How to Get Back at Phone Scam Artists / scammers


Ever Get That Call?

Do you ever get calls telling you, you have won an amazing trip all you have to do you pay a small amount of money for a trip worth much more? Or some other scam that causes you to lose a great deal of money? Want revenge at the phone con artists out there, or do you just want them to stop calling forever?

Waste Their Time Instead

Why not waste their time instead? They have wasted and irritated you, so why don't you give it a try?

Call their call centers and do exactly that ! Blab on and waste their time, for once they might remember to cross you off their calling lists and let you have a break from the scams. Who knows you might help stop a phone scam artist from ripping off some naive citizen .

The next time they call you try wasting their time and see what happens instead !

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