How To Tell When Bush, Cheney, Condi are Lying Courtesy of Frank Rich


9-17 [From Frank Rich's nyt column today]

"The untruths are flying to fast that untangling them can be a full-time job. Maybe that's why I am beginning to find Dick Cheney almost refreshing. As we saw on 'Meet the Press' last Sunday, these days he helpfully signals when he's about to lie. One dead giveaway is the word context, as in 'the context in which I made that statement last year.' The vice president invoked 'context' to try to explain away both his bogus predictions: that Americans would be greeted as liberators in Iraq and that the insurgency some 15 months ago) was in its 'last throes.'

The other instant tip-off to Chleney lie is any variation on the phrase 'I haven't read the story.' He told Tim Russert he hadn't read The Washington Post's front-page report that the bin Laden trail had gone 'stone cold' or the new Senate Intelligence Committee report contradicting the White House's prrewar hype about nonexistent links between Al Qaeda and Saddam. Nor had he read a Times fron-page article about his declining clout. Or the finding by Mohammed ElBaradei of the International Atomic Energy just before the war that there was 'no evidence of resumed nuclear activities' in Iraq. 'I haven't looked at it; I'd have to go back and look at it again.' he said, however nonsensically.

THESE VERBAL TICS ARE SO CONSISTENT THAT THEY SHOULD AMOUNT TO TRUTH IN PACKAGING--ALBEIT THE PACKAGING OF EVASIONS AND FALSEHOODS. By contrast Condi Rices's fictions, also offered in bulk to viewers to memorialize 9/11, are as knotty as a David Lynch screen play. Asked by Chris Wallace of Fox News last Sunday if she and the president had ignored prewar 'intelligence that contradicted your case, ' she refused to give up the ghost: 'We know that Zarqawi was running a poisons network in Iraq,' she insisted, as she continued to state again that 'there were ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda before the war....'


"It was in an interview with Ted Koppel for the Discovery Channel, though, that Ms. Rice rose to a whole new level of fictionalizing by wrapping a fresh layer of untruth around her most notorious previous fiction. Asked about her dire prewar warning that a smoking gun might come in the form of a mushroom cloud, she said that 'it wasn[t meant as hyperbole.' She also rewrote history to imply that she had been talking about the nexus between 'terrorism and a nuclear device' back then, not specifically Saddam--a rather deft verbal sleight of hand.

"Ms. Rice sets a high bar, but Mr. Bush, competitive as always, was not to be outdone in his Oval Office address. Even the billing of his appearance was fiction. 'It's not going to be a political speech,' Tony Snow announced, knowingf full well that the 17-minute text was largely Cuisinart scraps from other recent political speeches, including those at campaign fund-raisers..."

[Read the full text of Frank Rich's analysis of Bush administration lies in this morning's New York Times! His op-ed alone is worth the price of the Sunday paper.

If you're so inclined, you can also read an opposing view by Professor John Yoo, of the Law School at University of California at Berkeley and one of the prime architects of Bush's torture and prisoner detainee policies. His op-ed is entitled "How the Presidency Regained its Balance." This at a time when it looks to most of us as if the Presidency has lost its balance!]

CHENEY: THE FATAL TOUCH by Joan Didion in The New York Review of Books, October 5, 2006

For any of you skeptics about Bush administration lies, read Joan Didion's article linked below about Dick Cheney who is the source of many or even most of them. Didion provides chapter and verse on Cheney from how he weaseled his way into Yale, flunked out after three semesters. became Donald Rumsfeld's pull-toy and the rest was history. Together they managed to "marginalize Nelson Rockefeller as vice president and edge him off the 1976 ticket. They mayaged the replacement of Walter Colby as CIA chief with George H.W. Bush" and engineered the replacement of James Schlesinger as secretary of defense with Rumsfeld himself.

Didion's article is fascinating and it details Cheney's lies and prevarications leading up to the invasion of Iraq and since, most recently last week on Meet the Press.

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bellow 10 years ago

Great Hub! We need more like it!

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 10 years ago Author

Thanks! I thought Frank Rich's column was so good that I decided to share it.

Reality Check 10 years ago

Mr.Ralph Deeds has never spoken more truth

in his entire life.

Reality Check 10 years ago

Mr.Ralph Deeds has never spoken more truth

in his entire life.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 10 years ago Author

Thanks for your comment! We are on the same wavelength! Bush is the worst president since Warren G. Harding.

Secret Hymns 10 years ago

Great hub, I can never tell when either of them are telling the tuth, maybe because they are always lying.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 10 years ago Author

There's been "a whole lotta lyin' goin' on!"

Tim Hollis profile image

Tim Hollis 9 years ago

Exactly. And we should face the fact that there is no opposition party. This is the darkest age since the discovery of fire. I try to ridicule them out of office but so far it hasn't worked. Another way to tell when they're lying is to note that their mouths are open.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

Ahha. I came to your place looking for that liberal anti-semite Jew hub, and saw this!

Did you see that woman from Code Pink try to arrest Rove?....It might be coming for all of them soon, who knows. One can only hope.

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