How to Pass the Civil Service Examination in the Philippines

If you know the point of balance, you can settle the details. If you can settle the details, you can stop running around. Your mind will become calm. If your mind becomes calm, you can think in front of a tiger, you will surely succeed. - Mencius

This Hub Contains Effective Tips and Pointers to Pass the Civil Service Examination (CSE) Prof and Subprof Levels

The Civil Service Examination that is given in the Philippines is indeed a tough nut to crack; the passing rate over the years had dipped drastically, no thanks to the high 80% mark, one should hurdle. The average numbers of examinees passing the exam is somewhere from 8% to 30%, and this makes the test formidable and prestigious. Why not? Passing the examination will give a potential government employee or current employee that hasn’t pass the examination yet the rights to get a permanent job in the government, and gain access to promising privileges like promotions and salary increases.

This acid test proves to be very difficult for most since it can be likened to an IQ test where accumulated knowledge from the field of Mathematics to the English Language may play a vital role in passing.

Being an English speaking country, the English language is given great importance in the test. Reading Comprehension, sentence structure, and vocabulary forms a good portion of the examination.

One of the greatest obstacles in passing the examination is the Mathematics part of the examination, since this offers a lot of solving employing various techniques in solving progressions, linear equations, ratio and proportions and many more.

Those who dont read good books have no advantage over those who cant.
Those who dont read good books have no advantage over those who cant.

Civil Service Examination Reviewers

Here are some important and practical ways, tips and pointers to maximize your chances of passing and overcoming the CSC exam.

  • Gather as many review materials as you can, the most current the better. Look for review materials that are teeming with typical test questions that are similar to the questions given in actual examination.
  • Review, review and review. Your future is at stake here, and it is wise to use your time very well. Review without let-up as much as possible. Moreover, the exam calls for storing knowledge, constant reading and math problem solving. This is a marathon game and only the well-prepared ones are bound to pass. Superior IQ will not guarantee you a passing score.
  • Don’t rely on prayers and luck. God only helps those who help themselves. Be realistic, you are up against a real examination and faith without hard work is useless. Additionally, passing the exam with pure guesswork is a disaster. You already flunked the exam even with out lifting your pencil if you take the examination without preparations (unless you are genius or exceedingly lucky)
  • There is no way you can pass the examination without hurdling Mathematics first. It is true that this subject is difficult and there is no doubt about that. But there is always a way to tame this subject and that is with patience and practice. Solve as many problems as possibly you can. Math has something to do with getting experience and maturity, the more you solve problems the better you will be. Don’t memorize solutions but be familiar with the principles and concepts. The only thing that is memorized in mathematics are the formulas. Be spontaneous with your solutions; make sure that your answers emanates from your mind. Many hate this subject very much, but if you are good on this, your chance of passing is already bolstered.
  • If you can afford to shellout some fee to get the help of an expert tutor, go ahead. This move will give you an outright edge since you will get good answers about some of your questions with your reviews. You may also want to enroll in a review center that offers CSE review, but be sure that the institution is established and boasts of good passing rate of test takers.
  • Ask previous test takers about what are being asked in the recent examination they took. Get ideas especially from the ones that passed this exam and possibly borrow review materials from them if they have any. This gives you the much-neede trend and possibly get the feel of the style of the test givers.
  • While you review make sure you are eating well and getting ample rest and sleep.If you are healthy you are capable of storing more knowledge that are vital in passing the test.
  • Before the examination, be sure you know your room assignment. Avoid being late since the examination contains many questions. Missing some time because of tardiness, might prevent you from not answering some of the questions or prevent you from from giving the best answers.
  • During the examination make sure you are calm. Avoid being nervous and intense, it is understandable to be pressured but this will not serve you well as time goes by. Hold your nerves will yah, and answer every question to the best of your abilities. To be efficient with your time, answer the easy ones first, you can afford to leave some questions unanswered, but be sure you’ll set at least 15 minutes before the time limit to answer all of the questions that are being asked.

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jeanilyn 23 months ago

Hi I would like to ask from someone who has a copy of a reviewer to the civil service exam in the Philippines. Can you send it to my email address. thank you.

lhen 23 months ago

i want to take the civil service exam please share me your reviewer send it to my

markallas 24 months ago

sir mgttake po ako ng cse dis may 3 2015 mlking tulong po ba ang pgattend sa mga review center?pde po ba mkhingi ng reviewer..ty po and god bless

hans 2 years ago

hello po. i will be taking this october examination. and i am wondering if it is best to tackle math first because it is where i reviewed. on your experience what is the best way of taking the examination?

ely 2 years ago

good day! sir/madam if you have available reviewer for civil service (professional) puwede po bang paki send sa email address ko w/c is big help po sakin anak na kukuha ng exam this coming october 26 , she need po ng different reviewer to pass the exam!!!thank you very much...

Waiting for response!

God bless

Loyd 2 years ago

hi guys, thanks for the advices, It truly helps when I read all of your posts. This coming August 2014 I will be taking Licensure Examination for Teachers. If you have LEt reviewers pwede po pashare. that will help a lot po. this is my email address po:

thanks lot and God Bless!

unknown 2 years ago

quota system yan..kaya kahit nakapasa ka talaga sa exam, babagsak result mo kapag di ka umabot sa quota..ganyan kadaya

MGB 2 years ago

hi! please share me also your csc prof.reviewer with this Email,thanks a lot and i do really appreciate.

Alabang 3 years ago

reviewers are useless :)

maxx 3 years ago

I took the exam last october 13 (sub-professional) and was lucky enough to pass and one of the top ten to boot. I've totally forgotten about it, ngayon ko lang nalaman when somebody told me they saw my name. This is one of the many blogs that I've read when I was madly searching the internet for tips. Talagang super cram because I just reviewed the day before the exam, I was so busy with my capstone napostpone nang napostpone ang review until the day before the exam. Kung di pa nakalagay sa alarm ko to prepare all the things I'll need the following day, I wouldn't have reviewed. Not proud of what I did but I'd like to share a few tips based on experience.

Practice practice practice, especially math and english. Maraming materials available online for free including online mock exams where makukuha mo agad result with the correct answers. Google it. That's what I actually did, sumagot ng mock exams for about 4 hours. For questions that you missed, make sure you understand the principle behind the answer. Igoogle mo na rin. There's one mock exam site where I got a lot of good hintsand I think some questions actually did come out sa actual exam. Meron din civil service mock exam android app, it sucks pero pwede na tyagain. I answered the questions habang nasa jeep papunta sa exam venue.

The concentration of the questions are math, english, and logic. Wala masyado sa Phil consti but do read still (pwede hulaan hehe). For the math part karamihan jan percent off, discounted price, original retail price, discount after a discount. Learn how to play with the formula, going forward and backward. For english, concentrate on grammar and correct spelling. Also learn how words are arranged alphabetically. Learn the rules like how would you arrange if letter is followed by a number, a blank space, or a name. How would you arrange if it's a name with middle initials, composed of initials or full middlename, stuff like that. For logic, normal logic stuff(mathematical sequence, if then statements, images). I forgot the online mock exam url where i got lots of hints pero it was really good. The math, english, and consti questions were really good. It's where I learned the rules for percentage and the alphabetical arrangement.

Marami din nag-ooffer ng reviewers and mock exams nila in ebook format so download read/answer them. Yun lang masheshare ko. I wasn't very comfortable during the exam knowing that I did not prepare. It's not good kasi half of your brain is doubting your answers and only half is thinking. Either it so happened na very fresh pa yung mga sinagutan kong mock exams sa utak ko that's why I passed or I was just so damn lucky.

GE 3 years ago

You need to have refresher questions here. 3 years ago

kindly answer our question about the difference between prof and sub prof csc exam? please please please pretty PLEASE reply...

hope 3 years ago

5 times na ako nagtatake ng CS Prof. Sana makapasa na ako Oct 13, 2013. :(

S@kaki 3 years ago

dont rely on prayers and lucK? i have a friend he took a csc exam last year and he passed the exam without a review and i ask him some tips and he told me just don't panic and enjoy it ^^, and he say the exam is almost same as job work exam ^^

irvinreginio 3 years ago

pakipass namn po email ko yunng


aadasom 3 years ago

pashare nman po ng reviewer pls pls pls...

salat po ng marami in advance!!!

macoy 3 years ago

i forgot, here's my e-ad

macoy 3 years ago

please send the latest reviewer for civil service exam, thank you in advance :) i know i can make it but i have to refresh my mind ;)

gracevands 3 years ago

I am a government employee ,and a permanent because i had already the CS Sub proof eligible but my problem is i cant be promoted because i have no CS Prof eligibility , many times i took the test but failed,,,,,,can you help me find the best reviewer that can help me pass the exam???pls pls.

Joo 3 years ago

I took the Civil Service Exam on May 2012 and I passed, luckily. hehe. But i just would like to share my experience. When I took the exam, I did not have any preparation. I mean when I passed my application, that's it. I waited for the examination day then took the exam. I did not have any review or anything. One thing I can say is, just believe that you can pass the exam. But I can't say that the exam was easy. It was pretty hard, especially the English part of it. I seriously believe that I was not able to get even 50% of the English part. But I'm pretty much confident with the Mathematics part. When I finished answering the test, I said to myself that I have a chance of passing. I was not a hundred percent sure but I can feel that I would make it, and I did. hehe

joo 3 years ago


maye 3 years ago

Hello, I'm planning to take the civil service exam this coming October 13, 2013. Does anyone here has a copy of a reviewer? Kindly send me a copy at Thank you in advance. God Bless..

angel 3 years ago

ala.... eh, kaibiganin kaya natin sina dictionary at theasaurus pra pumasa tayo sa csc isama pa natin ang kainuman nila na si mathematics.

meldz. 3 years ago

hello sir..

I will take exams this coming Coming april 14,2013..... i know that also of us we need to pass the the exams for our future... base sa mga comment ng iba paran ang sama. tama nga nman bakit nman di natin pagbigyan ung nakaka pasa sa exams na porke walan clang mga kapit sa gov. di nman ata maganda ang mga pataran ninyo. dapat nman sana proirity nila ang lahat di lang ung mga relatives, nieghborhood or frends. etc. 3 years ago

20 March 2013 / 03:46 am - Philippines

Napakagandang news na while 88% failed this 2012 Civil Service Exam, still a lot topped this CS Exam. Sana maka share ang mga taong pumasa (11.85%) kun ano dapat gawin or hindi gawin para naman mabigyang pag-asa ang gustong at seryosong pumasa sa CS Exam. Kun may chance pwde ba yong mga pumapasa ey matanong kun: (1) Pwede ba silang mabigyang pagkakataon kun ano mga preparation nila or ginawa nila para makapasa at makatulong din sa iba at kun ano gagawin o hindi gagawin para maka-pasa ang yong gustong pumasa? (2) At sana, gaano ba kahirap o kadali ang exam bakit 1 out of ten ay sya lang pumasa? at (3) Ano kaya ang pwede ma-i advise or suggest nila para matlongan yong maraming gusto pumapasa?

Higit sa lahat laking pasasalamat natin na ang column o b-l-o-g na ito ay nagbibigay galang at recognition sa mga pumapasa at sana ito ring column an ito mka pagbigay paraan para yong gusto ring pumapasa ay mabigyan ng tips para sila’y makakapasa… Salamat sa author ng section na ito. — jae

jaguar 3 years ago

pa share naman po ng reviewer nyo i take the exam this coming April 14 i don't have any rewiewer po, if anyone has paki send naman po sa email add ko a sana malaki ang maitulong ng ibibigay nyong reviewer...

Hubzkieh 3 years ago

Can u pls pass ur civil service reviewer in my account plss.. i also want to pass the exam...



lea 3 years ago

i want to take the civil service exam please share me your reviewer send it to my email at

unknown 3 years ago

every year produces thousands of graduates and thousands of passers throughout the country but unemployment and underemployment prevail. There are many graduates who are passers and qualified for career civil service in the government but are still jobless....However, almost/ some government employees are not eligible and just hired because of their backer...... it is unfair !!!!!!!!!


And in lieu to this, the state of the nations economy is struggling developing. Poverty and scarcity is becoming more rampant anywhere because of the system of government that we have now in the Philippines.

Crestopher Lien A. Alejaga 3 years ago

helllo po, i am a 4th year student, gagraduate na po this April 5, planno ko po kasi kumuha ng Civil Service. pwdi u po ba ako bgyan ng reviewer add qu.. hope u reply salamat na marami.

tere 41 4 years ago

Hi! i took Civil Service Exam last 1998 but i was not able to pass because i don't have reviewer that time. And I read only any kind of books English,Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and most especially abstract reasoning books. That I was brought to national bookstore. So, now i am planning again to take the examination for civil service but my problem is i don't have any reviewer... I just want also to pass the civil service because i want to work in government office and i just want also to apply my knowledge course in midwifery in government hospital. Please help me to pass also and please send to my email address:

DP 4 years ago


Bjbugarin 4 years ago

learn the kaplan system on examinations because that is one of the keys to passing civil service exam

Keane 4 years ago

Andun na po tayo sa mas madaling nakakapasok kung may backer, but why insist in your place if you can get work outside your province. You can have all the resources just to get the vacancies in any place you want. You can also inquire at you CSC Field Office for vacancies. Don't blame them if they are able to get work with ease, all you have to do is to be persistent in getting a job.

DAVE PRECILLAS 4 years ago

I took civil service examination on October 21, 2012 and fortunately I passed with a rating of 81.77%......... ang mahirap po dun ay ang enlish kasi mga 90 items consists of english.... ang math naman ay halos mga algebraic word problems....... saka ang general information naman ay di naman masyado mahirap, kasi stock knowledge lang ang lumabas, halu- halo eh may constitutions, history, ,,etc.,

ram 4 years ago

Goodluck sa lahat ng magtatake. Analyzation, Critical thingking, Common sense, at Prayers lang okay na. Yan nakapagpasa saken nung 1st time ko magtake last Oct 2011 kala ko diko siya maipapasa kase 18 palang ako that time :) Sobra swerte ku nun kasi Sunday exam tpos Finals ko entire week kaya di ako nakapagreview for CSC Professional pero God is Good.

JONNEL; 4 years ago


menardfrane 4 years ago

I will consume my time for preparation to international recognized examinations and certifications from international certifying bodies such as ISO, ASME, ASQ, TWI, AWS and etc instead of taking review for this test. This will not help me to have pay raise from my foreign employer.

Sean Dell 4 years ago

hi puede po bang makahingi ng reviewrs sa civil service..Balak ko pu kasing magtake nito..ito po email ko po mg malaki..makakaktulong po tlaga mga ibibigay nyong reviewers

miles 4 years ago


There shall be no limit in taking the Career Service Examination, however, taking the same level of examination, Professional or Subprofessional, either through Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT) or Computer-Assisted Test (CAT) shall be once in every three (3) months only.

in every 3 months daw eh, anu b yun? 3 months after the result?

or 3 months upon filing the form? or 3 month on examination date?

buti after the result after 3mos. din pwde nanamn magtake if di makapsa

di kasi clear eh para sa akin

sa mga nag take paki answer namn

jovanni 4 years ago

I was shocked by the time. I was not able to see almost fifty questions out of a hundred seventy. I was too critical and consumed lots of time in shading. I love math and i think 95% of my math answers are correct but perhaps I am not going to pass that civil service examination last oct. 21 4 years ago

baka pwiding humingi ng reviewer ng civil service h2 poh ang email add ko gusto ko pong makapasa pls. poh naway kaawaan ni God....

jenndangilan 4 years ago

thank you very much for the tips, I really appreciate it.

gay 4 years ago

hi i am currently working in a private company.the salary is quite good but no security. this coming october 21 i will try my luck again. hope i can pass the exam...

floyd castaneda 4 years ago

hi i am planning to take csc this coming october 21, pls send me tips on how to pass, please provide me a reviewer, i only have 1 week to go. please send it to . Thanks

malou poso 4 years ago

hi! please share me also your csc prof.reviewer with this Email,thanks a lot and i do really appreciate.

proudmemom 4 years ago

just want to try my luck. here's my email, any of you who has reviewer pls pls send me a copy. thank you :o)

simplybevs 4 years ago

Hi Sir!

Kindly send to my email: a copy of your latest Civil Service reviewer with a key to correction. I think it help me a lot to pass the exam. At present I am a private employee. To give me a chance to employ in a government sector, I need to pass first the CSE. I will take this coming exam. Thank you and more power. God Bless.

aldzer 4 years ago

sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me available po ba kau na reviewer ng civil service big help po sakin un kasi mag take ako ngaun nid ko po ng different reviewer to pass the exam!!!tenks po

Waiting for response!

God bless

Leah 4 years ago

Please send me reviewer poh....

thx poh sa advice.. God Bless us all..

Gilbert 4 years ago

can anyone help me pass the civil service exam? pls add me on facebook

jho 4 years ago


Randz 4 years ago me can u send me a reviewer thnks po...

Helosie 4 years ago

i wAnt tO pAsS din pO:)

gambomarites 4 years ago

salamat po s mga inspiring thoughts n ibinhagi ng bawat isa s inyo! s mga panahong lumipas at mraming problema s buhay n aking pinagdaanan at ksalukuyang binibigyan ng kalutasan ay sinisikap kung muling bumangon at ipagpatuloy ang mga nasimulan q n pagtahak s mgandang landas ng aking buhay para s aking anak at para s aking hinaharap.s kaslukuyan gumagawa aq ng paraan upang unti unting alamin ang mga kailangan upang maipasa ang cevil service exam upang maging isang achievements q n magagamit upang mgkaroon ng matibay n hanapbuhay. nang s ganun ay mabigyan q ng mgandang kinabukasan ang aking anak !patnubayan nawa aq ng poong may kapal n maging matagumpay s lahat ng aking mga mgandang mitihiin s buhay!panibagong yugto ng buhay ng may mas katatagan,paninindigan,tiwala s sariling kakayahan at higit s lhat pananampalataya s ating dakilang lumikha kasabay ng aking pagsususmikap! god bless all of us!

MITCH 4 years ago

hello po, is there anyone who can help me to pass CSC well its my 6 time to take exam ewan ko kung bakit di me makapasa, pasa sana po matulungan nyo po ako I am in government for 7 years already at di pa ako permanent, please e-mail nyo po

mar 4 years ago

Kindly email the review materials of civil service exams for

mar 4 years ago

Kindly email the review materials of civil service exams for

jonathan abenoja 4 years ago

tnx...,take ko this october sana papasa ako.,.,

hindi ako magaling pero idaan ko ito sa tiyaga...,TO PASS THE EXAM.., THANKS FOR SOME TIPS U GIVE!!!

leiya 4 years ago

hello there... im planning to take cs exam this oct. but no idea where? is there a testing center here in aklan?please provide me also cs reviewer....tnx a lot.

marcus 4 years ago

God bless us 2 dos who will take cse ...

chechelym 4 years ago

helow sir.,

I am planning to take the CSC exam this coming oct.2012 kaso nga lang di pa po ako nakakapagreview kaya hihingi ako sa inyo na kong pwedi mabigyan nyo ako ng kopya ng reviewer kasi gusto ko pong pumasa sa exam na to.eto po yong email ad

maraming salamat po... 4 years ago

kung board passer kna no nid to take civil service na ba?

girlie 4 years ago

hi .. i need your help can you give me some tips. or questions with answer serve as my reviewer.pls send it to my email

del 4 years ago

for those test takers please give me some idea about the exam... 4 years ago

i want to take the civil service exam this comimg oct 2012, please share with me your reviewer and kindly email to

John Durana 4 years ago

Tnx.. makakatulong sakin to. tama talaga Don’t rely on prayers and luck. God only helps those who help themselves. thank you for posting!

Lex Harpy Cristine 4 years ago

Twice na po ako nagtake ng CS exam pero di po ako pumasa.By October pangatlo ko na po.Sana papasa na po ako for my incoming baby para makakuha na po ako ng permanenteng trabaho sa government.As of now nagtratrabaho po ako bilang contractual.Goodluck for the 3rd Exam sana last na to.Papasa na ako...hehehe

jay@kidapawan 4 years ago

dis hub help me a lot.... the motivation brought in this hub gave viewers a view on how to pass the exam!!!!!

I take the my 27 csc exam for the first time for the very first time, and this hub help me a lot on passing through!!!!tnx for the brilliant idea of the author!!!!!!! u touch nother life again!

Rosemie Dela Cruz- Layam 4 years ago

since 2008 pa po akng nag simulang mag take ng civik service pero hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin po nakuha ang goal kung makapasa sa cse, please help me po na makapasa na ako this cming october cse exam, alam ko po na hindi pa huli ang lahat...please share me your reviewer on my facebook salamat po and GOD ALWAYS BLESS U dahil alam ung mabuti kayong tao...

Ar-ar 4 years ago

Pls help me para makapasa s cs exam... Kumuha ako last may... Tnx!

emz 4 years ago

i want to take the civil service exam please share me your reviewer send it to my email at

roseabregs 4 years ago

pray mo naman ako, kasi gusto kong makapasa sa CS exam, I plan to take CS exam this coming Oct. 2012. Hope makapasa na ako. 4 years ago

sir alam ko na mahirap ngayon yung civilservice exam last i take the exam was 2003 but i failedn coz i diddn't really not focusing on the exam and i was not really review ngayon napepressure ako ng papa ko na kumuha ng civil service exam kasi meron akong backer na kaibigan nya habang nasa position pa na magreretero na kaya required sa akin to take a civil service exam i want a job sa government kasi permanent job na yan thanks for the tips that i read on this site parang unti unti pinalalakas ang loob ko kaso ang problem is wla akong reviewer ang when do i star or how do i start to review coz i have 2 kids now na inaalagaan ko so ang hirap to have a time to review or focusing to review pls. advice what will i do?parang natatakot pa rin ako n baka indi makapasa i have no confidence for my self to take a civil service exam thanks and more power may god bless po!

sonny boy 4 years ago

how to apply for civil cervice exam? Any one who can know just send me a message to my facebook account,,thnks...

chiharu 4 years ago

My friend and I will be taking CSE for the 2nd time. We have a month to prepare for this since our exam schedule is on Oct. 21, 2012. I just hope that my friend and I will be able to pass it na. So good luck sa aming dalawa. :D

alikan basmala 4 years ago

hi sana po pomasa ako ds coming examination pra maka pag work n me.

miss k 4 years ago

Thank you for all the words of wisdom and comments that you've shared in this page. I hope I could pass the CSE this incoming May27 together with my brother. May God Bless all the examiners in this batch.

wooohh!! so uneasy. this is my first time and I hope no more second time.. hihi.. God bless me. :)

edgarvillanueva 4 years ago

nkk presure n, mlpit n kc cs exam

jay@kidapawan 4 years ago

days to go and the csc exam will be taken by many of us. are we confident enuf to take the the race of getting 80% judt to pass the examination be able to be called eligible!!!!! lets find out hehehehhehehe God bless us all guys

maeL 4 years ago


jesser 4 years ago

Pls..bigyan nyo po sq ng reviewer ..emeil add q po!!plz po tnx..God Bless

edgar Señido 4 years ago

sana poh God maka pasa nah ako sa exam this coming 27 may 2012 kasi poh gusto ako nah mag apply ng fireman or BJMP Pangalawa ko nah poh ito nah take God thank you so much for giving me chances to pass...this exam... thank you poh God thank you poh.....

kabayo 4 years ago

makapasar na ntawun ko oy.....maluoy nalang ta...

jayson 4 years ago

pasend naman po saken ang mga info this coming may 2012 examintaion pati ung form po pati kung paano mag file? 4 years ago

sana makapasa aq sa csc exam pra nman may eligibility nman aq

andhik licudan 4 years ago

ha lets get practical.

young marines 4 years ago

hahaha sana makapasa tau dis coming may 27 2012,,,let s pray nlng with determination and sipag s review

moqrish 4 years ago

how many items CSE?

Req 4 years ago

hi sa lahat, godbless sting lhat n mgeexam,im not 100% sure sa exam kc wla aq materials or anything na reviewer,sna qng ok sa inio pa-share aq d2 sa email q busy kc aq sa work kya wla aq tym mgresearch actually gov't at need q tlga pumasa 4 regularization i hope m2lungan nio aq and sumday makakabawi din aq sa inio.thank you!

jmagpantay 4 years ago

hope makapasa ako..please include me in your prayer..thank you

psychelaguna 4 years ago

nag exam din ako last march 2007 and i did not pass gusto ko na kasi sa government mag trabaho....

Raphael Gonzaga Roman 4 years ago

hello good day! :)

Kindly send me a latest copy of civil service professional with answer keys. Im going to take Civil Exam Pro on May 27, 2012.

here's my Email add:

Pls! thank you so much!

Thanks and God bless us all.

shin_31 4 years ago

i felt that ders a people here that underestimating the exam. . .the probability of being boastfull. . .84 %


ron 4 years ago


salamat po sa kabaitan nyo at pag share nyo. atlist nagkaroon kami ng idea. if makapag exam kami ng civil service.

bea 4 years ago

hey i'm planning to take the sub pro civil service examination this May 2012. and i'm so bothered with the subjects covered. can you please give me a site where i can download a free reviewer? please help. and thanks for the tips btw. :)

bryan 4 years ago

twice n po ako nagtake ng exam but sna panagatlo makapasa na po ak.

nhadzo9 4 years ago

pls. send me a reviewer sa email ko. till now hnd p ako nkkreview. 1st time ko magttke ni2. pls..


campz 4 years ago

Thank You for the tips that you share upon us, God Bless us all!

jhyn 4 years ago

pasend nman po ng reviewer please....asap..please..please..

vj 4 years ago

is there any age requirement in getting cse?

Jayvee 4 years ago

@boybob santos, ako naman nakapasa pero wla namang connection so aun wla paring work sa government...hehehe

rutz 4 years ago

HOping again this coming 27 May 2012, sana makapasa n!

frank 4 years ago

try to search in alot of cse reviewer there

jay@kidapawan 4 years ago

hope to pass

jay@kidapawan 4 years ago

hope i will pass!!1

yzma 4 years ago

@romieculentas: he is ryt.. palakasan nangyayari ba pilipinas. kung cnung may kapit sa taas xa ung makakakuha ng magandang trabaho.. akala mo kung sinong magaling, mga bobo pa naman. i consider them as not competent people. dependent and ignorant.

arn2 4 years ago

Tnx for the tips hopefully i cud pass the exam this May 27,2012 together with my wife ......Kindly include me in your prayers...tnx

boybob santos 4 years ago

sayang talaga i have conection kaya lang talaga di ko maipasa cs,kaya eto kuha ng kuha parin

phim 4 years ago

i passed the career service professional examination last 2008 with an average score of 81.95%, but still i haven't got any job from gov' yet, there are so many government employees here in our town who don't even pass the sub-professional examination but still they are there getting their salaries every month. Kase friends sila ni mayor. ..

Lenny Jaafar profile image

Lenny Jaafar 4 years ago

sana maka past ako.. .. dis time.. pwede biyan pointer sa math reviewer,so presure...mag isip.hehehe gud luck to me.

juna 4 years ago

unsa coverage sa exam?

romieculentas 4 years ago

I'd passed d cse last oct2011 but i got dscouraged wen s0mb0dy told me dt tho i hv olredi wd me my certifc8 of eligblity but its n0t a guarantee 4me 2 b hired. Some comenters abov were true n aserting there personal views bwt d systm of r gov't. They said klangan ng backer. My sibling also said PalakaSystem! Wt words r these ive heard? One word to dscribe 'Injustice! I told myself dn, watz d use of hanging d laminated crtific8 of eligblity on d wall wen myself remains unemployed? I thot aftr pasin' d exam, its then d work dt wl chase me. But 'm n0t dt lucky enaf. Heto pa, i wish 2 encourage others 2 take cse. But i opt then 2 zip my m0uth coz 8s n0t dt easy. How cn i gv dm words wen d see me still unemployed? Ac2ali, i only to0k d exam jz 2 test my mental capacity. Til i realized dt many r craving 4 positions n d govt thru dz exam nd i found myslf afctd then. In fct, m0st of those employees hv f0und seats bcz of dr nin0ngs and ninangs. huh! How bwt us who d0n't hv any? s dz dn d ris0n y we hav a po0r pr0gress? why take d exam wen d govt h0n0rs 8 least?

romieculentas 4 years ago

cse is just a waste!

mns 4 years ago

hello po,

3x ko na po na take this coming may 2012,,sana po makapasa na po ako.....ty god blesss....

melody@sorsogon 4 years ago

filling is feb27 to april 12..exam is on may 27..nakapagfile na ako and tommorow na ang start ng review ko..

mariano opanda 4 years ago

hi good day ma/sir,

gusto ko po mag work sa government san po ba ako mag papa registered im from paranaque,then dapat po ba tapos ng 4years course?thanks i need the answers anyone?thanks...((((:

rose 4 years ago

anu bang pinag kaiba ng sub sa pro?

Jhoan 4 years ago

d CSC exam for this year is on May 27..deadline of submission is on April 12 but it depends upon the number of the applicants as for the basis of first-come-first serve..

aileen 4 years ago

pahingi namn po ng form for civil service exam professional lvl. pls. paki-email nman po sa thanks po

elaniecoronel 4 years ago

i'm planning to take up the csc exam and i think your post can help me a lot. thanx..

chelle 4 years ago

i hope that i am pass for CS examination

this comimg may 27, 2012

jeril 4 years ago

I've plan to take CS this coming may 27,2012. this is my 3rd exam. I hope to passed this yr.thanks for this blog I get some ideas how to passed this exam...

Ron 4 years ago


heart@@@ 4 years ago

I finished my college degree as cumlaude last 2001, if it will be converted as my eligibility, what would it be, is it Prof or subprof?

michael 4 years ago

ahm.kailan po ba exam sa CSC ngayung 2012..isa po ako sa mag t take ng exam....

elz 4 years ago

send naman pu kau ng reviewer plz.. tnx tnx ko po kc mkpagreview ng mabuti para makapasa..thanks.. God bless..

melody 4 years ago

may 27 ata ang exam this 2012,1 have two months para magreview..ano ba mga possible question this 2012??tnx...

...glenda 4 years ago

i take exam CS-Professional...and i'm failed to passed the exam..when i see the rating competency area, the general was not perfect...tama naman ung sinagot help nman to all kung panu maperfect un...i feel up nman the correct info...

marayah 4 years ago

CS exam this 2012 is on MAY 27 & OCT 21...filing for the May exam is on Jan 17-April 12 & for the Oct exam, the filing is on May 28-Sep 6

ycel.castro 4 years ago

thanks guys for the pointers and guidelines :))

i'll be filing this week . i will also start my review .

hope will do it guys !

let's do our best that we can .

dont also forget to ask for the guidance

of our LORD .

jhunaimz 4 years ago

hy sir nagbabalak sana akong mag take ng civil service pero natatakot ako, baka hndi pumasa..

ann 4 years ago


Have a nice day, sana wala na quota sa score para maka pasar po kami sa exam...apat na beses po ako nang exam hindi ko alam paano maka pasarsa sa exam.. huhuhu tulongan namn po ako mam,

vanz 4 years ago

hello po kelan po ba ang sked for csc exam ilang ulit napo akong nagtake till now hindi parin pumasa haist ano kaya dapat kung gawin kasi po 15years in service na ako sa government hangang ngayon diparin ako naregular dahil wala akong eligibility eh! sana po bigyan napo ako nang chance sa panginoon na makapasa na ako maawa nman kau

totit 4 years ago

hi, im michael and im planning too take the CSE this coming may 2012. My problem is i didn't have any reviewer for preparing the examination. Anyone who can help me? I need a reviewer. Please help me.. If you have a reviewer can you please send it to me to my email address Im glad to say thank you in advance.

knightrave profile image

knightrave 4 years ago from Cotabato City


lyn 4 years ago

requirements po sa CSE. thank you.

CSC Taker 4 years ago

share PDF File CSC Reviewer please?!

anonymous 4 years ago

sched for this year is on May 27 and Oct..

CSC is already accepting application so better hurry while there are avail slots

lornskie 4 years ago

salamat sa mga nagpopost....nakakuha ako ng idea...tanx a lot...and pray GOD all the time..

jenelyn tagalag 4 years ago

good day!may i inquire about the schedule of civil service exam this 2012.thanks.

iceman11 4 years ago

i just passed the csc subprof test last oct.16 and i just asking kasi i want to apply in bureau of corrections as a prison guard e gusto nila may eligibility ako then if somebody knows na pwede ba yung undergrad ka kapag nagaaply ka dun?pls.reoly

doubtful 4 years ago

hi! i want 2 ask f civil service eligibility enough 2 apply a teaching position in deped?

helo 5 years ago

ask ko lng po if saan ako mag aaply for civil service examination.balak ko po kase kumuha salamt po

wekmin 5 years ago

Hi! Thanks po sa maganda niyong tips.

arjay 5 years ago


ruthay23 5 years ago

Mahirap na po talaga magapply ng trabaho sa Government Agency.Nag OJT ako sa isang GA and I'm in HR deparment, ung mga applicants almost a year and more than a year na pero di parin natatanggap.Mga professionals pa yun ha. Hay!...

ben 5 years ago

sked of exam for 2012. when?

anonymous 5 years ago

when is the sked of cs examination for 2012?

rachel jobyjamito 5 years ago

when is the next filling for the civil service examination this year?,,,i want to take exam

jone jarin 5 years ago

pls pray for me since im planning to take the cs exas this 2012... kinakabahan na ko...

Ann 5 years ago

I took my CS Exam last 2003 and board exam for teachers the following year. Thanks God, I passed both. The saddest part was, since 2003 pa ako nag a apply sa government but still couldn't had a chance to have one. Wala kasi akong backer. Grabe. How frustrating our government is. Para akong tae, pinagpapasa pasahan lang nila, ang daming employee sa government, wala namn CS but still, andun cla, may mga backer kasi.. tsk.. Anong petsa na, 2012 na.. cguro si Pres Ninoy ang kukunin kong backer para ma in na tlga..

mhice 5 years ago

sir ask q lang po 3x na aq nagtake ng exam successive sa isang taon pwd ba aq ul8 mag exam wla bang limitasyon.

alex 5 years ago

pray and ask for guidance before the exam. believe in yourself. you have to believe that you can pass the exam. start answering the part that you find easy.this will help in warming you up for the more difficult parts. avoid taking too much time answering one question. leave those questions that you don't know the answers and try answering it instead after you have finished and you still have a spare time. guess if you really have no idea of the answer. if time is about to expire and you still have many questions unanswered, just guess, but i would suggest that you pick only one letter as an answer to all the remaining questions.hehe. make sure to thank God for the experience.

[stealth] 5 years ago

@name: pwede rin prof ang kukunin ni jessie. Kasi undergrad ako pero kinuha ko ang prof category and I still passed the exam.

[stealth] 5 years ago

Hi, dabawenyo. Hindi mo na kailangan mag take pa ng civil service exam kasi RN ka na at covered ka na ng RA 1080. Try to read the article. Hope it helps. :)

Rains Bautista 5 years ago

I passed both the CS Sub-Prof and CS Prof this year. My tip: READ NEWSPAPERS EVERYDAY, and when I say newspapers I mean broadsheets. Reading newspapers will not only keep you updated and in touch with reality (as opposed to reading tabloids--doing so will send your brain floating somewhere), it will also give you a chance to encounter new words... even new uses for old words! As for the math, just practice on algebra and review the formulas you had in your Economics class.

Good day! =)

Yanny 5 years ago

On Going PA rin Ba Ang FiliNg sa CS ngayOng December 2011? BuKAs Ksi MAg File InZan Ko.... Koment Plz

Yanny 5 years ago

On Going PA rin Ba Ang FiliNg sa CS ngayOng December 2011? BuKAs Ksi MAg File InZan Ko.... Koment Plz

lj 5 years ago

klan po ang exam sa cs 2012??

lj 5 years ago

klan po ang exam sa cs 2012??

sylmmx 5 years ago

thanks sa blog na to,kasi nakakuha ako ng tips how to pass this CS Examination, at nakapasa nga ako!..Thanks you sir!..

sylmmx 5 years ago

thanks sa blog na to,kasi nakakuha ako ng tips how to pass this CS Examination, at nakapasa nga ako!..Thanks you sir!..

Ma. Rosa Señolay 5 years ago

Good Day!!ask lng me kung kailan ang schedule of examination in 2012 po.... kailan mag simula ang filing of applicants for civil service?

CSC Passer 5 years ago

Walang review review.. pumasa ako! haha..

Angela R. 5 years ago

yehey pasado ko sa civil service subprofessional ds october 16.2011. hndi aq nagreview, sbrang unexpected. hehe! Thank u Lord!.

sktm 5 years ago

@jessie: you can take the civil service exam if you are 18 years old and above,also a Filipino citizen. Anyone can take, NO education attainment required.

yey 5 years ago

I passed the October 2011 exam at hindi ko talaga iniexpect yun.. ang hirap nung math at hindi ko sure yung mga sagot ko sa english.. I think sa constitution ako nakabawi (polsci grad)..

It's my second time na pala at hindi na talaga ako nagexpect na papasa dahil nadala na ako nung unang exam na i expected to pass pero epic yung nakuha kong grade.. Lesson learned: wag masyado magexpect ng di gaanong masaktan.. hehe

Thank you Lord! Sobra..

dale anthony dindin 5 years ago

to know the result

name 5 years ago

pwd sub prof,

jessie 5 years ago

hi everyone i have a it possible to take the cse even im undergrad? please i need some good response thanks

carlos 5 years ago

I think he is referring on how he will make the instructions clear to you un lng un, wala clang direct intervention sa checking ne, sa atin un qng magegets natin ung mga sasabihin nlla,

dabawenyo 5 years ago

pwede po ba magtake ng civil service exam kahit RN na?

Erlinda H.Adoptante 5 years ago

ask lang po kng kylan exam ng civil service 2012? saan po gaganapin n lugar? tnx God Bless:)

[stealth] 5 years ago

Good day sir. I just had a chance to post in your hub again :) Anyway, as I said maybe a year ago that I'm an ECE undergrad, but passed the prof exam, what would be the appropriate government agency or department for me? Currently, I am working in a private BPO company but I feel like I need a new working environment where I can advance and develop in my skills. I'm just afraid to venture into another company considering the fact that I'm an undergrad and most companies are looking for grads. I'm afraid that if I leave my present company, I will have difficulties in finding a new job. Besides, I'm a regular employee already. Can you please give me an advice or thoughts regarding my concern? Thank you sir.

marj 5 years ago

sabi ng proctor namin during exam,, " kung gugustohin namin kayong pumasa, makakapasa kayo" what do you think of that?

Cesar A Sisgundo 5 years ago

hello kelan ba start ng civil service examination at san banda ang location sa lingayen at San fernando launion tnx......

felba 5 years ago

pls send this to my email - tnx and more power!

lhyn sadidol 5 years ago

ask lng po f wen exam 4 2012?

allan 5 years ago

sir ask lang ilang units ba para mag exam ka ng civil service... at ano ano ang dadalahin para kumuha ng form or magpaschedule next year.., tanx ng marami

EBalico 5 years ago

Lord, please give me your blessing as I take the exam tomorrow

hervie rosales 5 years ago

sana lord tulungan nyo ako makapasa sana maging madali ang pag take ko ng examin bukas sana makapasa ako god help me please

ronald 5 years ago

sana makapasa aq..

jhaz 5 years ago

nice inspiring messege.. wee! i hope i will pass the exam!.

Manuel 5 years ago

Pang 3x q ng magtake ng CS anu po ba dapat kung gawin para maipasa q na ang exam. tnx

anne 5 years ago

i hope i'll pass the cs exam this coming sunday.... 5 years ago

hi,i am currently working at mc donalds and studying at d same tym,and one wk from now i am going to take the csc examination,the problem s i don"t wat to review den,datz y i fel nervous..i only read some books dat s related 2 u think 8 can help me?pls help me to or give some tips on wat to review..thank u so much and godbless..

felixian17 5 years ago

hello'.. Sir can u share me ur reviewer cs 2011 exam un may?!!'..tnx po

leroy leroy simta 5 years ago

i have this reviewer with 715 q's in it english, tagalog, math, reasoning, consti... and more.

i finished the reviewer and got an average of 71% short for 9... oh crap! my exam is on the 16th this october... any heads up that you may offer will do. Thanks for this interesting blog hub!

alice 5 years ago

hi...i will be taking again the CSE prof exam this Oct 16,2011, please help me pray that i can make it,since this will be my 4th time...i really hope to get a permanent job at NFA...I think English is the hardest...thanks and God Bless to all of us...

JEM 5 years ago

Hi is their anyone who can giving me a PDF reviewer for Civil Service Examination on Oct. 16, 2011. tnx!

Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 5 years ago from India

you can find in national bookstore a yellow book (I forgot the title), its a civil service cost 200 pesos and plus the booklets for civil service...the cover is white and it cost 45 pesos...

ranz 5 years ago

kailan po next examination,,hirap talaga ng exam anu po ba paraan para pumasa,,tagal na akong nag exam dito ehh,,tnx^^

allhen 5 years ago

i did all my best but still i did not passed the prof.exam..can you please lessen mathematics problem in the questionnaire,.especially on how to get the percentage,and equations?it needs more time to solve numbers, what are the techniques in solving?thanks.. Good luck to optimistic..God is good..

gynes 5 years ago

sir d q n mabilang kong ilang ulit n aq nag exam s csc, ano po kya ang ggwn q para mkpasa n poh aq...ngrereview nmn poh aq...11yrs n poh aq s govt service n ang item po ay AA I...nkkainggit nga po kc nauunahan p akong mpromote ng mga bagong empleyado,ma eexam po aq ult ngaung 10/16 sna po mkpasa n aq, kelangan n po tlga..slmt po

karen lirio 5 years ago

very nice and practical advice that you give... i like the thing that you said "faith is useless without hard work" very genuine and inspiring

shane 5 years ago




shy 5 years ago

hi! ask ko lang po ano difference ng sub prof sa prf sa pag take ng exam? and magakiba po ng eligibility sa pag take nito.. thank you !!!

jonalyn 5 years ago

.hi i'll take a CIVIL SERVICE Sub Prof this coming OCTOBER 16,2011,WHAT I'm going to do because this is my first time..pls help me thanks

raindrops 5 years ago

thanks and more power....

Jappi 5 years ago

This post is great! My mom told me to take the Civil Service Exam if I would like to get into government. I hope to pass the exam. I'm not sure when to take it though.

Thank you for this! :)

val 5 years ago

sir which constitution will i review 1987 or 89?tnx

gem 5 years ago

it's really frustrating.. i was an undergrad when i took and passed the cs prof exam.. from then to now, i already have a b.s degree, i still can't get a job in the gov't.. and add to the frustration i was told that my passing is void because i was undergrad when i passed.

hod3 5 years ago

HI,, bloger can you give us some hints or the possible questions?

Lhyn from Visayas 5 years ago

I have only civil service eligibility category 1 which i passed in Tesda (Data Encoder) unfortunately there's a vacant position sana leading sa offices ko kaso hnd pa ako Professional Civil Service Eligible kaya kailangan ko makapasa dito para makapag ranking .Hope u can give me advice what to do need ko talaga eh, sayang position tagal ko na wait na maka regular yan lang kulang ko kc meron na akong master degree... salamat poh

Law 5 years ago

I don't think it's such a big deal. Got a total of 90% for the Prof level without even reviewing. It's the Current Events part that did me in (only got 78% on that part. lol)

jane 5 years ago

i also filed the csc exam last sept 1. hoping to achieve it..

heartynaoj 5 years ago

i already passed the cse this may2011. It was another achievement w/c i wud say, God really do miracles. I only have a question for all of you,why do you want to take up/took up cse? I was asked this question and wondering what would be the best answer since i am not applying for a government position,rather to a private company.

Trick Ya 5 years ago

Great article brother. I'm planning to take the CSE. I'm not that good in English but I'm confident. Mathematics is a headache, but let's face it. It's part of the game. I keep on reading anything. Th best key to pass is to REVIEW REVIEW and REVIEW. Thanks brother you motivated me....

bern 5 years ago

It was my 3rd time taking the CSE exam last oct. 2010 but still i cant pass...what would i do to pass it...i really need eligibility...i want to be permanent in my work...i am now almost 3 years Job Order in the government.

Yumi Kinomoto 5 years ago

May i ask? on which area shall i give emphasis? English, Math and Analytical thinking or the Philippine constitution?

thank you so much!

eamamla 5 years ago

thanks for the tips .. :)

andong 5 years ago

haizt mahihirapan ako nito

asd 5 years ago

fdgfhdfhfgd jdfjhhgjfgjgfjfgjfgj

jovey 5 years ago

...tnx God because He give me the idea to visit this site.. it helps me lot and inspires me too to be positive..

larah eunice... 5 years ago

sana balang araw makapasa dn aq jan kahit na medyo alangan aq sa math.....pero sa bgay matagal pa aman un...4th year pa aman aq.hs..

poosh20 5 years ago

hi.. kasama po ba ang Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Please response.. Thank you so much..

zhanzquines 5 years ago

thanks for the idea and tips may God help us to pass the exam this coming Oct 16.lets help ourselves first for GOD guiding us to answers the question which is so difficult..

ARVIN 5 years ago


marie 5 years ago

i don't think there is a perfect formula in passing the cs exam, but not reviewing will definitely give you a failing mark. don't rely too much on stock knowledge. chances are it's already rusty or outdated. do not just review just for the sake of reviewing. map your strategy. assess your strengths and weaknesses. focus on your weak points. learn a lot of testing tactics and techniques. Memorize important rules, formulas and concepts. Solve as many problems as you can until you get the hang of it. english is not as easy as i thought. analogy questions are a little bit tricky. beware of eye-catchers. pay close attention to common grammar and usage errors. most common errors are errors in subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, tense or form of verb, case of a noun or pronoun. Common types of paragraph organizations are chronological order, cause-effect and statement-support. Watch out for key signal words. Given the limited amount of time in the exam, learn to practice the art of skimming and scanning. look for shortcuts. be time conscious. Come to exam well-prepared! Above all pray to GOD!I agree with the author completely-God only helps those who help themselves. good luck guys!

ivy 5 years ago

...tnx to this hub page.,wish me luck for my exam this coming month of October 2011.,

aj 5 years ago

kelan po nxt na civil service exam sched after ng oct 16, 2011 na exam??

Richard 5 years ago

thanks to the Hub Contains Effective Tips and Pointers to Pass the Civil Service Examination (CSE) Prof and Subprof Levels,, wish ko lng magawa ko lahat ang ng tips pra pumasa sana kyanin kok ang MATH

aries 5 years ago

hi goodluck po sa mga mageexam sa october 16

Llora08 5 years ago

October 16 is the sked of the next exam. I haven't passed my papers yet but Hope i can make it til the examnination day:))

jude 5 years ago

thanks for the post.,and for the ideas too..thanks a lot

jhen 5 years ago

wala akong ginamit na reviewer....for me passing the exam requires analization,logic and comprehension no need to memorize anything .... when you were there at the moment of exam just open your mind and answer would be poured is the stock knowledge!!! got it!! thanx to GOD i pass the exam.

Sandy 5 years ago


nagfile ako ng application form to take civil service this coming october...i'm worried if i could make it...ask ko lang....verbal is part of the exam right?? di ba ang verbal ung actual as in magsaslita ka para sumagaot...

ano poh bang mga tinatanong nila dun...please answer me..thanks..

james 5 years ago

nice idea on how to pass the csc exam.. i hope next year, sa tulong ng hub. maipasa ko n ang csc exam. with the help of the God and review wisely.

registered nurse 5 years ago

hello! i am already a licensed nurse. Do I still have to take civil service exam in order to work in a government hospital? 5 years ago

80% dapat mong makuha sa exam...

mag eexam din ako sa october... cno may bagong reviewer...? pakisend naman sa email ko..

abeelove carinugan 5 years ago

hi, ask ko lng po kung ilang percent dapat ang makuha to pass the civil service exam. thank you... pls inform me po.

belle 5 years ago

grabe hirap ngayon ng civil service exam kahit nga ung mga nakapasa na dati pinagpractice test ko kc maxado nko nalolow confident at ndi ako makapasa, ayun nahirapan din cla sa practice test mababa din nkuha nila sa practice test,ganun daw pla kahirap ngayon.

doxans 5 years ago

ano ba talaga ang passing score sa civil service? 80points or 80%? txt back naman kayo o.

aimie 5 years ago

I only have one month to review. I don't know if I would take the exam seriously. Honestly, my friend influenced me to take the exam and to be a future gov. employee. I was a graduate of April this year and a bum for almost 3 months and counting. lol! I hope I will pass the exam. God speed.

edelinedelavega 5 years ago

maari poh bang huminge ng address at exact date poh ng civil cervice exam ngaung august or september cigoro d kc ako sigurado qng ano ang date at lugar sa part poh ng maNILA sana.sana poh ma2lungan nio poh ako.kung maari poh sana ay send nio poh sa email add q poh EDELINEDELAVEGA@YAHOO.COM MARAMING SALAMAT POH

ivan L 5 years ago

Hi sir.. im planning to take the exam this october, i know that it will need a stresful review but i know na kaya ko even though i had a work in a day. sir is there a chance that someone like me may pass the exam, im just an ordianry student when im in college, HS and Elem. in a average level of IQ. Can I passed it? hope you response. thanks and Godbless

Jake 5 years ago

Hi! just wanna ask, mas-matataas po ba usually ung mga ratings na nakukuha pag CAT and kinuhang exam over the Paper and pencil test?

Kasi ung recent na topnotchers sa PPT sa region namin ay nasa 84.00% rating. while may kilala akong naka- 90.75 % sa CAT exam nung August 2010. I myself took the same Aug 2010 CAT exam and got 90.15%.



anne 5 years ago

though im not prepared i still have to take the exams...bahala na si batman

unahiño meh 5 years ago

sir/maam tatanong ko lng po .. pag bumagsak ng civil service how many months do i have to w8 for me to take the exam again..

JM ONA 5 years ago

jed's blog helped me too especially in math.. and also I used the MSA reviewer with detailed explanations at the back. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE is the key. :-)

Anjo 5 years ago

It was my 2nd time taking csc exam last may 22, 2011 but sad to say I failed...:(

Pinky 5 years ago

Plan q po mgtake s oct ng prof csc. .Ask q lng ilang items po b ung ilang mins po para sagutan un.

Sam Curtis 5 years ago

Great tips, very helpful. :) Thanks a lot.

joboy 5 years ago

as far as I am concerned, mas mahirap pa yung mga review materials kaysa sa test itself. But it will help a lot lalo na kung prapraktisin mo ang self regulated time pressure. sa mga ni-review ko walang lumabas maski isa "as is" pero kung hawig marami. by the way, i passed the may 22 exam. Look for Jed Tedor's blogsite at yun mga reviewers nya ang ginamit ko. Thanks Jed!

leo boy 5 years ago

Sir, i am a government employee for 8 years now and i need to be promoted, but i need to take and pass the civil service exam prof. for my promotion. Sir, please help you have any recommendation about review center or review materials to refer? thanks a lot, i'm waiting for your reply. my exam sched. will be this coming oct. 16, 2011.

ruby 5 years ago

thanks for sharing your ideas and advice,hope na makapasa ako this october, thanks for encouraging word and give inspiration to those who want to take civil service.God bless us all.

johard 5 years ago

took the may 22, 2011 exam first time and passed it.


be there early - around 7:00 am, may 3 documents na fifill-up-an, 2 seating and 1 attendance. this help para una ka mag-fill-up at may time na mag-relax.

take a pee before examination - helps you relax more.

take a bottle of water and chew a gum - mahirap ang mag-exam kung tuyo ang lalamunan at gutom, at least yung laway mo magpapabusog sa iyo.

know the time - you can always ask your proctor how much time is left kung walang clock yung kwarto, this will not annoy them. I did this.

take your time - kung may mauna mang magpasa, wag mag-panic, ako nasa 110 pa lang may nagpasa na and there is only 40 minutes left, 60 items left. pero natapos ko lahat with 3 minutes left to review the answers. Kasi nauuna yung mahihirap, the last 20 items masasagot mo on an average of 20 seconds bawat isa (wag mong hulaan kasi practical ang mga sagot).

Erase corrected bubbles completely - kung nag-iba kayo ng sagot tiyaking walang matitirang lead residue from pencil.

Sa test proper:

Allow only up to 2 minutes sa math problems - if it take too long leave it but be sure na meron kang intellectual guess kung hindi mo na sya mabalikan.

make visual aids - i-drawing mo sa scratch yung problem sa math para makatulong i.e. seating arrangement problem, first car to finish the line, what step you are on a ladder, first name-last name. Kasi ang given nakakalito.

sa english - tignan mo sa given kung ano ang naiiba at malamang sa alamang yun ang sagot.

sa sentence chronology - tignan mo kung anong answer ang may pareho ng simula ex. 1. ABCD 2. ACBD 3. BACD 4. CDAB 5. DACB. Siguradong 1 or 2 ang correct.

make sure na mas marami kang sinagot ng tama kaysa hula.

O ayan! papasa ka na nyan...

grace 5 years ago

i was taken my first exam last april, 2010.. but sad to say i didn't pass it.. and now i am planning to take the exam this coming october...but i dont know how to start my self reviewing..cause my time is very working in gorvernment as job order..or maybe i cant handling my time well..can u advise me what will i do for preparation for the exam?????

Juliet 5 years ago

grabe ang exam talaga yatang pinahirap exam para dami bumagsak.. pinag kakakitaan na talaga. ginawa pang 5hundred pesos..maawa naman kayo

rafa 5 years ago

bumili ako ang reviewer sa national bookstore, at nagreview ako bago sumapit ang exam noong may 22 at sobrang saya ko kc nakapasa ako (professional), pede ba talagang mag apply sa government ng walang backer.

sakama 5 years ago

i take it 5 times aldready still failed so sad

Jay 5 years ago

I bought a reviewer from National book store, it helped me a lot even if its not the same as the actual questions on the exam. You will know and have background on what types of questions will appear on the exam. You should think and answer as quickly as possible because you will be under time pressure for sure. :)

Keena 5 years ago

Thank God i passed the professional level exam last May. Sana makapasok sa gusto kong pasukan kahit walang backer! Hmmm ^^

mon 5 years ago

sa lahat po ng magtatake ng exam i want to share my experience nung nagtake me ng exam last may 22, 2011 and by GOD's guidance i pass the prof only tip is enjoy the exam..ung tamang nag-eenjoy ka lng tamang exam for fun...why...??becoz it will relax ur mind and mas makakapag isip kau ng maayus compare sa mga pressured mag-exam...i myt as well suggest to watch the movie 3 idiots...makakakuha kau idea kung how you face exams and problems...most of all prayer and some reviewer online it really help

joel  5 years ago

Hi to all passers and who had an experience in taking the CSC EXAM... BIgay nmn kayo ng tape plan q kasing magtake ngaong taon...

Jay 5 years ago

Weeeeeeeeeeeee Thank God I passed the May 22 subprof exam!!!!!

Bhen Houten 5 years ago

Hi Sir,

Lam nyo po ba exact location san ang place ng exam and san din ipapasa yung mga requirements?


christle 5 years ago

you know guy,, im so nervous kasi im im taking the exam this coming oct.2011 and im afraid na hindi makapasa.. i did everything but im not confdent enough. pero chances is sayang so help me god..

Marz 5 years ago

Ano po ung Title ng Reviewer at Sino po yong Author ng book na mabibili sa National Bookstore? please response....malaking tulong po para xkin mgtatake po q ng CSE this coming Oct. 16... Maraming salamat po.

Marz 5 years ago

Latest po ba yong nasa National Bookstore na Reviewer? Thanks.

Paul Saints 5 years ago

CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG...Did you all noticed that the word CIVIL SERVICE comes from the word CIVIL SERVICE?... It was not intended to BOOST your CAREER. It was intended to GIVE AWAY you CAREER for a REASON that is FREE FOR A CIVIL SERVICE!...One Word.."DIVERSION"...:D

illyn_bayotas 5 years ago

thanks for this site...i was being encouraged to take again the CSE..

Juan 5 years ago

I took the exam last May 22.. wala siya masyado current events, marami dun sa last part is about sa constitution.. i'm a polsci graduate so medyo advantage sakin yun... nahirapan lang ako sa analogy part kasi time consuming talaga kaya advice ko is unahin niyo muna yung madaling sagutan para sa inyo.... Ayun.. Godbless! :)

jocelyn 5 years ago

i;miwill be taking the october 2011 CSE ProfessionaL exam..

can you give me tips and what to reviewto pass the exam??

pls !!!

kerlynb profile image

kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

Very useful hub! I learned that Filipinos who graduated with honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude) from universities and colleges can apply for government positions without taking the civil service exams.

33ro3 5 years ago

Hi, im planning to take the CSE this october. It's my first time actually.. but.. di pa pala ako nagpass ng requirements^^,) anyway, thanks po for this.. you're a great blessing to others.. you're such a generous man ^^,) God Bless po.. this will help me.

Girbz 5 years ago

True! Of course, If you devote yourself to God, you also have to do something, like reviewing to make these prayers come true. The answer won't just come instantly, it's you, who are the one could find to have it. He will just help and guide you to find it. Say God Bless rather than Good Luck! :)

lid 5 years ago

hi sir Im just excited to take civil service exam... hehe im taking up commerce major in management... nice hub.. i want to be advance.. because i think it is an avantage..

heyden 5 years ago

as much as possible magreview ka ng general information katulad ng galing sa consti at yung sa public employees conduct kasi dun sure ka na lalabas talaga sa questions ng civil service exam yung rereviewin mo. ilang points din yun. saka yung mga recent events. as much as possible, aralin mo yung mga at least 1month before ng exam mo na events sa pilipinas.

kay 5 years ago

i took CSE 2 times and now im planning to take an exam for the 3rd time. sa math lang ako mejo nahirapan and also dun sa paragraph arrangement hindi ko din kasi mgets un..Ano poba mas madaling ireview..?thank you

kay 5 years ago

i took CSE 2 times and now im planning to take an exam for the 3rd time. sa math lang ako mejo nahirapan and also dun sa paragraph arrangement hindi ko din kasi mgets un..Ano poba mas madaling ireview..?thank you

heyden 5 years ago

took the exam for the first time last 2009 and nailed it with an average of 88%. my advise: answer strategically (answer first the no brainer or short questions, then those that will take time to answer particularly essays and math), dont buy those reviewers in the bookstore (the questions in those wont appear in the exam itself, they are just guidance for the exam format), wear something that is relaxing (dont overdress), have an ample amount of sleep (i didn't had), study d phil constitution and the r.a. (which i forgot) for the proper conduct of government employees, be confident & trust urself, and of course trust god! =) goodluck exam takers!

gingskie 5 years ago

gusto ko pongng mag review kaso conflict sa work ko. pwde po bang makahingi kahit konti lang na reviewer. paki send lang po sa email ko maraming salamat po in advance

kmmy 5 years ago

i forgot to say that i already read the cse tips...but aside of your tips of there another way to pass the exam???

kmmy 5 years ago

please response...


tanx ahead..)

kmmy 5 years ago

i was taken my first exam last april, 2010.. but sad to say i didn't pass it.. and now i am planning to take the exam this coming october...but i dont know how to start my self reviewing..cause my time is very working in gorvernment as job order..or maybe i cant handling my time well..can u advise me what will i do for preparation for the exam?????

Naim bugay 5 years ago

Yeah! yesterday May 22,it was the examination for civil service and I'm one of those taking the exam it was my first time.although the exam is difficult and time pressure is there, i was late almost 10mn.passed.I was not able to manage my time in answering the question kaya naabutan aq time jeje maiksi yung time para basahin atsaka intindihin ang tanong tpos ang haba pa ng mga questions hayy! hopefully makapasa din...

Jay 5 years ago

Wew! Ang hirap ng exam. 150 minutes for 145 items .. prng bitin ung time e. Npressure aq sa time limit. Pgmidali mo nmn mgkkamalili. Hays! Ang bibilis pa mgsagot nung mga ksama q sa room, 7 lng kami sa room. Tapos na ung 5, 2 nlng kmi hnde, kya lalo aq npressure. Pero kung tutuosin I've finished the exam 20minutes ahead of time time pa. @@

resty 0628 5 years ago

thnk u for the tips., i will try my very best for prof... tommorow... thanks a lot,,, great help for me!

ruby= 5 years ago

LORD... pls help me to pass my csc exam prof.on May 22,2011

aaron castro 5 years ago

sir / ma'am,

sino ba pweding mahingan ng reviewr?kng pwedi na lng isend sa email ko...tnx...

mogenes 5 years ago

walang madali sa civil service exam, lahat mahirap....sana sana sana hndi na nila pahihirapan masyado ang exam...maawa naman c la : ( huhuhuhu

Mary 5 years ago

Which particular book at Natl Bookstore do I need to buy? Please provide me the specific title & author if possible. Thanks.

hahay 5 years ago

gusto ko mag review pero pinepressure ako ng tatay ko.sabi nya: ang tagal tagal mo na sa college tapos wla kang natutunan?

mogenes 5 years ago

thank you so much for your tips...i must be confidence to take this super tough exam

mogenes 5 years ago

huhuhu this may 22 na ang exam...I've done so much time for self reviewing but i felt so nervous pa rin,I have a reviewer but 2007 pa to huhuhuhu :'( sana sana sana sanaaaaa maka pass na talaga ako huhuhuhu :'(

nic 5 years ago

oh my god.... sobra n nervous q.. i pray tlaga n makapasa

nothing is impossible to and pray^^

marianne 5 years ago

hello po..thanks for the other info..ask ko lang po if madami po ba ang pagkakaiba ng question sa sub-prof..and professional exam??

thanks..reply asap..

Mailon Pamosena 5 years ago

I find this hub interesting and helpful. Thanks guys for your helpful tips with regards to CSExamination... God will reward your good intentions.

chelo M.Tan 5 years ago

gud day po! may age limit po ba sa pag take ng CSE.

lyn 5 years ago

cse i lov it.. this coming may i take a cse exam.... i wish i can past.... thx

vilma g. 5 years ago

thanks for the really helps me a lot before taking the exams, kind tough but as you said God will help when help ourselves...thanks and God bless

sheryl1925 5 years ago

Hi Sir! dati akong SK chairman sa bgry nmin,for 6 years, pwede ko po ba un magamit pra hindi n ko mg take ng sub prof sa civil service? thnks po.

Joan 5 years ago

ah ok po.. thank you po..

joan 5 years ago


Ano po ba ang mga technique para maging madali at tama yong mga answers natin sa exam? may time limit kasi. tapos yong paragraph arrangement po, ano pong technique para maging madali sa pag arrange nito? kasi po nalilito talaga ako.. Thanks.

jennifer 5 years ago

hi..gud day sir,thanks for those inspiring thoughts ..what are the criteria of the CSE?

please response!!!!! tnx .. godbless...

dianne 5 years ago gosh..mlayo pa ang exam but im already nervous.. what subjects po b dapat magfocus...

jstedor 5 years ago

I am writing a blog about the Philippine Civil Service Examination. I find this hub very interesting and helpful for future takers, so, I linked it in my blog. I have also posted some tips and some review materials. I hope it helps. My site is "philcivilserviceexam .blogspot .com" (just remove the space inside the quotation.)

JM ONA 5 years ago

I passed the CSC Prof CAT yesterday 3/24/11... I got exactly 80%.. I studied for almost 2 weeks and focused on word problems using linear equations, ratio and proportion, rate time distance, and number series as well... RA 6713 and 1987 P.Constitution. All in all I think English is the hardest and really tricky.

uchi 5 years ago

kakasubmit ko lang ng application for CSE kanina and that i will take the exam this may 22.. Im a first time taker at wala akong idea about the exam and im only 19.. thank you sir sa advice... sana pumasa... :)

@leah : Sa banawe po yung office ng civil service dito sa Manila, Kaliraya if im not mistaken.. dun po ako nag apply 500 pesos po yung examination fee.. Goodluck!

leah 5 years ago

pwede po ba mahingi kung ano ang address ng civil service exam dito po sa manila? kasi bagohan pa po ao dito e'..

liza 5 years ago

sir may marerecomend b kaung reviewer materials and review center, thanks

wEnx 5 years ago

May 22, 2011 po ang date ng CSE.. last filing is April 7, 2011.

mylez 5 years ago

It was my 3rd time taking the CSE exam last oct. 2010 but still i cant pass...what would i do tyo pass it...i really need eligibility...i want to be permanent in my work...i am now almost 2 years Job Order in the government

she-anne 5 years ago

i'm planning to take the cse this april,and i wanted to know what are the topics or subjects that should be reviewd for me to surely pass the exam..

yangz 5 years ago


what's the difference between sub-professional & professional?

anony 5 years ago

@ aljay: i visited the link you've given but its not for professional exam..wen would the exam for professional level this year 2011? can u help me?

carissa 5 years ago

helo,i'm planning to take the cse exam this 2011..the problem is i don't know when is the exact month and the exact date,,,,

sheryl lou 5 years ago

hi, i am currently working in a private company and i really wanted to work in a government.and sad to say that i dont have any eligibility to pursue.. so i nid to pass the CSE for me to have the confidence to apply in a government institutions..hopefully this year im gonna pass the exam.. can you give more tips?thanx for the help.

john 5 years ago

Thank you or giving us an idea and strategy on how to pass the CSC exam.. God bless po..

unico hijo profile image

unico hijo 6 years ago from Australia

I took the CSC professional exam ages ago in 1992. I don't know if the exam has changed drastically since then but the actual exam wasn't as daunting as it seemed to be. With good preparation, prayers and self-confidence, it shouldn't be too difficult to pass. As in anything, enjoy the experience!

irenea tamonan 6 years ago

good day, i just want to know when will be the schedule of civil service examination for march 2011 thanks.

gorgeous 6 years ago

hi! i need to know the schedule of civil service exam this coming march 2011 so that i can file my application ahead of time.

tnx much

jayson 6 years ago

Kindly help me to know when is the exact date of civil service exam for this year 2011. Kindly Post also the qualification and all necessary requirements. I'm willing to take sub professional exam

jonjon 6 years ago

Please post the date of civil service exam for 2011. You should post also all necessary requirement and qualification to take that exam.

Thank You

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

@nadine - from where are you may be I can help you, you can send an email to me... You can purchase reviewers at he nearest bookstore or department store... this will certainly help. Seeking the help of people that are good in math will also help. Keep reviewing.

nadine 6 years ago

i'm a gov't employee for 10 years now and a sub-professional eligible... last april of 2009 im promoted to a higher position but my status of appointment is only temporary cause i need to pass the professional exam (level II) in civil service yet..., please help me i need to pass

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

@stealth – sorry to hear that… I guess you need another break just keep on applying for better a job.

@ Josephine alejo – I was once work for the government… If I am not mistaken at least college level is good enough as a basic requirement… But there are also some jobs that requires at least a high school diploma.

@ Melvin – all the best

@gretchen – there are reviewers available in National Bookstore near you or even any bookstore.

@ram – that will never happen, hehehe, so if you cannot lick em join em… start reviewing your math and go along well with it.

@wacky – thanks for agreeing with me wacky, you are so kind.

@JVB – whoa, gratz.

@JerryB – that calls for a big celebration, a way to go man.

@raizzah – it is indeed to hear that… yeah it will these are time tested.

raizzah 6 years ago

nice hub..nice tips.,it worked for 'll surely work for everyone..tnx

JerryB. 6 years ago

Multiplication, division, addition and subtraction of decimal and fractions. Word problems (Algebra) are also given. Many ratio and proportion problems are given. Consecutive number problems. Sentence structure, reading comprehension and vocabulary.

But i passed the CSC Prof Last March 29, 2009. Single-take. hehe Lucky me!

JVB 6 years ago

I passed the CSC prof last march 2010. dami algebra word problems like work and motion problems. And thank God I Got 80%. Sakto!

wacky 6 years ago

@ram just like the author said before : "the more you solve the problems the better you can be.".. you passed naman eh!

Ram 6 years ago

I passed all the subject except Math!! i hate math in the CSC exam I hope it will be removed to allow more passers!

Ram 6 years ago

I passed all the subject expect Math!! i hate math in the CSC exam I hope it will be removed to allow more passers!

gretchen 6 years ago

tnx hav given me courage to take the exam next year....hopefully i can find a reviewer.

gretchen 6 years ago

tnx hav given me courage to take the exam next year....hopefully i can find a reviewer.

melvin melvour 6 years ago

my god, imm gonna take the prof exams this morning 7:30 am coz im working in ccall center right now..have no preparations,,so help me god.

josephine alejo 6 years ago

hello po...

guzto ko rin pong maging government employee katulad nyo..

ask ko lang po kahit ano po bang course pewede?

[stealth] 6 years ago

yeah... that's a very painful reality na nangyayari sa mga job hiring and I had experienced that... it's disappointing..

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

Thanks too for the visit!

walter jr 6 years ago

Thanks for the information... nice

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

Yeah thanks for the visit...

parkersarah8415 profile image

parkersarah8415 6 years ago from USA

Hi, I really liked your hub. I'm sure that many fellows from the Philippines will benefit from the article.

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

Thanks a lot for the visit!

@Patio - dunno sorry

@ Stealth - sometimes that is the sad thing in most parts in our... it is not what you know but whom you know. But I hope P-noy is true to his words that the present our nation is experiencing will change for the better.

@Mhine - Multiplication, division, addition and subtraction of decimal and fractions. Word problems are also given. Many ratio and proportion problems are given. Sentence structure, reading comprehension and vocabulary...

....MHINE... 6 years ago

Pahingi aman ng idea about the contents ng typical civil service exam naten... tnx poH!!!!!

[stealth] 6 years ago

Sir, does that mean na kahit may eligibility ka, hindi mo pa rin makukuha ang position if walang backer?? So, what's the purpose of taking the exam if kailangan pa rin ng backer? hehehe I'm just wondering. Thanks.

[stealth] 6 years ago

hmmm... thanks so much sir.. anyway, mukhang problema ko yata ang backer issue ah..hehe walang backer.. :)

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

yeah that will be a big plus the eligibility and your being undergraduate ECE as well... a backer will seal the deal...

[stealth] 6 years ago

By the way, ECE undergraduate po ako.

[stealth] 6 years ago

Hello sir. I passed the RO 12 November 16, 2008 professional for just a single take. Well, maybe I'm just lucky enough. LOL! :)Anyway, I just studied the RA 6713 and the 1987 constitution for 2 weeks just reading it repeatedly after I finish reading it. I just had a self study. So, is that a good credential if I would try to apply for a job in the government kahit undergraduate lang ako?

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

it is a privilege weng...

weng_ 6 years ago

thanks for those inspiring thoughts.

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

marami sa national bookstore po....

quincy 6 years ago

sir me available po ba kau na reviewer ng civil service big help po sakin un kasi mag take ako ngaun nid ko po ng different reviewer to pass the exam!!!tenks po

Waiting for response!

God bless

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

Thanks to the two of you for the visit...

@bblogingbrat - i am glad you do...

blogingbrat 6 years ago

he believe it or not these hub tips got me 2 pass my S.A.T thx alot

rhalyne 6 years ago

sana wala nang Quota sa examination ng civil service... para lahat pass... tnx.

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

K it is a privilege...

GRandSkimOfTings 6 years ago

THanks sir, Im Going to take the test next sked this year, might help! TY"

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author


irene 6 years ago

that was good..thank you for posting..

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines Author

Thanks a lot guys for the visit and kind words!

agusfanani profile image

agusfanani 6 years ago from Indonesia

That's a stiff test which is only passed with sufficient preparation.

H P Roychoudhury profile image

H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

It is an examination not for giving the pass degree but an over all process in the name of Civil Service examination to find out the right person for the right job.Nice hub.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba

I like the comment regarding not using prayer, as you say, god helps those that help themselves. Nice hub

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for an interesting hub with good points.

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

It was 1977 when I took both the TOEFL and GRE and what you described parallels it. Thanks for sharing.

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