How To Save The Republican Party

The last two Presidential Elections have presented us with a clear picture of what Americans want. At least what the loudest and most politically active Americans want. The Republican Party, which has been viewed as the only viable alternative to the liberal Democratic Party, has come upon a foe that they have been unable to defeat. This foe is the desire of people to have their needs fulfilled. While many people in the U.S., and the World for that matter, want the opportunity of upward mobility, they are willing to give that mobility away in exchange for a safety net preventing loss of their current situation.

The nature of Capitalism and a Free Market Society is that the opportunity for growth is met equally with the risk of loss. Anyone willing to work hard, take risks and think creatively can create wealth for themselves. The downside of that system, however, is that everyone cannot win. While some with be successful, others will fail, lose everything and have to start over with nothing. So what is the alternative to this system, a massive, controlling central governing body that regulates successes and failures? The only way to ensure that no one loses is also to make sure that no one wins. The ideology that seems to be growing with U.S. voters is “Everything should be fair,” not “Everyone should be free.”

This can be found in the speeches of President Obama and the stories leading the mainstream media websites and newspapers. The word “Fair” is used over and over, often to applause and cheers. The inconvenient truth is that a growing number of people want a “Nanny State.” They want the government to say, “Don’t worry, we will take care of you.”

I will admit, on paper, this “All for one” attitude looks wonderful, and, in small societies it works. Hunter-gathers, for example, often operate on a socialistic system. Everyone has a job, the results of which are shared by everyone. In a small, closed system, this works well and is self regulated. Freeloaders are not permitted and a job can be found for anyone, even if it is to sit by the fire, process food and tell stories to the children. However, as societies grow, the effectiveness of this system becomes less effective. When you add the “Civilized” desires for gadgets, property and other luxury items, the ability to give all to the group becomes impossible. People don’t want to give up “their” hut nearest to the water, so to uphold “fairness” a central body must be created to enforce equality. The problem is that at some point, people realize that no matter how hard they work, or how little, they will receive the same as everyone else. They know that they will be fed even if they do not hunt or cook or clean or teach the children. You will not see this in Hunter-gatherer groups because the entire group would quickly starve and cease to exist. In fact, maybe that is how they learned to limit the size of society, when they became too large for the social system to work; they naturally shrunk to a sustainable size.

The reason that The United States has reached its current size is because the system can support it. The problem is that people are trying to change that system. A brief look at other Socialistic societies provides that they all end in Dictatorship. The reason is that when people realize that they can get something for nothing, a majority will want it. This fact is known by many, but even the most conservative speakers will not say.

So, what is the answer? The direction cannot be changed quickly. And a majority of people will not change their mind. I was horrified during the last election to hear the amount of comments and postings on Facebook and other social media outlets, calling for action against the Republicans and their plan to “take away your food stamps.” Then, I was disgusted with the label of Racist that was placed on anyone who pointed out that fact. It’s not a race issue; it is an issue of personal pride and self-reliance.

The uncomfortable truth is that if food stamps could only buy rice, milk, eggs and bread, and Welfare could only be used to pay for necessities and could not be used for luxury items or cashed out, we would see many fewer people content with receiving those benefits. Then, only people who truly needed the assistance would get it, and they would get off the assistance as soon as they could so they could get those luxury items.

In the end, what the Republican Party is up against is a group of people who do not understand the true meaning and importance of Freedom. The current tactics seem to be to cling to traditional beliefs and try to obtain the support of constituents. This portion of society is losing strength in the controlling role of the country. However, as this group wanes another group is growing. Once thought of as Right Wing Extremists, the title “Libertarian” is beginning to bring a positive image of patriotic love for country and a renewed vigor for constitutional protection. They may be the last allies of the Republican Party and The United States of America as a free republic.

To win the battle of civil liberties, the Republican Party needs to dig through the dogmatic principles that have proven to be so divisive within its own ranks, not to mention on the national stage. Below these issues, the truth of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” still exists and is still dear to millions of American citizens and many who wish to be citizens.

In the past, what drove the huge waves of immigration was the freedom and opportunities that this country offered. The base has always been Freedom. It is the key ingredient that the Democratic Party, ironically does not offer.


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