How Shoplifters Make Money

How Shoplifters Make Money

Proffesional shoplifters are more common then people think. These people steal for a living. One of the more common types of proffessional organizations would be fleamarkets. Flea markets are rarely monitored for these types of activities. It starts out with someone, we will call Mr. Black basically open a small booth at a local flea market. Mr Black will then create his crew. Since there is no real limit on what can be sold at a flea market everything is game. Electronics, Clothes, hair products, fragrances, etc..... Generally,Mr Black will pay his recruits a flat fee for products that he needs. Kinda like, he places an order with his recruit and the recruit will fill the order. For example Mr Black may need some cologne for his stand. So he would place an order with his recruit for say 300 bottles of various popular frangrances. The recruit now is going to go out and fill the order by going to stores like Walmart and stealing colgone until the order is filled. Now this is a fairly simple order to fill. Basically this person will enter the store with a small bag, more than likely an old shopping bag from that particular store. They would then get a carry basket and put various items of colgne in it. Now all they have to do is find a nice quiet aisle and fill there shopping bag. The only thing left to do is walk out the store without getting caught. If they are successful, they will probably go to another store and do the same thing until the order is filled. This person will get paid anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars. Mr Black will probably make $15 per bottle which will come to about $1450. He will profit $1300 to $1350.

Now, when Mr Black has a more serious order his recruit made need a partner or two. For example, Mr Black may want some mini motorcycles. These are of decent size and will take a little more effort to get. They retail around $300 each. Mr Black will pay his recruit $50 each, and sell them for $ 175 which is half of the retail price. During the summer Mr black could probably sell 10 of these a week. Mr Black will profit $1250/ week. That's equal to a full time job paying $52,000/year. Once Mr black has his first stand established he will probably make 30k to 40k of of it.

Now it's time to expand! Lets say Mr Black goes to two of his surrounding cities and repeats this process. Mr Black is now net grossing anywhere from 90k to 120k. That's $120,000 per year. Mr black can't be everywhere at once so he will have to have someone to work his stands for him. In addition to that, every community has what we refer to as the I can get you anything man. More than likely Mr Black is that man in more than 1 community.

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cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 8 years ago from North Carolina

This is amazing how they make money, but I will tell you this money won't last long. After death, they have to answer the God, if they say they stole their way in life, it will be a shame to narrate that to God or even the loved ones they will meet after.

Tony 8 years ago

These people don't care about god. It's just work. They just spend it on drugs anyway what does it matter.

Andrew 8 years ago

Drugs? Ha. Unlike you, some of us have had to steal to pay bills, get our younger siblings a birthday present, or just to eat, because our shit 9-5 doesn't cover those things. Wake up. Not everyone does bad things for drugs you arrogant prick.

Andrews Mom 8 years ago

that's why u fail at life, andrew. That's no excuse. don't buy presents, don't eat out all the time, eat 99 cent store food like me, and stop racking up bills get some debt management assistance. that's why our people are stuck. think about god instead of the money, if we did our hoods would be safer. stupid nig gers.

that girl 8 years ago

its ok them god fearin christians think that people steal for their drug addictions, no worries i know where your coming from andrew. evryone will hit a hard time once in a while and honestly faith in an unseen god isn't going to help them. let them believe what they want and think that they are so much better but ill tell you this most of them are hippocrites!

Fu ck you andrews mom 8 years ago

your officially the worst person i've read about on the internet today. Your last comment was racist and uncalled for. I hope you die a terrible death in the very neer future.

and if its a question to anyone, i'm actually a white guy. I just hate ignorance.

chis mission 8 years ago

god isn't real

Karl Dauenheimer 8 years ago

Yeah these shoplifters do make money. I saw some guy at a Starbucks in Burlington Vermont stuffing like 5 packets of 15 dollar coffe into his jacket!

Hamburglar 8 years ago

Silly American Christians. I don't see why people shoplift at shit stores. I only lift from designer stores, thousands of dollars in one hit. [:

andrews mom, fu ck you 7 years ago

you stupid christian fu ck. god isn't real and if he was he wouldn't want a racist basterd like you into heaven. people like you need to be kicked in the head. seriously, go die. stealing is often a last resort to people who don't have the money, theres nothing wrong with that, they arent even hurting anybody (unless they are stealing from small stores, big stores like Wal-Mart couldn't care less they are making nuff profit as it is off fu cks like you)

missy 7 years ago

God is dead

village chillah 7 years ago

did this article about how shoplifters make money seriously turn into an argument about if god exists or not?? c'mon now y'all. this is about shopliftin'. get yo head in the motha' fucking game nigga! shoplifting is fun, but it still is risky. the best places to shoplift are yard sales, gnome sayin!!

Village chillah REPRESENT!!

kkkCrazyDragon 7 years ago

Fuck all da niggers , imma go beat my wife up for what u gay's are saying. Shut da f u c k up u stupid cocksuc kers. Go america

Luke Fondleberg 7 years ago

This thread is so full of trolls. D:

Also, Protip: The best place to lift for profit is Hottopic. Goths will pay reduculus prices for their metal-studded jeans and Invader Zim T-shirts.

Moderator 7 years ago

Sup racist bastards! Hey there homophobe!

The Man 7 years ago

God isn't real...he was made up back in older times so people would behave and stay obedient to their leaders...and God also explained a bunch of anomalies of existence that people back then couldn't figure out on their own. But now that humanity has become smarter and unthreaded more of the mysteries of our world, there honestly isn't really reason to believe in God anymore. Besides the fact he makes some people feel more comfortable and less frightened of death. But there are so many things humans have discovered in the past 500 that just proves God is nothing but a myth.

shopliftersruinmylife 7 years ago

i cant sleep tonight because i keep replaying all of the shoplifting incidents in one day at work today. mainly blacks. some black people work with white trash people in a scheme to distract the associates. i am so racist simply from working in retail. never had a reason to hate black people. but they make me so nervous its ruining my life. get a job u worthless race. shoplifting is cruel. blacks need to be shot.

been there done that 7 years ago

My favorite thing is when the 16 or 17 year old urban kids come into michaels arts and craft store and shoplift the little baggies for drugs, as if just being there shopping for yarn isn't suspicious enough. we really don't care about the product. we are reembursed by the police department, they installed a camera head at the end of the aisle and it helps them get a grip on who the players are in the washington DC metro area. there have been 11 meth/pot busts in 18 months and these dumb asses still cant figure it out.

Michaels 7 years ago

im 17 and i love michaels!! if i wanted to steal from there it wouldn't be because i wanted baggies. michaels has way cooler stuff than that

Theft King 7 years ago

120K is pretty good, but I have seen on ebay people sell stolen shit and can make like 30K a month. But I have definitely seen your system in full effect, hell I'm not judging you that's how some people get their bills paid. Not everyone can do the 9 to 5 job or work the multiple jobs to keep food on the table, some people have to resort to this, and I salute them for it because they go out there and they risk it all, their freedom and future, to get the money that they need to get by in life. People that say go out and get a real job can shut the fuck up, sometimes it's not that easy and theft is one of the few things someone can resort to.

George Cloomey 7 years ago

There is no god. The Bible is fiction. Get real.

defamous 7 years ago

i shoplift everyday.Only dumb people get caught.My store j.c penny for cloths.I'm a pro.

ScumBag 7 years ago

Try out this web site for Shoplifting Tips.

ScumBag 7 years ago


chevyfan 7 years ago

I make over $18,000 a year, thank you Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Macys!

donmajek 7 years ago

i have been looking for jobs for the past 1yr all to no good resort,im hungry, bills cant get paid.if i steal do i committ a sin.

Larry Pick Pocket 7 years ago

stealing is not a sin if you have to do it to survive...

big corporations rob every one blind every day, tesco for example pay milk farmers about 17p for every ltr of milk they buy from them, it costs 28p on average to make a ltr of milk so its day light robbery and plenty go out of business every year from this..


large corporations expect to lose about 25% of their profits every year from lost or stolen goods, because of this they add 25% to everything they sell to account for this loss..regardless if they only lose 1% of their stock, therefore they are stealing money from the public with unfair prices to line their pockets with even more BILLIONS of £s every year

i would never steal from a small local business but would have no problem skipping into my local tesco or asda and making what i can out of them, they don't care about you and they make BILLIONS every year in profits

btw im from the UK

Whatever 6 years ago

OMFG. All you people who think shoplifting is a crime up on your high horses like we care for your opinion are probably writin this shi t from your fancy computers in your nice suburban houses with your 2.8 kids etc. Just cause you've never had to miss a meal in your entire life to keep up with rent, don't judge us until you've been in our situations, assholes.

you don't know  6 years ago


FML for real 6 years ago

i am guilty of lifting many times. why? because i was homeless due to a landlord that felt the need not to let his tenets know that the bank foreclosed on the building. i had to do what i did...if it wasn't for lifting games and dvd's from walmart i wouldn't have this roof over my head and i would still be living on the streets with my child. oh get a job? i've been looking for over a year. it's hard to find a job when you live in one of the worst states when it comes to a job market. only "god" will judge me...and i'm sure he'll understand that i did what i had to do to survive.

SBAWalgreens 6 years ago

the economy is tough right now. i understand. but those who do it to buy their addiction are wrong. all in all. honestly who are we to judge? also its easy, i see it every day. i work retail. cops suck. my husband is one and damn it makes me mad. they don't care so i don't. i wont risk my life for 8$ an hr. don't do drugssss. :) thank you. ive stolen before. i cant sit here and act goody two shoes. oh well i made a mistake and now life is better. i hope everyones life improves.

atyougodnerds 6 years ago

Stop believing in this shit

Boingo 6 years ago

I am 19 years old, I have been homeless, jobless, starving, cold and had no one around to help; so ya, sometimes people need to take what they need to survive. And for all u ignorant, racist fucks on here spewing all that bullshit out your ugly little mouths, I am white as all hell... Does that change your opinion about your own race now u pieces of shit?

Unmoderated Comments LOL 6 years ago

I NEEDed it man. I was gonna STARVE AND FREEZE AND DIE. I have SIX CHILDRENS with DISEASES NAMED AFTER FAMOUS PEOPLE and I HAD TO steal those world of warcraft game time cards and ludacris CDs and SELL THEM ON EBAY or I would have ASPLODED!

Please. If you're really so hard up that you're going to starve or freeze, steal a coat or some food. Worthless thieves.

q80 6 years ago

never had a problem with money/putting food on table etc. just steal for the fun of it.

Pepe-head 6 years ago

Penis-penis penis

eirgeio 6 years ago

wooooow. Theres no problem n stealing if u have to 2 survive. Ive stolen things because of my previous drug habbit andddd iv also stolen because I needed to clothe and feed myself. And i think god would understand if u needed to steel for your life or lives of others; he loves every one of us more than we are capable of knowing. Funny how even the people who don't believe in him have such strong opinions about him eh. Why speak out against his name? And im not some rich boy goody goody either mane. I seen what the hood can do to ppl. FUCK all you racist faggots n ppl who can sit there and judge when u know u don't know what the fuck your talkn about.

theft 6 years ago

theft is more honest than working. At least there are then no illusions about the exploitation going on.

Captain Poo-Poo Pants 6 years ago

I think that you should only steal from big corporations like Walmart.

Walmart puts a lot of other businesses out of business, they treat their employers like shit, and they are basically a monopoly.

When they are one of the only few stores left, they will make their prices even higher. Low prices my ass.

Walmart deserves to be shoplifted!

unsure 5 years ago

Well when i was 15 ,4 years ago i had to get money to pay for a debt i owed about £300 dollars about $450 and me and my friend had a plan .We started at plymouth going up to bristol getting off at every stop steall 10 memory card which ended up being 108 memory card s then went onto ebay at £30 each i made £3000 we split it i paid my debt then gave the rest to cancer research who desevre it .Im now at uni doing a phd in medicine i don't judge shoplifter its better to judge murderes wife beaters and so one .Btw theese where from tescos and asdas.

eDUB 5 years ago

I steal everday, I take care of both my kids, one 10 and ones 6 months and myself... I work, pay taxes, all that... But hell the gvnmt has their hand so deep in my pocket (or paycheck) what choice do we all have? Be poor? Look broke? Let my kids go hungry or w/out clothes on their backs? Sure I get extras, stuff I jus "want" but wth I'm gettin stuff neway.... I do what I gotta do and ppl need to stop judging! Fuck these retail store.... That shit shouldn't be so expensive nedamway!

angel 5 years ago

Yeah ,tesco u big ole meanie , pickin on little ole me , I'm coming 2 the end of year ban soon , so I be back , I was a plonker gettin caught that where I went wrong &ive bin doing it since I was in nappys I'm sure of it ,the 5 finger discount has always worked 4 me.I only take little&often throu, Its the big gangs of eastern europeans I've seen doing it that they want 2 worry bout as they bad news &doing it big time in england now

angel 5 years ago

Yeah ,tesco u big ole meanie , pickin on little ole me , I'm coming 2 the end of year ban soon , so I be back , I was a plonker gettin caught that where I went wrong &ive bin doing it since I was in nappys I'm sure of it ,the 5 finger discount has always worked 4 me.I only take little&often throu, Its the big gangs of eastern europeans I've seen doing it that they want 2 worry bout as they bad news &doing it big time in england now

angel  5 years ago

Did,nt mean 2 submit that last comment twice by the way , but I did go rd big stores once with travellers they would stuff big wash bags with stuff in b&q ect &i would b their bloody donkey&go marchin out ,did look a bit sus as came after me but moter was parked rd corner ,so got away with it just ! Did that all day diff indust parks &sold dr 2 dr but made quite a bit 4 being 14 , I mean I'm 33 now but the urge will always b with me , needs must I guess as times is hard

angel 5 years ago

And I don't want 2 go heaven , I would not know any1 &would get lonely ,hells where the partys at ! I defo don't believe in the big man & I'm an angel , that's my name anyhow

kelly stuart adams 5 years ago

I spose cause we ave always done it , we don't see nowt wrong with it ! Almost all of the group of mates ave always&aways will 2 u grow up with em &if u get caught u get a slap on the wrists ,that's how it seems in soft touch britain really is swings&roundabouts as the amount of time I've been rip off in shops ,overcharged& wrong change u don't make a fuss but they would ave u nicked in an instand if other way round , so I aint got no quarrel about takin stuff &sellin it on &helpin others who can't afford full price of item+makin bit 4 myself &feelin good 4 helpin some1 else out.

bnb 5 years ago

Us pot-heads gotta hav money for our ganja..... can I get an amen?

Creative Jane 5 years ago

One question - how do I sell stolen goods at flea markets without getting caught?

CommonThief 5 years ago

Get sensormatic destacher hooks at - easi;ly remove clothing security tags!

GG gangstagoon 4 years ago

keep thinqz poppin i b steelin lyk 3 tymes a week u kno doe if im hugry i get dat candy from dat store

Emily Cruz profile image

Emily Cruz 4 years ago

lol, with all this non since. shopplifting is a sin and God will ignore u and u will pay for the consequences effortunatley if u get caught or even if u don't. WOW, I gotta say im 20yrs old, young and in love, but the very one time my hubby left my ass i choice to be with a guy who we called ourselfs Bonnie n Clyde lol. man was it fun, we nvr had money but we always made money, i ignores my mom , my family for all the wrong reasons bcuz i was addicted, i was spoiled. to b honest we use the money to party and for gas, it took me to Houston to Dallas and back to el Valle. i learned n expierenced that i did that cuz i was bored, towards the end it cost me, i got raped by that guy and i learned my lesson, nvr to steel, or do drugs, now im home all day everyday with my mommy who had been tryna tell me, and im single waiting for my love to let me walk back into his life, i will wait and wait, until i stop waiting i will move on.

sadbutrue 4 years ago

I was once a person who looked down on people who did these types of things, but God does forgive you, for ALL your Sins. People don't realize not everyone shoplifts to make money, they do it to feed their children when the State fails you, or to clothe their family etc. It becomes an addiction, I realized I had a problem and got help. I know that God will forgive me just as he will those that judge the people that do it. As one that has stolen in the past I don't have to answer to anyone just one person, just as you do

Sammie 3 years ago

this is... stupid.

big mike i thank 3 years ago

i love to shoper lifter and it makes me good crack

Andrews moms a nig ger 2 years ago

Your all black, you steal for crack

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