The All-Seeing Eye: Mind Reading and Your Right to Privacy

When you saw this article's title and decided to read it, you were probably wondering if maybe I had watched The Men Who Stare at Goats a few too many times or maybe if I was just one of those people who visits their local psychic every week to get the latest winning lottery numbers. But, in fact, neither is the case. I have only seen the movie once and choose my lottery numbers the way any logical person who understands the way odds work does... I check the fortune cookie that comes with my Chinese egg rolls. Duh!

What got me to write about the subject of mind reading was instead an article on the news regarding the government's advances in this science. Wait a minute, I thought. Did this story on a well respected news channel just call mind reading science? A quick search on the internet found several such stories. These were reports written by respected newsmen based on information obtained from leading scientists. These scientists were men who clearly knew what they were talking about. That was when I started getting scared.

The specific branch of scientific study that mind reading falls under is neuroscience. This is the study of the human brain and central nervous system. Scientists have been researching how our brains work probably since the beginning of scientific study as we know it. As much as man longs to understand the world around him, he desires to truly understand himself even more. But now this branch of study seems to be bringing us rapidly to an ethical crossroads that promises to be more controversial and more heatedly debated that any other since the question of cloning human beings made the news.

Where We Are Now

Perhaps the first thing that might surprise you is how far science has come in its quest to understand the mind and how it works. Already, under the right conditions, sophisticated equipment can scan the brain revealing information such as certain languages the subject can read and what sleeping individuals are dreaming about. This can be done because scientists have discovered exactly which parts of the brain are associated with certain thoughts and processes. Apparently, as much as we all like to consider ourselves individuals, we still use the same part of our brains to read Portuguese.

But it goes beyond simply matching the parts of the brain to thoughts associated with a particular item or process. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University were able to predict what the brain would look like if an individual were shown objects for which no previous data existed based on previous responses to similar items. Their predictions were not perfect, but they were amazingly close. And in the coming years, that accuracy is expected to improve to the point of perfection.

Where Are We Headed?

Eventually, the advances being made in brain scanning are expected to give us the ability to determine when someone is lying, when someone is not being forthcoming and even who is a potential criminal. Remember Minority Report? Things getting a little freaky? While these tools could do a lot of good if put to the right uses, where to draw the line is going to be a very difficult question to answer. And what if the technology ends up in "the wrong hands"?

This technology will make it possible to have virtually foolproof lie detectors tests. Police will be able to obtain information from suspects with or without their cooperation. Employers will be able to discover practically anything about applicants without a background check (or even checking Facebook *gasp*). Criminals released from prison could be fully monitored to be sure they do not repeat offenses. It will even be possible to know if they intend to break more laws. Those unjustly imprisoned would be able to prove their innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But what if those lie detector tests are being used to determine who has been speaking out against an unjust system? What if the police using the technology are corrupt and simply eliminating their competition? What if that employer simply does not want to hire anyone that might join a union? Suppose a corrupt probation officer wanted to know which ex-convicts were open to illegal schemes they hoped to organize? Will the good the technology can do outweigh the potential; harm? We are the ones who must choose the right path. Are you ready?

This same technology will make it possible for the government to know how you will vote, what things could change your mind and how to manipulate you to get the result they desire. It will reveal all your secret fantasies to anyone with the authority to scan your brain or anyone smart enough to do so without authority. This technology has the potential to display every black mark on your soul if we allow it.

Clearly we have some important decisions to make. Under what circumstances would a brain scan be justified? Does a brain scan violate an individual's Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination? Do we trust our government enough to allow them the use of this powerful... well, should we call it a tool or a weapon? Again, it really depends on how it is put to use and we (you know... "we the people") are going to have to make those tough decisions.

How concerned are you about the prospect of mind reading becoming scientific fact?

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LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

I think as politicians as those who try to control others and others thoughts, but is where the control comes? I think of "FLORIDE", "MK-ULTRA", "HAARP" AND "THE BLUE BEAM PROJECT" as parts of the interference. How far has the control of people have we let ourselves be taken? Have we let our government, our churches, our media, our doctors take over what we think and perceive? We could even think of the frequencies that are being generated by cell-towers, communication outfits and electrical grids lending to our control.

MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 5 years ago

I just want to say that this system has been perfected. Indeed, any dark blotch on the human soul can be read (or at the very least predicted with an extremely high degree of accuracy). There's a big movement going on where people are being harassed and bothered until they either give themselves to God or else succumb to a very powerful, integrated group-mind.

I'm just curious: what if the Ultimate test was being given to individuals? Would you sacrifice your life for others, so that they may live and not die? What if you knew that this game was all about determining who would be chosen to go to Heaven or stay on a Hellish Earth controlled by manichean psychic Laws with deletion from your own body as a potential consequence?

This ALREADY may be the situation. I've experienced attempts to control the CONTEXT of reality. What is this or that all about? Notice how old songs actually can be made to feel as though they are "about you" with very negative messages. You can be "stalked" by the music they play in various commercial establishments. Life can be made to look AND FEEL VERY CRUMMY if the powers that be should wish it.

The key for thought-criminals like myself is really to be as deceptive, unattached and willing to think whatever it takes to maximize control of your own personal reality. This is why everything sucks so bad......people have been "broken" and retrained along various "social programs". Those "too-perfect-missing-something" faces, their ability to point out thoughts you've never voiced......feeling your muscles twitch like a muscle-stimulator was directly-attached to your body, ear-ringing that possesses a SPECIFIC RHYTHYM which causes varying degrees of physical pain/portraying you doing the last thing you'd ever want to do in the portion of your mind that "sees" (your visual imagination). These are the modern-day consequences of having a "socially-destabilizing personality".

The good news is that you can choose Christ as your personal savior and be willing to endure these "tests" of your moral character. There are many frequencies which you can dig out of the "ear ringing messages" that do various things. Anything outside "The Salvation Frequency" leads to trouble as does abusing this code to commit sins.

If it pertains to this phenomenon, I've tried it out of spite, boredom, revenge, fun and to save anyone I can from getting brainwashed right out of their own mind. You can read what I've found and should these phenomena begin happening to you, it will make your life as close to normal as possible and save you from being "re-educated".

If you are REALLY GOOD: INTENTIONALLY REALLY GOOD ALL THE TIME, you will be just fine. If you cannot bare to be controlled - there is my combination of: deception tactics, pharmaceutical/auditory "jamming", "playing good", "being good", creating your own reality based on your own rules (the key here is the EXTENT to which you believe these self-created realities). Belief governs your will to alter the rules. You must control what you believe like a vehicle and practice the "suspension of disbelief" (in yourself) on a regular basis. The Power is all in your own head.

I write this because this "system" hurt people 1000 times morally better than me. This only proves the point that "the road to destruction is wide and spacious and many are those finding it". I'm pretty pissed that they were hurt by this system. I'm only alive due to my wiliness, refusal to be controlled, ability to vary the way I think and various pharmaceutical agents I've used to keep "them" from locking onto my brainwaves and ENTRAINING THEM (this is done through BINAURAL TECHNOLOGY. My David Pal36 UNIT can: elevate the mood, calm the mood, stimulate the mood or even allow me to attain mental states experienced by experienced meditators.) Problem is - you can carry VERY DIFFERENT kinds of messages on microwave-based energy......messages telling your brainwaves to synch-up with very undesirable "commands" (hence the name: "dog people" for the initiated).

Well, we've covered a lot of territory and you probably think I'M nuts. Ironically enough, pretending to not know what you are doing or that you are insane can prevent you from being "programmed". There just isn't enough consistent, surface thought-pattern to "entrain". All I know can be found here on HubPages under the name: MOEFLATS and the subjects: "gangstalking" and "electronic harassment". Copy it because our benevolent government is about to pass an "Internet Blacklist Bill" (and I guarantee you my articles will be the first things to go). Good Luck.

theking2020 4 years ago

Great article.

c-m-hall profile image

c-m-hall 2 years ago from York, Maine

Personally, I'd prefer it if 'we' could all just read each other's minds ... it would make every day encounters so much easier ... we'd all be so informed ... no guessing games ... no manipulations ...

I suppose if you have something to hide ... you may not want other people to read your mind ?

However, if we knew that people could in fact, read our minds ... (and we, theirs) ... we'd be a lot more introspective? Pause, before we 'think'? lol! Would definitely keep us all the more 'present' minded ... save a lot of time and energy ... everyone would know everything in advance ... visibility!!!

I've heard it said that we are as 'sick' as our 'secrets' ... Great story!! Definintely food for 'thought' ... lol!

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