Humor/Satire: A Saul-ution?

Back to basics; not too late, yet!

Let's caucus everywhere; there's gotta be a solution!
Let's caucus everywhere; there's gotta be a solution! | Source

There's gotta be a way....

There's gotta be a way to govern this country better! There's just gotta be a way.

Let's put our heads together over a bowl of peanuts, toss the shells on the floor for now; skip the $1000 a plate dinners for the fat cats, and figure this one out.

Anybody for tea first?

The first suggestion? Well that's an interesting one, "administrative leave for all the Rep.s and Senators"? Hmmm, unpaid leave I presume. Can't be adding to the deficit they created, along with those other pontificators from the past. For now, let's keep that one active and see what other ideas we can come up with. Okay? (Sure would stop a lot of those senseless arguments, though. Might even get those representative and senatorial types back home for awhile with us regular folks, if we could even get them to leave the bright lights of DC.)

Now that's an interesting one! You say "elect robots." How would that jibe with the Constitution? We'd have to have robots that were old enough to run; sex would be no problem (and their non-sex would likely even be an advantage!); can't discriminate against them; and, we could pre-program them to not pass laws without consulting with us first! Can't order them in from Japan, though; no foreigners allowed in Congress; we'd have to get them from Detroit, and that might slow down the assembly lines there, after we've already paid to bail them out several times.) Take a lot of thought on this one, but we can keep this suggestion active, too.

Wow! You suggest "electing a king"? For life, I imagine; with a right of succession? Sure would cut down on all that future political fund raising, the expenses of running the presidential electons, and all that. Might just turn the Treasury Department or the Federal Reserve into a palace: "the king in his counting house counting out the money" sort of thing. Of course the spending on political ads has been slowing the disappearance of newspapers, and helping the big radio and TV hubs. Then again, who watches them anymore anyway! And none of that spending was helping libraries, schools, or even the AMA, (Can't figure out why the AMA "pays" so much for those campaigns now, if they don't get anything out of it; or the National Rifle Association either, for that matter! What are they "hunting" for in Congress anyway!?)

Let's have a preliminary vote on these three latest ideas. Anybody want to make a motion for a vote?

Pass the peanuts please.

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Just thinking out loud....

Have you a pet solution for better governance? (If so, try to politely comment below, please.)

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Caucus anyone? Here are the supplies....

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April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 5 years ago from Arizona

This made me smile. I didn't know you could discuss anything without a $1000 dinner or a round of golf! They are probably allergic to the peanuts.

gjfalcone profile image

gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

Turn back time...Or just get money out of the game

Gomoerenuourf 4 years ago

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Anadirunika 4 years ago

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Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 4 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

Comments from far and wide are always welcomed here, as long as they address the Hub's topic. One from Germany addressed the Cruise divorce and custody! Not exactly satirical or humor, although they did "elect" to live together and create a child.

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