If Winning is Based On Rallys, then Trump is Going to Win: Trump Rallys are Awesome. Hillary's Rallys are Lame!

Trump Rallys Pack Them In!

Trump Rallys vs. Hillary's Rallys

Okay. So I did it.

I spent quite a bit of time watching some of Hillary's rallys. I've read again and again on various sites that she only gets a small amount of people there. I wanted to find out for myself.

After trying to attend one of Trump's rallys, I can actually make a comparison. Let me give a brief review of the experience I had attending one of Trump's rallys in Daytona Beach. The line was literally wrapped around the block to get inside and in the line was every race, color and nationality. There wasn't only one line that literally extended over a quarter of a mile, there were two of them. People were amazingly pleasant and excited only hoping to get inside. When it was about 15 minutes before Trump would be on stage, the odds of getting inside started to fade, but no one left. The Trump supporters waited ever patiently hoping that they would possibly be let in. It was an Amazing experience. When Trump finally arrived with his barrage of black Lincoln Navigators, it was so obvious that we weren't going to get inside because the place was already packed to the max and the fire marshal wasn't going to let even one soul more in.

However, still no one left. Finally, one of the security guards came outside and told us that no one else was going to be let in. Still, no one left. It was a full 15 minutes more before anyone budged and we started to realize that we might not be able to get inside to be a part of this rally. Take into account that all of this took place in the Hot Florida sun in middle of one of the Hottest summer months. No one seemed to care at all.

Just to get a chance to see Trump in person was worth the wait even though we never actually saw him. The stadium held over 15,000 people and it was filled to the brink with that many people still waiting outside to get inside.

So, back to my original point. I have spent the last little while going over some of Hillary's rallys. One was filmed in what looks like a high school gym. People are filling the room, but it is by no means packed. There weren't 15,000 people outside waiting to get in and likely barely 500 people in the room. The people were enthused at least somewhat, but it was by no means the experience I had at a Trump rally, the kind of experience that has been repeating itself again and again at rallys across the nation for Trump. Trump supporters are over the top excited to be a part of his movement and they go out of their way to see him and support him a whole lot more than Hillarys. I can see why Hillary has been sabotaging (a fact that has been proven in the Veritas tapes) Trump's rallys because he is obviously making a stronger impact than she is.

Hillary's Rallys are Lame!

200 Million People Registered to Vote; 43% Independent

Hillary said at one point in her speech that there are over 200 million people registered to vote, which she claims is the most in our history ever registered to vote. A side note is that over 43 percent of Americans registered to vote are Independents and not Democrat or Republican. How will those people vote? If they are like me, they dropped the Democratic party and stepped over to the other side, but no one knows it yet, because they haven't voted.

I've looked around my neighborhood. One of the black people in my neighborhood has a Hillary sign in her yard and that's the only one for as far as anyone can see. African Americans are supposed to be one of her strongest supporters. Trump signs are running rampant in almost every yard. As an Irish person, I can relate to that. We too were slaves at one point in our life, but we just don't have the longevity for someone telling us what to do. The black man, however, is really good at doing something again and again and doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I'm not racist. All of my friends are black at this point. One supports Trump. The other supported Hillary until I educated her on that woman's practices, which was a very difficult process to get my friend not vote Democrat even though she didn't like Hillary. I don't expect but a few black votes for Trump and I don't think that it's for any other reason than they are Obama supporters and they tend to vote Democrat and it's hard for them to change that. An Independent website I just went to said that exact fact and that after generations of voting Democrat there are some African Americans who are voting Independent. Trump has stated that he's planning on offering African Americans a part of the success, which is a whole lot more than Obama has done for his own race in my opinion.

So, even though Hillary is really excited that over 200 million people have registered to vote, do you really think that they are coming out for someone who has sold her soul to the highest bidder and is a part of the establishment that doesn't want change unless it means more money in her pocket. Are all of those voters really excited that a woman is running in this race. Really?

The answer shows in the rallys. Hillary's rallys are really lame whereas Trump's rallys across the nation are like the one in Sanford, Florida just last week where they had to move the rally from the airplane hangar (extremely large) because it wasn't large enough to hold all the people. They moved it out on the tarmac so that the thousands and thousands of people could see Trump. If you don't believe me, check it out on YouTube. According to a website, Trump got a phone call on the way to the Sanford rally. They told him that they have a problem. He said what's the problem? They said the people won't fit in the hangar. He said that's the kind of problem I like to have.

Trump is touching the very soul of this country and rallying people to come and be a part of something great. Join the winning side if you haven't already.

Go Trump!

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Kathleen Cochran profile image

Kathleen Cochran 4 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

People like to go to the circus and see the freaks.

NikaWest profile image

NikaWest 4 months ago from Sunny Florida Author

You're delusional. There weren't that many protesters there. Amazingly enough.

lions44 profile image

lions44 4 months ago from Auburn, WA

This is satire, right? Maybe I'm not getting it.

I hope it is. I normally don't call people out but I'm compelled to ask: Do really mean the following statement?:

"The black man, however, is really good at doing something again and again ... I'm not racist. All of my friends are black at this point."

That is a nutty statement, if you meant it.

NikaWest profile image

NikaWest 4 months ago from Sunny Florida Author

Totally meant it. It's true. So I'm not sure what you are asking?

lions44 profile image

lions44 4 months ago from Auburn, WA

If you can't see how awful that statement is, I don't know what else to say...

George Wallace on Line 1.

NikaWest profile image

NikaWest 3 months ago from Sunny Florida Author

Are you black?

lions44 profile image

lions44 3 months ago from Auburn, WA

No. But your question says it all. Wow.

NikaWest profile image

NikaWest 3 months ago from Sunny Florida Author

According to the statistics I just looked up on Auburn, Wa, there are 3,000 blacks in your town of 70,000 people. That's about 5 percent. The thought that you are say that statement is awful and you're not black and you live in an area where there is little to no black culture, makes me laugh. "If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing," (Kingsley Amis)

NikaWest profile image

NikaWest 3 months ago from Sunny Florida Author

Trump! Trump! Trump!

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