Hypocrisy bred by the Journalists

Hypocrisy bred by the Journalists

The standard of journalism in utilitarianism will be to the level of the correctness of the faith of the journalist. The faith of the journalist must not be heaved and pulled by the fallacies of weak faith and the strongest content of it must be justice. Their faith fundamental what they follow must contain Justice as the anchor sheath of the faith. But we see the Sunni journalists are devoid of it. In their faith fundamental, the justice is missing and hence they are not bound to practice it as it is not declared to be pursued by them by the ethics of their faith.

Having said that we notice in recent day’s 24 – 25 June 2011 Mehar Bokhari, Asma Chaudhari, Hamid Meer in the TV presentations take up the issue of the usage of the word Molvi by President Zardari, who contradistinguishes the qualities of Nawaz Sharif and Ziaul Haque with that of a Molvi whose trait they adopt at the cost of disaster. In one case to the Army and in the other case to the nation by leading the nation to put on the Molvi cap Ziaul Haque introduced in the army. They call such panellists in the talk show as Mushahid Ullah Khan who uses the word of Kum Zarf for Asif Ali Zardari and not sees his own stature, and that other desperate PML politicians Abid Sher Ali who is ready to pull out his gun and uses all the slang in the vocabulary of the Urdu language to de-rate Zardari and then there is Ahsan Iqbal of the PML-N - the extreme loyalist of Nawaz Sharif who even at the cost of surrendering his Eeman is ready to cross all limits in presenting distorted truth.

And look at the disjointed composition of words not matching in context and weight by the journalist Irfan Siddiqui in his article of 26 June, Ustadiyan. This is shocking expression of a top class Urdu column writer so drenched in hate that his rational thinking abandoned him and he dropped him in the pool of discredit doing disservice to Urdu in order to de-rate Asif Ali Zardari. He writes:

Agar Zaheri Alfaz, Lab-o-Lahja, Ghan Garaj, Tana Zani, Alqab Tarashi, Tashbihat wa Istearat, Utar Charhao, Fan-e Khetabat ki Rangeeni, Adakari, Sadakari Aur Taqreer Ki Umoomi Lazzat Ko Thordi Dair kay Liyay Aek Taraf Rakhtay Hooay Poori Sandeejgi Say Gaur Kiya Ja-ay Kih Iss Aatish Bayani Aur Shola Feshani Ka Haqeeqi Hadaf Kaun Thha Aur Zaher Mein Bujhay Saray Teer Dar Asl Kis Shakhsiyat kay Seenay Mein Pewast Ho Ga-ay to Ooska Nam Haai ....Asif Ali Zardari, Kash Oonhein Yeh Nukta Taqreer Say Qabl Samjha Diya Jata.

If the apparent words, the tone of voice, the bombast, sarcasm, similes and metaphors, rise and fall, the colouring of the art of speaking, acting, voice articulation and the general tastiness of the speech leaving that for a moment aside deep thought is given that this fiery statement and the inflamed sweeping’s real target who was and all the arrows quenched in poison in reality in which personality’s chest they pierced in then his name is .....Asif Ali Zardari, wish this point was made plain to him before the speech.

Then he writes in this hate article:

Chhoti Khopridyan Aur Gaz Gaz Bhar Lambi Zubanein Rakhnay Wala Aek Taefa Onkay Nauratnoan Mein Shumar Honay Laga Haai. Yeh Zardari Sahib Ki Naheen Pakistani Qaum Ki Kum Nseebi Haai Kih Sab Say Barday Riyasati Mansab Par birajman, Wafaq Ki Yakjahti Ki Alamat, Qaumi Iftekhar wa Weqar Ki Nishani Aur Pakistan Kay Almi Tashakhus Ki Tarjuman Shakhsiat Jin-se Bazar Qism Kay Tiflan Khood Mamleh Kay Narghay Mein Chali Ja-ay.

Small skulls and yard, yard long tongues owner’s group (of street actors and dancers) is counted in his Nauratan – nine talents (the cabinet of nine talented of Emperor Akbar). This is not Zardari Sahib’s but the truncated fortune of the people of Pakistan that on the seat of the highest post of the state, the symbol of the unity of the federation, the token of the nationalistic distinction and honour and the identity for the world recognition for the interpretation of Pakistan goes in the circle and bondage of the kind of the market place kinds of kids of self indulgence.

Nothing can be worst than this write up. This is height of gibberish in the name of journalism. The prejudicial mind of the journalist brands qualified ‘Advisers’ in the circle of the President Tiflan – kids and Jins-e Bazar – the grains in the market or street boys. We do not like this kind of braying by our journalists and our class of students of journalism exposed to this kind of indecent scandalous Urdu. There must be a decency box and the journalist must stay within that box. These Molvis of the journalism are doing the utmost to harm the integrity of the country.

Then Mehar Bukhari, Asma Chuadhari and Hamid Meer are such educated illiterates and unlettered orators and such skeptics that aggressiveness, sneakiness, belying and contortion will be twiddling thumbs before them. Mehar Bukhari says, ‘She sees in it Shia prejudice, what if he was taunted of the title of Zakir.’ This woman anchor has gone berserk in her prejudicial mind because of no training in Adl- the justice, since she comes from a Sunni training house in Fiqah. And together they are blind to truth or conveniently pose so to hood wink truth. They interrupt when the argument is going against their projected goal of running down the government and to jack up the agenda of Talebenization. They might be knowing all along the truth, but are wilful distortionist of facts to divert the attention of the public from the real issue and let them not embark on assessing the demerits of their idol Nawaz Sharif, Mulla Umar and Ziaul Haque.

The capacity and in extents the meaning of the word Molvi is a jovial heritage of the Islamic culture. It is being played upon and narrowed down in conveyance of senses by these severely restricted and blinded to truth journalists who are twisting its meaning and pouring in their sentiments to arouse feelings against President Zardari. When the incumbent tries to present him as Molvi and is only deceiving himself and harming the fellow citizens he is sarcastically called a Molvi. These journalists have a lot to learn from their colleague and compatriot Nazeer Naji who describes of Ziaul Haque who tries to play the Molvi and ruins the fine institution of the Army with the infiltration of the Taliban edicts and precepts, pushing them to Jihad Fi Sabilallah.

Now according to the Shia jurisprudence no Jihad is possible to be taken up to conquer territories unless attacked by an aggressor and then the counter attack is organised as retaliation. But this Molvi General so corrupted the fighting machine of Pakistan that he put them in the uniform of the Molvi with Imam in every unit in created mosque and organised Qirat competition. The army is not a competition house for Qirat, but their job is to keep the guns oiled and greased. The little head of the Molvi general Ziaul Haque did not understand that. And at the same time he removed the slogan of Ya Ali, replacing it with Ya Allah, one is slogan of bravery which suits the soldier and one is slogan of Sufi, following Gnosticism which suits the hermits. Now if Asif Ali Zardari uses the word Molvi for him and for one who was under his parentage and tutelage – Nawaz Sharif, who vowed to carry through his agenda at his grave, this is not denigrating the word but using it as adjective to elaborate a fundamental fallacy in the thinking of the incumbents.

Nawaz Sharif in his campaign to down grade the army says words of praises for the soldier but word of condemnation for the general. If the top politician of the country uses such unholy trickery to score points for him and the journalist are guilty of supporting him, then either are enemies of peace and progress in the country.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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