Filipino). I was adopted when i was 11yrs old. but my adopted parents haven't yet file my petition for US immigrant. I finished my study and got good job here in the Philippines. My adopted parents, usually visit me every 2years. Last Oct 19, I received letter from the Doctor that my mother is sick (2x per week dialysis due renal disease), with this, she can no longer visit us here in the Philippines and the Doctor advised me to visit her at United States since with limited life expectancy.

As of today, I'm currently waiting the invitation letter for us and console. Is there a chance that they will grant me visa? One of the requirement also is who will pay for my expenses during my stay there. As agreed, my brother (biological son) will sponsor my trip (all expenses), is it possible or is it OK? My brother has a good job (Manager), own house/car/real state,good savings. My brother is currently accomplishing affidavit of support.

Can you assess my situation if i have chance to visit my mother?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author

Hi Mayo,

I am sorry to hear your mother's condition. I'm pretty curious as to why you are not yet filed for after these years of being an immediate relative citizen, and the visa officer probably will be too.

Now to the meat of the matter. You mentioned that your brother is willing o bear all your expenses while you are in the US. I would recommend your brother filing the for I-134 affidavit of support. This form is free to file and you can find instructions on the Deparment of Homeland security's official website.

This is the more acceptable way of saying that he will bear all your expenses while you are in the US.

Before I make any assessments I will say as I mentioned in my blog that there is nothing that will guarantee that you will be approved for your visa. But I can say that you have better advantage over someone who just wants to go to shop.

Be sure to take any documents that will be necessary for interview.

profile image

lha0880 4 years ago

Hello D-Ritchie,

Thank you for providing this information. I would like to have my girlfriend from abroad visit me in the US on a tourist visa but she does not have a fat bank account, hold a job, or owns any property. Would it be wise for me to sponsor her on the basis that I am her boyfriend and I can financially support her while in the US or is that generally viewed as an indication that she will try to overstay her visa requirement if allowed to enter the country?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago Author

It is easy for the visa officer to think that you will want to get married whilst you are there in the US. I have seen many situations where they asked unmarried couples to apply for a k1 visa instead. My advice is to, boyfriend, but just as a friend.

Please note nothing guarantees a visa. So you could get approved or denied whether you go with my plan or your plan.

profile image

Naimakhan 3 years ago

Hello D- Richie,

I have a british passport and am going to america from the uk for 3 months for hoilday what visa do I have to apply for? And what pappers do I have to take with me to give the visa officer?

Plus I will be staying with my mmate in america. Plus I am staying in a hotel so do I have to put my hotel address on the forms?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 3 years ago Author

You need not to apply for a visa to travel to the USA. You are eligible to travel under what is called the visa waiver program.

profile image

Naimakhan 3 years ago

So I don't need to apply for a visa? So all I need to do is to book my plane ticket to America?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 3 years ago Author

Yes as long as you hold a uk passport

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 3 years ago Author

Yes as long as you hold a uk passport

profile image

Naimakhan 3 years ago

I will be staying in america for 3 months and some say I have to apply for a ESTA. I just wanna be double sure before I go

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 3 years ago Author

yes you must apply for the ESTA but no visa required

Taj 3 years ago

Hi.we came to Canada as permanent a student studying management last two spouse since we land he was not able to work bz of my studies and other responsibilities at home like taking care of kids.we apply for US visit visa and our interview is after 1 just curious,what r d chances?we have three kids and we r planing to take only my daughter with us,rest of kids we will keep them here with my sister.our bank balance is also good:)pls share if u have any experience.

bindoy 3 years ago

Hi Mr. Richie,

I am currently residing here in Abu Dhabi UAE for almost 7 years now with my wife and kid. Last March 28 2013 I've got an interview in US embassy here and I did not get the visa under 214b.

I am planning to re-apply on September with my wife and my kid. The purpose of our travel is for tourism purposes and to bring our son in Disneyland California, we want him to have a good and memorable childhood experience there plus we want to celebrate his 4th birthday and make it memorable.

The question is...applying for US non-immigrant visa as family has a lot more chance than applying alone, considering all the evidence of ties?

Thank you for the time and reply.

profile image

michelle azua 2 years ago

Hi. First of all, I found your articles by searching some different thing. So I guess it was destiny. If you could give me any type of advice I would thank you endlessly.

I'm a 24yo mexican. I'm gathering my papers to apply for a non-immigrant visa. I just got out of college and alsp I'm waiting for the results of my exam to get my diploma. So I feel like I'm at limbo (not at school not at work). Point is I met my 6 months boyfriend through Facebook. I want to go to VA to meet him, He's a Damage Control man of the U.S. Navy and He goes underway evry week or almost. So that's why I'm the one traveling.

We don't have any wedding plans. I won't say anything about him on my interview of course, because I read what you said about young single females looking for husband.

My mom has a visa and my uncle is a US citizen and she has traveled to Minnesota to visit him. (People say that might be a good thing on my favor)

I have money on the bank not much but enough. My parents both have very sufficient jobs. I am/ was thinking about starting studying a degree here in Mexico. That's why I'm not working 100 %.

Do you think I have a little chance to get my visa? I love my boyfriend and it's killing me not to be with him. Your love story with your wife really push me to go ahead with my long distance relationship. It's like knowing that it happens more often than we think and that many couples had made it through it.

Thank you.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

@bindoy somehow I missed your question as well I for some reason was not notified. Its pretty tough to say what your chances are as I have no clue why the consular denied you the last time. But this is how it works there are usually a set number of reasons or a reason a person might be refused a US visa. If that reason is still there the next time you are applying the consular officer generally will not hesitate to deny you again. As for your family members they each have different situations and whether they get granted or not depends purely on that. Your child's fate will likely depend on that of the parents.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

@taj I wish I had seen your question earlier but I guess its way too late now. I usually never miss comments. Based on the little information that you provided though depending on how long you have been living in canada your chances should better than many others. Nothing will guarantee you approval so I can only speculate. It all depends on how you play your cards

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

@michelle azua thank you for reading my work I definitely appreciate that. Whether or not you qualify for a US visa will be up to the consular have sufficient ties to Mexico. If I were to tell you about your chances it would be my opinion which could be different from whoever interviews you that day. To paint a good picture even the opinions of consular officers differ from time to time.

What I can tell you is that you will not want to let them know about your boyfriend, and in the case where you want to live with him in the US (although you did not mention it is your intent) you might want to apply for a non-immigrant visa but a dual intent visa, which in your case would be the k1 fiancé visa. With that visa you would be given a certain amount of time to get married(it must be genuine) and puts you on the path to apply for permanent residency. Otherwise your boyfriend should have no role in this.

whichever path you decide to take Good Luck!

profile image

michelle azua 2 years ago

Good morning:) thank you so much for answering. Well I do want to move in with him but not until he meets my parents and we are actually engaged. (Customs matters) if it was on him we would marry the day I get there.

I will get more info about the k1 fiancé visa. Thank you so much again.

ria 2 years ago

Good morning!i applied for Tourist Visa,and my Boyfriend from the US who will be my sponsor,he brought all the complete document that needed for being my sponsor and he is with me at the embassy,but the consular said that its not necessarily to be my sponsor and she didn't look the documents and she said that she didn't need that?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

@ria are you saying you got denied because your boyfriend brought the documents claiming to be your sponsor?

ayat 2 years ago

Hi,my tourist visa application was denied for telling the truth that my fiancé is in US. But my real ntention is just to tour around with him,take some photos for prenup, meet his family and then we will come back here together becoz our wedding is set on Dec 12. I have all the documents that supports my strong ties here in Phils like i have job for 16 yrs in resputable media company, i have bank accounts, stocks and i just acquire new house and lot on my own. I also have NO other relatives in US except my fiancé . I also have with me some documents for my wedding this december like deposits and contracts. But none of these were asked from me they just focused on my fiancé status in US, if i have recent travel which i had last 2009 and 2010 only. I was also asked why didn't i filed for K-1 VISA (which i think should be better if i really intend to stay in US), i told consul i cant leave the country coz of my job and that im still taking care of my mother. And then for that i got denied. I really got frustrated becoz i was told that i cant establish strong ties when none of my assets were asked. What i felt now is from the start or from pre screen, im already judged and denied just because of having fiancé in US. They are never really entertaining us well coz they already think im potential immigrant. But im planning to apply again soon so that all certifications i get will still be valid. Do u thimk i still have a chance? Can u advise me on what to do. Ill appreciate ur help in advance. Thank u

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

@ayat I'm sorry to hear that you have been denied. I am also sorry to say that if I was in the consular officer's shoe I would have done the same thing. You are of high potential of immigrating and it is unlikely for any consular officer to grant you a non-immigrant visa in your current situation. Note that it is not impossible but in my opinion very unlikely. My advice would be to apply for the k1 fiancé visa. There is a tedious immigration process that exists afterwards but it's a decision you must make. But the long and short of it is that it will be tough to prove your intent.

ayat 2 years ago

thanks for replying d-richie.

So it looks like that situation like mine has a little chance of getting tourist visa. How about after we get married, do i still have a chance? Because i really don't plan to live in US. My fiancé and I decided to settled down here in the Phils. and he might just go back & forth in US. And i don't want to leave my job here because it is stable and well compensated. How can i prove that to them? :( Thank you again.

pele 2 years ago

I'm 24 Nigerian, I'm gattering my pappers to apply for a non immigrant visa, am a 300 level student and equally managing my late dad Petroleum company, I just need to attend a wedding in the U.S and I will be sponsoring my trip because I have enough to do that with a prove of bank statement and my dad petroleum company documents as a tie and some land documents. Do u think I stand a chance of getting a visa since I now manage the properties......??? Secondly do I still need a sponsoring relative document form 1-134 since am the person sponsoring trip? Remain blessed as I wait for your feedback

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

Applying for a us visa regardless of your situation your chances are 50/50 always. Your situation sounds good but be mindful that nothing will guarantee your approval. I doubt it would be necessary to file form I-134 for a tourist visa

Jay 2 years ago

My girlfriend is from nicaragua and im a born us citizen and applied for a b1/b2 visa and she has all the necessary docs to prove that shis coming back ( work letterhead with wages, university docs, and bank statements) but at the interview she told them that she was coming to meet here boyfriends parents and the officer asked info on me and she told him that i was a us citizen and we have been together for 5 years and he denied her and told her that she applied for the wrong visa. He didn't even look at her docs. We have no intentions in getting married for the time being. She has no intentions in staying on the usa as she is working on a two year degree in nicaragua and has a very good and stable job in which she enjoys working for. What can she do to reapply for a b2 without any k visa being used? What should she be prepares to say? Do you think she will ne denied if she now states that were are only friends? Your help is appreciated.

Jay 2 years ago

Also can i sponsor her and or fill out form i-134????

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

As usual to all my readers thank you for stopping by and I appreciate it. @Jay I am sorry to hear you girlfriend has been denied. I have heard many similar stories and the answer typically remains the same. I would be a bad idea to reapply stating that you are now just friends. At this point to apply for a visitors visa just for visit she would have a difficult time proving her intentions to the consular officer because they now know that you are involved.

I do understand that she just wants to visit but her best bet now would be to apply for the K1 fiancé visa. At this time a B2 visitors visa in this situation does not look good. the i-134 in this case would not likely to be of much help as it regards applying for a visitors visa.

Jay 2 years ago

What if she puts a different address which is her good friend from childhood.... You think she will still be denied????

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

It would have been a good idea to do it at the first interview. At this point it's possible to get approved doing so now but it will probably be tough. If you do decide to go forward with it just tell her to try to leave you out of the picture as much as possible and maybe they will overlook it if you're lucky.

Carmen 2 years ago

Hi . So can I apply for a working visa not having an employer?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago Author

@carmen no you cannot

Baberose 2 years ago

Hi Richie,

How are you? I would love to get your feedback on a situation. My brother recently went for a visa and he was denied solely because he is currently on file. However, prior to applying for the visa I contacted the consulate who confirmed via their web address that even if you are on file you can still be granted a visitor visa. However, if you over stay there are consequences of permanently losing your IV visa. The only reason my brother applied for the visa is because our mom is getting married for the first time and he is the only one of her children that is not currently in the US to participate. Since her father is unable to walk her down the isle we were hoping he would. That said, the visa officer denied him because he said that he is already on file and as a result his hands are tied in granting the visa. The confusion is per their own policies that should not have been a reason to deny the visa. We tried sending emails but their only response was reapply again. We would really love to have my brother participate in the wedding, but the question is whether or not it is worth the effort to reapply again. Can you please advise? Thanks in advance for your response.

On a side note he had all the required documentation, including a notoraized invitation letter which indicated his on file status that they did not read, enough funds in the bank, a job letter, my mom's wedding certificate etc. So we are at lost on this one.

stephen 2 years ago

I and my husband recently applied for a non immigrant visa to go and give birth in usa and we were denied . My husband has a very good job with a vry high income. he has been working for 10yrs while I am self employed but with low income ( I recently left my job due to some reasons). we had correspondence from the hospital in usa and have even paid part of the hospt bill. we also went to the embassy with land documents, stocks, cars receipt ,statement of accounts with huge amount (we've been planning and saving for the trip even before we got married) The vo did not ask to see the document and denied us after asking us three questions which are purpose of visit, what we do and where we'll be staying and that was it. please do you by chance have a clue to why we were denied? she also asked if we have correspondence from the hospital and she didn't ask to see it. will really love to know her reasons for denying us the visa. its seems as if her mind was already made up to deny us even before we showed up in front of her.

profile image

Baberose22 2 years ago


This is so sad because you are so right. Most of the time the visa's are granted based on the officer's mood, as opposed to the facts of the situation.

Gursewak singh 20 months ago

Thanx alot for providing infooo.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 20 months ago Author

You're welcome...I want to personally thank all you guys for reading my blog and commenting it means alot

Jen 19 months ago


Would to ask for help... i have been denied twice of tourist visa in us embassy in manila. My mother have stage 4 cancer and on going chemotherapy and she has been in and out of the hospital. I cant get the visa because i am still young at 28 single no children have pending immigrant petition. I already told them i have work, i am studing my masters degree seems still insufficient to prove my ties in the philippines but my parents have just enough properties and finances here in the philippines can i use this as proof my ties in the phil?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 19 months ago Author



I am sorry to hear that you have been denied twice. I can't make a judgement as to why you were denied just based on the little information that you have provided but my best guess would be that if you have a pending immigrant petition on file; I have heard where this will be used against you to demonstrate that you do have intent to break the rules if you are issued a no immigrant visa. This does not mean that having been filed for means it's impossible to get a nonimmigrant visa, but the officer can deem you as disqualified for that particular category of visa.

I'm sorry to hear that your situation and wish you better luck in the future.

john 18 months ago

my dream tourst viza usa

Sam 18 months ago

Hi, I was reading your blog and found it very informative. I have a question about the interview process. I'm a U.S. Citizen who is currently serving in a foreign military. my sister is getting married in the states and the army will grant me leave for roughly one week. I would like my girlfriend to come with my and she has her interview at the embassy coming up. What tips do you have for her? We know to bring proof of ties to her country. Would it be wise to bring some proof that I'm in the military, proof of the wedding, and airline tickets with a return date? She will also explain that she will be staying with me at my parents house until the time of the wedding before we fly back.

Much appreciated,


Violeta 18 months ago

Hi Ritchie! I've been reading your blog and feed backs from people and is why I feel your opinion will help me so much! I'm really worried and I don't know what to do, hope you can give me some advice.

The thing is my boyfriend is U.S. citizen, we have been together for two years and he has come here to Mexico for like 6 times, so is my turn now. I wasn't able to travel before cause I was at college and didn't have the chance, I'm worried cuz I'm done with college now, but I'm not fully done cuz I still need to take my exam to get my title/diploma, therefore I don't have a job even though I'm applying for some.

I was reading about sponsor letters and I don't think is a good idea for him to write one for me, on the other hand I wouldn't ask for someone to make one for me cuz I'd be going somewhere else and that'd be lying.

I'm scared at the embassy they'll know already bout us and I don't mention it or they try to trick me cuz I wouldn't know if they really know. The thing is that he has sent me money through WU and I wonder if they'll have that info or bond proof.

I'm not planning on staying cuz I need to finish my degree, and I wanna just go visit and meet his parents too.

I'm 21 and I had a visa when I was 8 years old but I never renewed it, currently only my mom has a visa.

Please help me, gimme your opinion or an advise.

Iam Guna 18 months ago

Hello sir/madam

I have B1,B2 visa and am currently in usa now. I want to forther study in usa. may i get F1 visa ?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 15 months ago Author

@Iam GunA

Sorry to All for taking so long to respond. \\

Yes you may apply. You will however need to obtain a document called an i-20 from the school that you wish to attend. once you do that If you wish to apply whilst being in the country you'll need to file the form i-539 Application to extend stay or change status.

Note that each school will have its respective requirements for issuing an i-20. Hope this helps and hope I wasn't too late

zeeshan Ahmad 14 months ago

please your visit visa for canada 03236064226

jo 9 months ago

hi Ritchie,

me and my partner are planning for my US tourist visa , my partner will support all my expensive, she is a permanent residence in US, and i don't have bank account, etc,. What is your advise for my situation? Is there a posibility to approved my visa if I applied? please give me advise , Thank you so much

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 months ago Author

yes there is the possibility but be mindful that they might deny you and request that you apply for a k1 visa instead. Its something I see happen often.A tourist visa is for those purposes only and upon explaining you situation the officer may think that your intentions are not to visit and return to your home country. With all that said yes its still possible and is at the sole discretion of the officer.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 months ago Author

Im sorry I'm not sure what you are asking. If you wish you can write in your original language and I should be able to translate it

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