Judge Charles
Judge Charles
Governor Christie
Governor Christie

Sharia Law in Marraige

The treatment of Muslim women by their spouses has received a lot of attention here in America, where women have rights, equal opportunities and are respected. We find it appalling that Muslim women are treated as chattel and mistreated but the abuse is greater than that which we see on the surface. Some women live in a quiet hell all of their lives.

Dr. Rabia Ameen of General Hospital said “On average we deal with five cases of spousal rape every week and 90 percent of these cases occur within the first two weeks of marriage. Young brides aren’t aware that they have the right to put a stop to intercourse and we often see severe tearing and heavy bleeding in young women. I have lost count of the number of times I have simply stitched a vaginal tear and prohibited the couple from having intercourse for six weeks. The women almost always come back with the same problem because their spouses refuse to listen.”

Dr. Asmah Mehmood of Pakistan said, “Very few women in Paskistan actually have a healthy sexual relationship with their spouses. Abuse is common and so is violence.”

In Britain reported in the UK Independent in October of 2010, Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed issued statements sanctioning forced marital sex when he said, “Clearly there cannot be rape within the marriage, maybe aggression, maybe indecent activity. Sheikh Sayeed was speaking for the Islamic Sharia Council in the UK. He stated that in Islamic Sharia, rape is adultery by force. So long as the woman is his wife it cannot be termed as rape.

There are sixteen Sharia Courts in Britain and 85 Sharia Tribunals dishing out this kind of law.

So, you say it could never happen in America?

Phyllis Chesler in Pajamas Media writes about a case in New Jersey wherein a Muslim woman from Morocco had proven in court that she was a victim of horrendous sexual violence and had obtained a restraining order. A New Jersey judged reversed the decision because of Sharia law.

According to Fox News Judge Joseph Charles in denying the restraining order to the woman after her divorce ruled that her ex-husband felt he had behaved according to his Muslim beliefs and that he did not have criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault his wife.

Fortunately an appellate court overturned this ruling. The husband also faces criminal prosecution on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated assault and criminal restraint, officials said

Judge Charles is a former New Jersey state senator and did not comment on this reversal. He is not a Muslim.

One cannot help but question the recent appointment to the bench of Sohail Muhammad by Governor Christie. Sohail Muhammad is a Muslim and an attorney who represented Imam Qatanani an admitted member of the terrorist group Hamas, and whom Sohail befriends on a personal level. With ties to the Muslim Brotherhood one wonders why Governor Christie has solicited their help with his campaign.

The huge question is can a Muslim be a US judge? Muslims that are devout and adhere to the tenets of their religion believe the women can be sexually used by their husbands and that it is their duty to submit. So how can a Muslim be a judge in our country? How many rulings will we see similar to that of Judge Charles?


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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

I wrote about Sharia law and the American Bar Associations defense of it this morning. If Sharia becomes accepted in our courts we are doomed. Voted up useful and awesome.

Josak profile image

Josak 5 years ago from variable

America constitutionally grants religios freedom and the law grants equal rights and protection from discrimination based on your religion, offcourse a muslim can be a judge aas long as he doesn't hold the extreme tenets of his religion, just like a christian can be a judge so long as he doesent believe in stoning people to death for working on sundays or killing women who aren't virgins on their wedding nights (both ordered in the bible). When you write biased religiously intolerant rubbish like this you are undermining the very basis of this country. As for Sharia law I hate it, just as much as I hate true Christian law.

mslizzee profile image

mslizzee 5 years ago from Buncombe County, NC Author

Christians have evolved over the centuries and no longer stone people.

Muslims however are busy stoning, decapitating,

cutting off arms, fingers and legs, hanging and whatever evil, disgusting atrocities they can think up.EVERY SINGLE DAY THEY MURDER , , ,READ THE NEWS.

Also, friend, Islam is not a religion. It is an evil ideology that celebrates SHaria Law and all the above.

Josak profile image

Josak 5 years ago from variable

Well having read the Koran and the Bible I find the former slightly better. As for corporal punishment, who are we to jusdge another legal system, the US still puts people to death, whose to say a flogging or amputation is not an acceptable method of punishment? I would rather lose a finger than go to jail for sure. Having said that I don't like Islam I see this dispassionately and with clarity all three judeo based religions are equally bad they are all full of hate an opression, as for Christianity if you think its stopped chopping things up have a quick look at the Rwandan massacre, I was there, the christian priests and clergy calling for blood trhough the radio, while on the street devout followers cut off the arms and legs of men, women and children and threw them helpless into lakes and rivers so that limbless and unable to swim they would drown. If you think Christians are any better its only because you havn't seen the reality.

mslizzee profile image

mslizzee 5 years ago from Buncombe County, NC Author

You've been watching too many movies dude. You're confused as to who does what to whom.

Perhaps you need to broaden your reading to include the Hadith and Sunnah.

Josak profile image

Josak 5 years ago from variable

AHAHAHAH watching too many movies? I was there working with the Red Cross as a volunteer I saw these things with my own eyes. I have read the Hadiths but not the Sunnah I will do that now. Having said that I stand by my inital point, if you read the bible you will find evil orders in there too.

mslizzee profile image

mslizzee 5 years ago from Buncombe County, NC Author

I have no idea what your point is.

Christians have become civilized thanks to Jesus. That's what Jesus was all about.

Muslims cling to their 7th century ideology and follow a prophet that was a brutal murderer, a pedophile and a really bad dude.

Now buzz off.

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