I Don't Understand Why We Are Keeping Silent

     I don't understand why Obama and his administration are not doing anything about the situation that is becoming violent and the number of deaths are rising on a minute by minute status. After reading a article at Huffington Post I found out today that a young Iranian musician named Neda was shot in the heart and died. She has come a martyr to the cause that the Iranians are trying to rise to our and the world's attention. How many more innocent lives and blood needs to be shed before the US and the UN does something about this terrible act of injustice to a people who just wanted the right to vote a leader in to represent their ideals and run a country to help them out, instead of outside interests.

     We have done the same thing in voting in a person who at a time still held those same beliefs, but at this time is being engulfed with negative ratings and slurs from the opposing Republican party. So, as a citizen reporter I am blogging today to say that I will call my state senator's office and ask why the president and our government are not taking a more opposing stand against the blood stain that has become another part of what our country represents to her people and the world.

     We need to make a stand against the ongoing slaughter of a people who are willing to be a dead martyr to represent how strongly they believe in their cause of freedom for every man, woman, and child in Iran. Are we as a a country willing to do the same for them? I think we need to look deep within our own selves, go behind what is worrying and troubling us, take a stand and do something, before things get much worth in Iran. How can we say that our country believes in a system where the people are the voice of a government and yet our voices are silent in what is happening right this minute in Iran?

     I for one have been silent too long, worrying about my own personal finances, or anything that has keep my mind troubled. I want to use the right to voice my own concern and wouldn't we want the same for us from our neighbors, if the same thing was happening in this country. I think we have taken our rights for granted and haven't suffered what it is to be ruled by one Regine that is still in power.

     It sounds a lot like being under the last administration for eight years, and we have forgotten what it was like to have our rights snuffed out, right under our noses.

     Now, we fought to have the right person or persons in office to represent our country and now that our neighbors are having the same trouble, we don't do anything. I think that is wrong, don't you agree with me on that issue. So, let's all stand together and speak out against this injustice. We need to contact our state senators and voice our concern on what is happening in Iran and stop the blood shed of innocent citizens who just want the same change, we at a time wanted too. Are you with me on this? Than, let's do it.

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tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

In 1953 Iran was a democracy , then the USA assisted In putting the Shah of Iran In power . The man was a brutal dictator but we did not care as he served our Interest . And the end result of that was the Revolution of 1979 that put the Ayatollah In power . Now that the younger and more hardwired generation of Iranians are coming of age , they are fed up with the theocracy and I am sad to say It has to be their battle . I am not real hot on alot of Obamas policies , howver on this one he has It right . The USA has a history of meddling In world affairs that has been part of the resentment many countries have felt toward us In the past .

Obama Is playing It right this time . It Is not our business to Intervene In the affairs of Iran , they are sovereign . I agree that what they are doing to those protestors Is horrible . And that video of Neda Agha Sultan Is just sickening . I feel for the Iranians and I wholeheartedly support them In their quest to end the theocracy under which they live . However all we can do Is be spectators and not meddle. There Is a book by a man named Chalmers Johnson called " Blowback " . You should read It and you might understand why we cannot Interfere In Iran

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