How to develop basic communication skills for someone suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder for 20+ years

How to develop basic communication skills for someone suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder for 20+ years

The root cause for social anxiety is poor self image. Social anxity starts when we try to meet certain expectations of others, to get approval of others when doing things, looking at someone for acceptance.

The self concept formed and developed when we were children and the source for this concept is parents, friends,society and our perceptions towards outside world .

To have a healthy self image, self concept, self ego , the first thing we have to do is accept ourselves unconditionally. It requires lot of effort to break our old patterns of thought and experince and learning new behaviour.

We have to observe our self talk and always listen to the inner voice . Forming our own thought patterns and living upto our own expecations reduce the anxiety.

Positive affirmations, Reading Self help books, Planning day to day tasks and implemeting them help us.

Everyday, Looking at mirror directly into our eyes for Fifteen minutes will improve our image.

Instead of trying to meet others standards , it's always better to have our own standards .

Persuing our passion, finding out what we are interested in , satisfaction towards our daily activities and most important is analyzing the casuses for social anxiety would help us to communicate better.

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