How To Survive An Economic Collapse

Prepare For The Economic Meltdown

Get Ready For The Economic meltdown
Get Ready For The Economic meltdown

Economic Meltdown Preparation Steps

We are truly facing economic times that are unprecedented. This article is not focused on the tragedy of the crisis, but rather the goal is to give you ideas by which you can prepare for this soon coming crisis so that you will be able to weather this approaching economic storm. We are living in the greatest debt bubble in world history and the global banking system is a high risk pyramid scheme of debt, risk, and leverage that could collapse at any time.

Unfortunately Americans have been living way above their means for decades. The United States is being deindustrialized at a blinding pace and poverty in this country is exploding. Our government debt is 18 Trillion dollars and is growing by 1,000,000 dollars about every 70 seconds. this is the largest debt in the history of mankind. An expanding number of Americans are becoming convinced that we are heading for a horrific economic crisis. Once they come to that realization, they want to know what they should do to prepare for this crisis before it explodes.

Some basic preparation actions for the economic crisis that you should take are:

First, prepare an emergency fund. In case you loose your job, or if your company closes, it would be wise to have a savings fund available that would hold you until you got your next job.

Second, place your cash in several banks. If all of your money is in one single bank, it would be easy to wipe out. But if your money is scattered in a number of different places this will give you a bit more security.

Third, keep some cash At home. Keeping all of your cash at home is not wise, but if they banks close for a number of days, or if the ATM machines stop working, it will be smart for you to have cash on hand to buy things that you and your family needs. In order to store it at your home, you will need a concealed safe.

Fourth, get out of debt. During a financial crisis debt could be a dangerous financial trap that will not let you buy the needed necessities.

Fifth, reduce your expenses. The best way to make money is to save it. Try to reduce all of your excessive unneeded expenses, because during a financial meltdown, you will need all of the cash that you can get.

Six, it would be wise to store extra food. during a financial meltdown, truck delivery of food could be excessively delayed due to unexpected problems and your grocery store could be temporarily empty.

Seven, have extra water available.

Eight, try to start a side business which could supplement your funds. it would be best to start a part time low cost business. There are many varieties available, especially with the internet available. Some side businesses could be writing, cleaning, child watching, pet watching, teaching, etc. There are many possibilities if you research and use your imagination. This may be an opportunity for you.

Nine, move away from big cities if possible. Of course if your job is in a big city, this may not be initially possible.

Ten, have extra clothing on hand that you will need during a crisis.

Eleven, have your medicines and other medical supplies on hand, such as first aid, in case you need them in an emergency.

Twelve, have soap, shampoo, toothbrushes ready in case you temporarily have to move to other shelter or need to change your apartment.

Thirteen, have vitamins to supplement your diet to stay healthy.

Fourteen, have basic supplies ready that you would need during a crisis, an axe, a can opener, flashlights, battery powered radio, extra batteries, lighters or matches, fire extinguishers, sewing kits, tools,

Fifteen, if you have babies and pets, have their needed supplies handy.

Sixteen, try to have community and friends available.

Seventeen, if you have any surplus cash available, buy some silver or gold, because during a financial crisis, the value of these could skyrocket, and could be a wise investment.

Once again, your personal situation during a financial crisis is unique, so try to supplement of subtract this list according to your personal situation. Like any personal crisis it is better to be prepared rather than to regret a lack of preparation at the last minute.

God Bless and wishing you the best preparation!


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