Humans Impact On Nature:Part Two

Maine:The Way Life should Be (If People Would Stop Ruining It)

In Part One of this Hub series, I introduced the woods that are behind my house in Maine. The entrance is at the end of my road, and when you first approach, it looks like a beautiful, peaceful place. Some of it is. But most of it has been destroyed my man, turned into a dumping ground by those that have settled around the woods.

I took these photographs over a span of about two months for my college Photography class this past fall and early winter. During that time it snowed and melted a few times, creating such different backdrops for the trash that litters the area. I also noticed that not only did nature change the appearance of the woods, but someone was continuing to dump things in the woods during this duration. A few large peices of garbage were added. I was happy to note that along the edge where the woods meet the houses, a bunch of garbage was picked up. Maybe someone saw me sniffing around with my camera and felt guilty. Good.

Above are two different views on the main path leading into the woods, one before the snow, and one, obviously after it fell. In my last series of pictures, I concentrated on the streams that flow to the right of the path. In this, Part Two, I will show you things I saw along the path, and a few things I saw off the path and just had to get a closer look. One in particular that I had to get closer to was the ladder and piles of tires. There was so much other stuff out there, as if someone is trying to build a fort or something. Bored teenagers, no doubt. Its nice they are out in nature, but come on... This is what the beauty of nature is now because of those out there who just don't care:

Just reviewing these pictures makes my heart a little sad, contributing to the anxiety I've always experience when really contemplating humanities long term impact on Earth. Some of the trash that has been dumped here is hard to even see at first glance, as nature is trying to reclaim it. But the things we leave behind will remain far after we are gone, and these woods are just a tiny example of what some people have done and continue to do.

Oh, and on my way out, I noticed, the cigarette butt was still there, layered in ice, becoming one with the sheet that covered the trail.

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 3 years ago

Wow, after looking at this it really makes you think about putting trash in containers. I am very careful to do this in general, but it does make you think. The photos make me sick to my stomach! I remember when we lived in the beautiful mountains of Virginia you would sometimes come upon scenes like this. What a shame. Voted way up!

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

teaches12345 thank you so much for voting it up! It is a shame. It could be such a beautiful place but I end up feeling grimy when I linger in there too long. I would love to be able to clean it up, but I can't afford the dump, which is probably the reason why others unload their trash their too. Maybe someday I can figure out a way to clear it out, but my fear is that two weeks later it would look just the same.

Thanks again!

JimTxMiller profile image

JimTxMiller 3 years ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

I know it's no consolation to mention that this is not a problem in the Maine woods only. Dumping is a blight on nature everywhere in this country. Your photos document the issue beautifully.

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Yes, sadly, I know this. I was born in California and lived in Florida for a while and there are more signs of humans then nature in the places I lived. That is why I fell in love with Maine, with its abundant nature, so its sad to see it that way. Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed my photographs!

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