Contrary to Bush Claims, Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terroism Threat

"A stark assessment of terrorism trends by American intelligence agencies has found that the American invasion and occupation of Ipraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept 11 attacks.

"The classified National Intelligence Estimate attributes a more direct role to the Iraq war in fueling radicalism than that presented either in recent White House documents or in a report released Wednesday by the house Intelligence Committee, according to several officials in Washington involved in preparing the assessment or who have read the final document.

"The intelligence estimatek, completed in April, is the first formal apprai9sal of global terrorism by United States intelligence agencies since the Iraq war began, and represents a consensus view of the 16 disparate spy services inside government. Titled 'Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States,' it asserts that ISLAMIC TERRORISM, rather than being in retreat, has METASTASIZED AND SPREAD ACROSS THE GLOBE."

[Comment: Is this really a surprize to anyone? Many informed people have been saying the same thing for two years or more.

It may take a lifetime to correct the mistakes of the Bush administration. He has started a war he can't finish. He has put the country into debt, allowed religion to trump science in government policies in many areas, and failed to develop an effective energy policy.]

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