How to be a good person and change the world

The Potential for Change is Limitless

See the beauty in the simplest of situations-and show the beauty to the world
See the beauty in the simplest of situations-and show the beauty to the world
Find reasons to smile-and show the importance of positive energy
Find reasons to smile-and show the importance of positive energy
Slow down-and think about what you are doing and how it effects others.
Slow down-and think about what you are doing and how it effects others.
Pay attention and stop to listen to the ones who matter
Pay attention and stop to listen to the ones who matter
There is room for change- can you see the potential for society?
There is room for change- can you see the potential for society?

Your negative influence onto society...

The world is full of people that have selfish and/or hidden motives. With so many people who have negative attitudes and selfishness within their thought process, it is hard not to give into the negative influence.

Every day situations call for decisions that we must make in order to move forward in our day. A routine that most of us know is, sitting in traffic on the access road waiting for the Red Light to turn Green; you notice a car waiting to pull out onto the road from the gas station on your right. The light turns green, and the car in front of you doesn’t let the waiting car, pull out in front of them. You have a decision to make, do you make the waiting car and person driving it continue to wait- or do you allow them to pull out in front of you and merge into traffic? Research says that 70% drivers in America- DO NOT consistently allow for vehicles to pull out in front of them when they are sitting in traffic. Not a very hopeful statistic and definitely not a characteristic which speaks highly of American’s and our personalities.

Being nice, being considerate and being a good person has to do with the little decisions that we make each and every day that contribute to the overall persona of our society and the people we surround ourselves with.

Being negative is contagious. It spreads with every snarl, every rotten look that a person gives, and every single word that is spoken under our breath when things don’t go as we planned.

The moment that we create and then become angry about

When we are talking on our cell phones, making dinner and changing the baby all at the same time-we smell the Hamburger Helper burning. We quickly pull the diapers adhesive straps tight to close the diaper, hang up the phone and rush to the kitchen to find our $4.00 dinner for 4 burnt to a crisp. We get upset- we yell ‘SHIT’, and mumble under our breathe, “PERFECT-GREAT-WONDERFUL”, and we then snap at our stumbling toddler coming around the corner to see what all the commotion is all about., WHAT-GO PLAY-GET OUT OF MY WAY. Little do we realize, in a nutshell, what we are doing is infecting our children with the least appealing parts of our personality, which is our temper, and our rush to do as much as possible within a small window of time. The result is; our children grow this infection with lack of patience and temper.

When we don’t practice patience, we tend to be irrational, easily irritated, inconsiderate to others, and somewhat self centered. Society's refusal to slow down and listen, slow down and think and have consideration for others when you go about your tasks for the day, is why society is filled with so much negative, harmfully infectious people-who are at the same time preaching to give LOVE, show LOVE, practice LOVE.

Although love is part of what it takes to be a good person, it isn’t all that it takes. To be a good person, and to display it to the rest of the world; make your everyday decisions, with others in mind. If you make decisions and consciously consider others when you travel through life, it will be noticed and others will follow. Kindness is just as contagious as being rude or thoughtless.

Let the mother with a screaming infant cut in front of you in the check out line at the grocery store, then offer to help her unload the groceries so they can be checked out as she tries to calm her infant. Let someone merge into your lane on the highway in the middle of rush hour. When someone lets you into their lane, give a little wave to say thank you. When you are changing your child’s diaper, talk to your child-not the voice on the other end of a telephone. When you make a mistake, watch your mouth-even if no one is around, because the way that you act when you are alone is a reflection of who you truly are on the inside. When you are asked a question, tell the truth in your answer. When your child wants your attention-even during the most inopportune time- stop- look at them, and pay attention to what they are saying, even if the only response you are able to give to them is; "in a minute" because even if you can not assist them at that exact moment, they need to know that you saw them and heard them-and are not ignoring them.

What we do and/or say, as well as the attitude and thought processes that we display, affects each and every person that we come in contact with-as well as many that we will never meet. If you want to be a good person and/or if you want to change society-it can be done, with changing a nasty attitude into a caring one, changing a frown into a smile, or just taking the time to slow down, stop and listen to someone. It’s the simple things that make the biggest differences in society-and we can each participate in the change, by simply changing some of the unappealing qualities that we have been taught from previous generations and are now passing on to the ones that follow in our footsteps.

Stop waiting for it, Stop praying about it---Change it

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Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 6 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

HC, you have described a kind and friendly universe, and it is a beautiful thing to imagine. Society reinforces our negative traits so much, it is sometimes all we see. How often does the person behind us honk their horn impatiently if we stop to let someone else into traffic? Our kindness is inconveniencing them, and they won't stand for it! When we are dealing with an upset child in a grocery store or restaurant, why are we greeted with looks of anger or disgust?

We are encouraged to respond negatively, and that is a huge burden to overcome. When we act impatiently ourselves, it is so often not because we are angry or impatient or afraid--it is because we are doing to others what has been done to us.

And worst of all--you are absolutely correct--our children learn this behavior from us. If we act towards young people in an oppressive manner, they will certainly see it as a lesson to be learned, and it won't be long before children act out their own anger, frustration or impatience on other children.

Kindness and love is our natural state. That is plain to see by watching young children. Their natural instincts are to respond to others in positive ways. The negativity is taught.

It is possible to break the negative pattern and choose to be kind and helpful to others. It is possible to defy our cultural programming and behave in a kind, rational manner. Most importantly, it is possible to move beyond our own hurts and treat others better than we have been treated. It is not easy--it's like steering the Titanic--but if we can point the ship in a better direction before it hits the icebergs, well--we will all survive.

HC, thanks for another wonderful hub. Good people can change the world, and this is how it can be done. It starts with ourselves, and with moving against the patterned behavior we have been taught.

Voted up and awesome, and I apologize for the length of my response. I didn't intend to write at such length.


H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Thanks Mike- I don't mind the length of your comment-it assures me that I was able to write this hub in a manner which displayed my views and thoughts well enough to be understood. Within your comment you explained exactly what I was trying to say. Many tend to think that changing the world is difficult or impossible because you can not change another person. What many don't realize is, you don't have to change anyone else-because if you change-the positive domino effect that will occur from your change...can easily have an impact of some sort on society. In retrospect---what do we have to lose? Our negative attitudes? Bummer, without the negative, careless, rude tempers that would be given up- people may actually have a more positive influence on others.

Thanks for your comment Mike, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this hub :)

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 6 years ago

I think, we need those quiet time, for ourselves, to think about the day, what we did and said, and how we could have done it better next time.

Great hub !

Ken R. Abell profile image

Ken R. Abell 6 years ago from ON THE ROAD

Well done & well said, HC. I appreciate the reminder of this simple truth: "Kindness is just as contagious as being rude or thoughtless."

Thank you. Thumb's Up to be sure.

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Random acts of kindness practised by everyone can do wonders in the world if only everyone participated. I try to let people in during traffic but sorry to say that isn't always the case when I need to merge but I take it in stride and try not to let it bother me. I know what you mean about listening to our children and there are many times I wish that I could go back and change my own responses to my children. There are so many things that I wouldve done differently. As I get older I can see all the mistakes that I made, fortunately we learn from our mistakes and in most cases wisdom follows. Thanks for the great advice you are wise beyond your years. Cheers.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author


thanks for taking the time to read and for leaving a comment- I am glad that you enjoyed the hub-I appreciate the feedback and your thoughts

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Ken, Thanks so much for taking a moment to read and comment. I always look forward to what you have to say about my writings. I am glad that you enjoyed this one :)

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

LadyJane- Thank you Ma'am... I too regret things that I could have done-should have done, but didn’t do for no apparent reason that I can identify. With my children, I find myself overwhelmed and run down much of the time and every once in awhile I must step back when I feel as if I am going to lose my cool and remind myself that they are just kids and for now I am the center of their universe. It is a position that should not be taken for granted-but often is. I don’t want for them to grow up thinking that they are a nuisance or believing that everything OR anything is more important that they are to me -nor do I wish for them to not think about others and how they effect others---the only way for me to teach them what the rest of the world wont show them, is to be the type of person that I hope they can continue to be into adulthood.

Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment- I am so glad that you enjoyed the read :)

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 6 years ago from USA or America

Hey Holly, another great hub with an excellent message for people. I've recently written a few hubs on what it takes to be a good person and reasons for doing it too. I guess great minds think alike. LOL! Also, another hub voted up. A very great read. Thank you. :)

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

Touching and inspiring. Thanks for the life changing food for thought. Peace :)

John B Badd profile image

John B Badd 6 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

Great Hub H.C. If i am to catch a mood I would prefer it to be a positive one. I have learned to shield myself from negative people and if my shields do not hold up I walk away. It is not always easy and sometimes it is beyond

Winsome profile image

Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

Awesome HC, all that is necessary for good to triumph in the world is for people to give their good traits away. I think sometimes for fun that there is only one smile in the world and each of us is responsible to pass it along. I'm giving you a great big one now so you can pass it on to your kids and others. =:)

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

cagsil- as always you are too kind and I thank you very much for reading and commenting on my work---you are a great encouragement :)

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author


thanks ma'am- I am glad you liked this one :) thanks for coming by and reading

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

john b badd

negative people are everywhere-and i would be lying to say that there are not moments/days and situations that get the best of me and I begin to spread the negative thoughts and expressions---but I also think that to realize this and attempt to change it does much more positive things for this world than hating

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author


thanks for another comment on another one of my hubs---I feel honored :) I am glad that you liked this and are not one who sucks the positivity from society with hate--stay heartfelt and kind :) and i shall pass on the smile

louisxfourie profile image

louisxfourie 6 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

Awesome HC,prefer it to be a positive one, Jesus was always positive and He is my example.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I agree- positive thoughts are always better and more effective than the humbling negative ones.

sujju profile image

sujju 6 years ago from mangalore, india

u r tooo good....

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

sujju, we must all do our part to make tomorrow better than yesterday-right? Thanks for the comment :)

MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

What fantastic sentiments HC. I agree, kindness is so much better than rudeness and it is contagious. Great hub.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

mpg narratives, awww-thanks so much for the great comment. I am glad that you agree---I for one am sick of rude behavior from people

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago

I will return to your hub time and time again for a little reminder and the big smile on the babies face.I love that so much!!!!I think it would be great to have shirts made up with that picture and have the caption under it read Don't forget to smile like me.If we at least try to do better.We are one step closer than giving in to the negative world.Great insight and I strongly believe we all can live a happy good life.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Dream On

People often act as though every little problem-every little hiccup they come across is the end of the world. What we all need to do from time to time is return to our childhoods when times were simple and we just enjoyed life, before we learned how to manipulate or realized that we wanted to climb that corporate ladder. So many people act as if helping others is the most difficult task in the world, or doing something nice is going to set them back on this never ending rat race…It is so sad and I wish more people cared about kindness, karma and value of a human smile and helping hand. Thanks so much for your feedback-I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and to comment.

Smalltowngrl1375 profile image

Smalltowngrl1375 5 years ago from Lafayette, Indiana

So wonderful, I once read something that said "If you ever think you're too small to make an impact on the world, imagine how one tiny mosquito impacts the world, and think again." I love how you said negativity is contagious,it's amazing how little phrases can mean so much. I think your writing will actually inspire some of my writing, as I write about life a lot. Thanks so much for a great post! :)

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 5 years ago from Lone Star State Author


Thanks so much for your comment! You have no idea how much i needed to hear something positive about my writing today... I truly appreciate you reading and writing-Thank you!

sunkentreasure profile image

sunkentreasure 5 years ago from RUIMSIG, SOUTH AFRICA


Bless someone today with words of kindness

Do something nice for a friend

Sow seeds of encouragement into a stranger's heart

Tell your loved ones you greatly adore them

Make someone's day precious and beautiful

Give God praise for His greatness

Strengthen your companion with fruits of joy

Add faith to your neighbour's life

Bless someone today and remember - Jesus loves you.

© Bernard Levine

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 5 years ago from Lone Star State Author

sunkentreasure-thank you for your comment/post. I enjoyed reading the words. :)

RyanSmith81 3 years ago

Awesome. Quick story.. Last month I was at a Taco Bell drive thru, I was trying to decipher my girlfriend's text message order, slightly irritating the woman over the intercom with my questions, but I wanted to get the order right for my girl. I was even a little frustrated with the situation, it was a bit challenging to figure out! So I drive to the window, seeing the same relief and joy in her eyes that I was feeling, that was -- that our interaction stayed "on the tracks". She saw it in me and it was really quite an amazing moment you know?... We had kept it cool and kind, it didn't get snippy - as so many interactions do these days. So I had an idea to start a blog where people can share similar stories of shaky interactions staying cool. I rejoice in those iffy interactions that end well, and would love to read others' experiences. I thought of calling it the "Stay On The Tracks Project". Any rate, i'm happy to see like minded people commenting on this great post.

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