Good grief! What the hell is wrong with our government in that it refuses to control the MILLIONS of illegal immigrations...ILLEGAL immigrants are pouring into our country each and every year?

I can only conclude our president and all other law makers involved with this crisis are not to be trusted simply because they must have secret reasons for attempting to convince the American public that this fiasco is good for the US when in fact, it is well on its way to destroying our country as we know it.

I could write a hundred pages on this subject with but I won't because all that discussion is irrelevant and would inevitably render down to the following questions and statements.

(1).....Actually, ALL discussion on this subject is irrelevant short of this one simple statement. ILLEGAL ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY ANYONE, FROM ANYWHERE, IS A FELONY...

That's all there is to it my friends, change our laws or prosecute these people......PERIOD!!!

(2).....Play this astounding Rush Limbaugh video called Limbaugh Laws...Goto:

(3).....If you’re genuinely interested in this subject, consider the following:

How many of these so called poor and desperate, hardworking people are flat out Mexican criminals?

How many of these people can't even read or write?

How many of these good wannabee citizens are already in US jails for serious crimes?

How many of these people have any intention at all of learning the language of this country, learning what is required to become a US citizen, and actually doing the work required to become a citizen even if given the chance?

How many of the people are flat out drug smugglers?

How many of these people are already selling drugs on our street corners?

How many of these people even as Illegal immigrants are already taking advantage of our state and federal freebees such as welfare, medical assistance, grade school education and dozens of other programs designed for US citizens?

How many of these two million undocumented people a year are here for subversive reasons?

Given the fact that ALL of these illegal immigrants are already felons, how many of them would you trust to abide by the rest of the laws of this country?

(4).....I could go on and on and on explaining things like the billions of dollars these people are costing our government's each and every year in dozens of categories but what is the point if our own federal government allows certain hoards of people to commit felonies and then wants to offer them amnesty?

(5).....Personally, I don't give a damn if I have to pay 12 dollars for a head of iceberg lettuce. At least I won't have to search the label to find the "ENGLISH" version.

(6).....Don't even begin to believe there are no "Americans" that would do the work that illegal immigrants do. They may want, and get, more money for their work causing the price of certain commodities to go up but what's the alternative? Open borders for anyone and everyone to transgress at will? I don’t think so!

(7).....If the Mexicans want work so bad what’s wrong with "controlled" work programs? Mexico has them, why not us? The reason is it's too easy to sneak across our border, go where there's a million other illegal Mexicans, get a job with a US firm that breaks the law as well, put their kids in school, apply for all sorts of benefits and sell pot on the side. Why not? They don't give a damn about the laws of this country anyway DO THEY?

(8)....Again...I could go on and on. Here's what we should do about this country-busting problem short and sweet.

(A)... Impeach all of our federal and local officials that do not agree with maintaining tight and controlled borders of this country.

(B)... Set up a cheap prison camp in the Senora Desert with tents and a 12 hour work day. ANYONE caught entering this country illegally would automatically do three months there and then be deported. Second offence, one year. Third offence, hard time in federal prison. I guarantee you that would be the end of the bulk of the problem right then and there.

(C)... Find and deport all undocumented people in this country from where ever they're from.

(D)... Find all US firms that hire these people and throw the book at them.

(E)... Finally, explain to Mexico that the free ride is over. Control your own people or else.

(9).....You've seen the rallies with tens of thousands of Illegal immigrants; you’ve seen the Mexican flag flying in Huston and elsewhere. You've stood in line at your bank with 12 illiterate people in front of you none of which speak English. You've seen the economy of California and other states go down the tubes, and you've seen our border guards murdered defending our country from this plague.

(10)....Want to see more? Do nothing and you most surely will.

(11)…..Just for the record, I have no problems what so ever with Mexicans, Canadians, Russians, or Aliens from Rigel 12. The United States of America is what it is because of diverse groups of people from around the globe. Sneak across our borders in the middle of the night and that’s when I’ve got problems, big problems!

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SheriSapp profile image

SheriSapp 6 years ago from West Virginia

I like it!! Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ (I think) DOES try to combat this problem, and he is branded a racist!! Racist, for doing his job? Anyway, I agree that illegal is illegal, no one deserves special treatment!!

CreativeOrange profile image

CreativeOrange 6 years ago

Hi Craig. Can you tell me where the term illegal alien comes from...I mean, why alien? I'll tell you. Because when someone enters this country illegally, the federal government puts a lien on their body because they owe the man money. There is a reason that are borders are weak, and it's because the powers that control this country want it that way, same reason there are so many lethal drugs on the street. Is is not strange that the most powerful country in the world cannot control it's own borders?

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida Author

Hiya Orange...

I don't think the etymology of the term illegal alian exists. It looks to me like it may just be the beginning of a record of the phrase. For now, it's just two words we've put together to describe an "illegal alian". Here's a paragraph from Wikipedia:

Illegal immigration is the movement of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Illegal immigrants are also known as illegal aliens to differentiate them from legal aliens. In politics, the term may imply a larger set of social issues and time constraints with disputed consequences in areas such as economy, social welfare, education, health care, slavery, prostitution, legal protections, voting rights, public services, and human rights. Conversely, illegal emigration refers to unlawfully leaving a country.......

You may have a point about a certain few in our country that encourage alians to enter illegally. It would surely answer many of my questions. If it is true,it looks to me like it's gotten out of hand. I think we can certainly control our borders if we had to but so far, we're just realizing we're going to have to.

Take care...

Salvatorese 6 years ago

Dear Mr. Suits

I have a question for you about the USA borders that you are so worry on controlling. Where are they sire? Were they begin? Are they limiting our territory only? Or do they start in South America, Arabia, Asia, The Caribbean, Europe or the Moon?

I think that the problem of “illegal” immigration begins with the ILLEGAL ability of the USA government on not recognizing borders about expanding its influence and dominion into the rest of the world; THIS IS THE TRUE ORIGIN OF THE PROBLEM MR. SUITS.


You know what I’m talking about, right? Or do you really believe the tale about us going into other countries to spread freedom and peace? If you believe it I’ll tell you to get serious on putting into perspective your vision of the world’s history in the last two hundred years; starting when our government went into the ILLEGAL adventure of invading Mexico to stole half of their country away. From there to today’s Haiti invasion the story has been the same: Playing the police of the world and using the opportunity to snatch, steal, exploit, corrupt, etc.

Believe me Mr. Suits, what we have been doing in the world is not legal by a long shoot and with the “illegal” immigration, that you are so scare and angry of, we are just getting the fruits of what we have been allowing our government and business do all over the world and you know what? There is not a thing we can possible do now; it is too late because our very way of life depends, in its crooked ruts, on it. Ha! Mr. Suits! you look like a very happy retiree living in Florida. I’m here in AMERICA also; living the “dream”. Who cares about the world and its people; get those God damned illegal people to work in concentration camps that they will learn something about illegality from us...

Here your fellow American in shame; talking about illegality

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida Author

Well first, I'm not sure I follow all your stated beliefs here but I pretty much got the jist of what you think the problems are. You mentioned a lot of issues which would require a long time for me to respond to each one in depth and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't. That's one of the short comings of blog writing.

The main issue here must logically be the main issue of the blog or Hub your responding to which is simply, illegal alians sneaking into our counrty in the middle of the night as opposed to all the other millions of immigrants that waited for years sometimes, studied the language, learned the constitution and the laws of this country. I'm talking about sometimes desperate people as well. The big difference is these people didn't decide to sneak into this country knowing full well to do that would be a felony as it would be in any country in the world. Open borders to anyone who wishes to cross at anytime, especially in a prosperous country is impossible unless of course your country has a death wish. The damage done by 2 million, mostly illiterate Mexican sneaking into this country each year has been devistating in so many ways it's hard to believe we're still functioning. And it's not all Mexicans either, many just start out from Mexico. If you set foot in this country or any other country without a passport, like tens of thousands of decent and honest Mexicans don't do every day at the border crossings and where entry is legal, then like it or not, your an instant criminal. I don't know about you but I can live without 2 million criminals coming into my country under a fence every year. And that goes for 18 year old beautiful blonds from Sweden as well.

Actually, I'm not living the American dream at the moment I have 1 dollar in my pocket and yes, criminals belong in prison and yes, that's why Mexico and all other nations put criminals in prison. Hopefully to "learn something about illegality" as you put it. What makes you guys any different?

As far as not knowing where our borders are I think I have a pretty good idea. True, I don't have a PHD on American/Mexican history and I doubt you do either so I can't comment on exactely what went on back then but hey, wake up, the wars over and you lost. Like it or not, thats the way all nations are born, survive, or die even to this day. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to go into Mexico's personal warring history would you.

Mexico has been an illiterate, violent, cruel, and corrupt country every since I'v been alive. I suggest you clean up your own act first so you don't have so damn many poor resperate people choosing crime to survive. I really don't blame them I would probably do the same thing my self if my kids were starving but what would you do? Allow the worlds destitute in the US all at once knowing it would destroy us as well, or try to control immigration and do what you are able to do to help.

Humanity is still a very primitive race and like it or not, some make it, while most don't. Sucks doesn't it? Take it up with one of your hundreds of do nothing Gods. I didn't invent the system. Sure the US has made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime and we will continue to but you got a big problem when you think we're out to take over the whole world. You mentioned Haiti, could it be, we are there because we want to help and there's no other organization in the world willing and able to get things done as we can. Haiti is probably the last place on earth the US would want to control. What the hell for?

I've seen the US side with lots of nasty people in just my lifetime such as Sadam, The Shaw of Iran, Noriega, Pol Pot or what ever the hell his name was in Nam, and the guy from the phillipiens Marco....I can't remember his name right now. The guy who's wife had 5000 pairs of shoes. You ever hear of the phrase. "The lessor of two evils"?

You want to be generally pissed at anyone, it ought to be Spain. Those people devestated Mexico, and all of South America. And yeah, the US and it's huge corporation are certainly no angels but who is? Welcome to the Human race. Now go back and find the Rush Limbaugh You Tube link close to the top. Play it if you haven't already and then talk to me about who needs to make changes and who doesn't.

Anyway, thanks much for the comeback. Talking is the only sane way of solving any problems political or otherwise. Even if one sides philosophies are a little bent of of shape.

Just kidding just kidding....

Later Bro...

the pink umbrella profile image

the pink umbrella 6 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

Simply put, we are an amazing country. File for a work visa, wait for a green card, and come over legitimately. Dont just hop the fence and try to stay off of the grid.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida Author

Right on Pink Umbrella. And that goes for anyone from any country...

NoAmnesty 6 years ago

Hey, Craig

I agree 100%. There should be no discussion about this at all. If you are here illegally, you need to be sent back. If that increases prices, so be it. These people are not just picking lettuce, they are doing factory jobs and construction that Americans would love to have. Has the United States made mistakes. You bet! But it's still the best damn country in the world.If it weren't there wouldn't be so many people willing to get here any way they can. Do not come to MY country and demand YOUR rights!

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida Author

I'm glad you agree. It's just common sense when you come right down to it. If you haven't already, click the You Tube/Rush Limbaugh video link at the top of the original blog. I believe it's in column #(2). It's extremely enlightening...

Catch ya on the flip side...

francisid 5 years ago

What's mine is mine--what's yours should be yours.If you want to have something like mine,work for it.

It's everybody's right to protect what he knows is his.An outsider might think you are mean and selfish,but the truth is, who would want to end up sharing everything that he'd work for with somebody he doesn't know?

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author


I have no problems sharing anything with anyone especially our way of life and even our country however, our laws are no to be compromised and when 2 million people a year deside they're going to take what we have without our permission, we got a big problem...

Thanks for the comeback...

JulissaQ 5 years ago

I can't even begin to express how awful and selfish you guys sound. It's obvious you have had everything this truly amazing country has to offer us. May I remind you, you are not the owners of this country (you probably don't even own the whole in the ground you will be buried in) what makes you think you can look down on a certain group of peolple. I believe if the true owner of everything (GOD) gave a person permission and the blessing to be here they should remain here. Another thing Mr. Suits: illegal immigrants not only come from Mexico. If your hate is towards Mexico then that would be a different conversation. You also state many things you believe illegal immigrants are doing. Committing crimes, selling drugs, ect. I'm sure a lot do. But you can't label everyone like that. There are also many citizens who do all that. It's like everything there's good and bad. And this goes for all of you. Take true conscious of your word.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hiya JulissaQ..

First, you take me as far out of context as I've ever been taken. Briefly.....

1...True I've had a great deal from this country but I raised 4 kids by myself and just barely got by the whole time.

2...Please, not the old "You don't own this country" ploy again. Any Supreme Court on the planet would disagree...

3...I won't be buried, simply because I don't wish to tie up the land for a hundred years or so.

4...I believe I clearly stated that illegal alians from many other countries, some looking to kill us all have been using the Mexican method of getting into this country as well..

5...God doesn't own this land any more than the Mexicans or the Irish do. It belomgs to the United States of America. Besides, your concept of God if there is any at all, is a total and complete ancient fairy tale. You have no argument what so ever there and I can proove that if your interested in fact and not fiction which I would bet a years pay on you arent...

6...I have zero hate for any ethnic group of people from anywhere and very little for any individual I've known in my 70 years on this planet. Why do you advocates make up lies like that?...

7...It is true that many Mexican immigrants are great, educated, productive people just like any group from anywhere around the world but if you did a little reasearch on our current prison system populas, Illegal Mexican are currently at the top of the icaseration list.

To be fair, this will always be the case with any group of people that are poor, don't speak the language, don't have an education, and were raised in a poor enviornment that crime in general prevails.

You show me one little sentence in all my writings on the sublect with out interjecting the rules of some cockamamie dieity where what I stated isn't the absolute truth and I'll eat this web site.

If you think any country on the planet can open up it's boarders and let untold hoards of desperate people come in and literally drain the countries resources down to the bankruptcy level, you need to go back to third grade and start your inadiquate education over again.

There are alternative ways of getting immediate and legal action to help to destitute people where ever they live and I'm all for drastic change. No one on this globe should be in need of at least basic survival requirements...

Here's the bottom line:.You claim "we" don't own this country or land and seem to think based on that, that anyone can walk right through our borders and grab what ever they like. What if I came to Mexico and claimed your land or better yet, I want the house you live in. it's not really yours is it. God said I could have it.So move out.

That's what your trying to sell me, and I'm not buying it and neither would you....

And no, before you ask, you can't have Texas back...

TheEllios profile image

TheEllios 5 years ago from The Inland Empire

6...I have zero hate for any ethnic group of people from anywhere and very little for any individual I've known in my 70 years on this planet. Why do you advocates make up lies like that?...

I can answer that. The way your words flow, as if I hear it by voice, gives off this vibe like you got a snarl in your throat when you speak of Mexicans. You even called the entering of the USA by a person of a foreign nationality "the Mexican Method" in which said foreigner enters the USA as an illiterate immigrant by way of Mexico. That comes off as a bit like you got it in for Mexican folk. Just a wee bit.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hiya Ellios....

A classic case of diverting one issue to another. What happened to the subject of millions of Illegal felons crashing our borders and destroying our economy in the process.

Just for the record, it was a nice try but when talking about the Mexican border,yes of course I'm going to refer to it as a Mexican problem. It is, isn't it?

You may also read what ever you wish into my words with your super natural abilities but the fact is, and the truth is,I do not hate Mexicans, Sweeds, Japanese, or Klingons as groups and yeah, I could come up with a lot of individuals I don't like but very few I hate.

Sorry but the Mexican problem still stands and if you don't want to see this country go down the tubes, you better fix it fast.

Preciate the comeback. We can't solve any problems at all without communications.


Charles II 5 years ago

'Illegal' does not automatically translate into 'criminal.' Speeding is illegal, as is murder; should we make them equivalent? Being here illegally is not criminal. (See Gov. Christy,)An illigal immigrant is guilty of a misdemeanor. Some actions are evil in and for themselves (rape, theft, murder) and others are illegal only because someone signed a piece of paper.Immigration is a problem and demands solutions (which are not easy to come by)but keeping what I have said in mind we might be more able to think straight. Much of what I hear is tinged with hysteria.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hiya Charles...

Playing with words will not change committing a crime into blowing bubbles, If you break the law, you are engaged in a criminal activity period. Personally, I don't want anyone in my country that doesn't give a rats ass about our laws. period again.

If I go to Mexico and got caught stealing a loaf of bread to feed my little three year old baby girl that is dying from malnutrition, guess where I'll be the next ten years?


Try that crap in Mexico and you'd be lucky you weren't shot on the spot.

And just for the record, I don't know anything at all about what Governer Christy said about "illegals" but I'd bet you my last dollar that sneaking across our borders to gain illegal entry into the United States is about as felonious as it gets.

That's like me coming in your back yard and stealing your lawn mower just because I don't have one.Any decent human being is welcome in the United States provided you enter legally. If your not willing to abide by our laws, then stay the hell out. There is no country on the planet that will tell you anything different.

Patty 4 years ago

I live in San Diego and God know there are hundreds of illegal aliens that come to my city. My taxes pay for them,the welfare and free medical. That sucks. Take care of the real citizens of California and quit taking advantage of our system. AND LEARN ENGLISH! I don't appreciate my taxes paying for felons of any nationality!

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

You tell-em Pattie.

I can't believe the whole damn thing got as far out of hand as it has.

It's not about Mexicans or any other group in general. It's 5th grade common sence. I spent the last 30 years in Florida and the last two in New Jersey. It's the same thing where ever you go...

Tnx for the comeback Kiddo.

danielthorne profile image

danielthorne 4 years ago

Yeah and now Obama wants to give them FREE health care... they are exempt from paying taxes for health care reform's right in there......but they cannot be denied so...

danielthorne profile image

danielthorne 4 years ago

The law is the law!...And racism has nothing to do with it.

And doing jobs that Americans won't do is not a valid argument as the 15 to 30 million illegals are stealing jobs from honest hard working citizens...the illegals are undercutting wages in the workplace as is the silent conquest of America...we know what they are up to!The nieghborhood I grew up un has totally been taken's like that everywhere...wise up America!

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Your right on the money Daniel.If you were to do an in depth study of the illegal alien impact on this country you would find it to be staggering. As you say, the law is the law and I could care less if the illegals were all 18 year old gorgeous blonds from Sweden. Well in that case, maybe we could look the other way for a while. :o)

Jon 4 years ago

Besides the fact that this article is blatantly discriminating and stereotyping and the fact that you do not cite any sources besides Rush Limbaugh (which is no way in hell a reliable source), you propose things which are unethical and against the very constitution of the United States. The worst part would obviously be 8B as you propose to use taxpayer money to create the equivalent of small internment camps. The only bit of this sad excuse for an article that is fact is your first statement. That is it, everything else is pure opinion or not used in the context of an actual argument. And no, questions do not count as premises for an argument. If you ever decide to actually write a legitimate article, at least write it in a logical manner and cite your sources. And for the love of god, try not to stereotype so damn much.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Every statement you mentioned above is either totally false or taken out of context. I wonder what your true motivtion is...But thanks for the comeback anyway...

danielthorne profile image

danielthorne 4 years ago

Mexico Law states:

Under Article 123 of the General Population Act, illegal immigration is an offense punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of up to 5,000 pesos, or about $450. Typically, any crime with a punishment of a year or more is considered a felony.

Article 118 of the act says foreigners who are deported and then later attempt to re-enter the country without authorization can be punished with up to 10 years in prison.

Under Article 73, local police must cooperate with federal immigration authorities when asked to help enforce the nation's immigration laws.

As set forth in several articles of the act, immigrants are admitted into Mexico according to their potential to "contribute to the national progress" and must have the income needed to support themselves.

and yes illeagal entry into any country is a crime...criminal like it or not.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks much for the info..interesting.

I'm pretty sure any worthy country on the planet would have similar regulations and laws. Why can't people understand no country can simply open up it's borders to as many as may wish to enter without proceedures, regulations, and limitations?

Thanks Daniel...

logic 4 years ago

You all make me sick! Every sing Las one of you!! I hate people of such ignorance and such narrow minded views! Can't you see that WE'RE looking for a better future for our families and we come here because its the safest place and in Mexico the government is corrupt and its not easy living such a hard life!

But you guys would'nt understand because its something you have to live through and feel.

My parents and i came here illegally not to sell drugs or cause mischief and trouble but to excel and grow! My intention here is to help others in need, im young im only a teenagers but I've lives through enough to say that if it weren't for my parents choosing to bring me over, I'd be in Mexico getting high and selling drugs. That doesn't seem to fun or promising. So i don't expect you to change you're opinions or even get to comprehending what I and many others have gone through and still go through everyday! In fact i expect every single one of you to retort with what seem to be excuse or reasons that you see fit!! But just hold this one piece of information in your minuscule cranium ....... I came here to help make this world a better place for those more unfortunate than I.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

You sound like a good a decent person with high hopes for everyone's future. That's really great and personally I wouldn't mind having you as a neighbor BUT NOT TWO MILLION OF YOU FELONS EVERY YEAR.

The United States and Mexico are two seperate and different countries each with their own rules and laws that must be respected. We have these laws for reasons that highly educated legislators have put in place for the good of the people and the country. Controlled immigration is one both countries are pretty strick about. If your all so fired up about being in the US than I would suggest you enter legally or better yet get to work and fix your own country. Don't break our laws and expect us to welcome you with open arms. Our laws arent for you or anybody else to choose which one's you'll break and which one you agree with. I don't give a damn how good your intentions are, No country on the planet can survive with two millions felons sucking the countries resources dry year after year. If your here illegally, you need to go back where you came from and do what you need to do to enter legally or invest your good intentions and efforts into cleaning up your own country.

You say you came here to help make the world a better place for those more unfortunate than you. That's really a great attitude. If it's true, your own people of Mexico would be a good place to start your work. They're a hell of a lot worse off than we are here.

danielthorne profile image

danielthorne 4 years ago

The law is the law...

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

None of us will always agree with all the laws any country has but that doesn't mean anyone has the right the break those they don't agree with in any country...

onstageagain 4 years ago

I am sick of hearing " I came here for a better life " There are 500 million poor in the world that want a better life which are far more poor than Mexico.

If China were South of the border, we would have 20 million Chinese here. They would come tomorrow if there were not a ocean between the countries. The US is not noahs ark. We owe Mexico NOTHING ! And as long as we have borders we need to protect our citizens and demand that our politicians follow the oath in which they took when entering office . Protect our citizens our borders, & our laws.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

I agree 100% except you neglected to mention one of the things we need to protect as well....Our MONEY.

luz 4 years ago

your obviously racist

good luck in life

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

And you my friend with limited English abilities, are obviously an idiot. Either that or I've been flat out lying throughout this whole hub and I can assure you, that would be a pointless waist of time.

Once again for those of you that never made it past 2nd grade:

If two million a year, 18 year old, naked Swedish blonds were to sneak into my country in the middle of the night, I'd deport them just as fast as I would anyone else. Believe it or don't believe it. That's your choice.

Ok OK...I might let two or three stay just for good will reasons you understand...

Daniel Thorne 4 years ago

This issue has nothing to do with race so that argument is invalid. People of all races live LEGALLY in the US. However many ILLEGALS have a tendency to play the race card as a tool to instill shift the focus of any wrong doing or illegal activity on their part to the other party. Like it or not The law is the law. And if you cannot or will not obey ALL of the laws of this Country then for one you are not welcome. I will show you the door.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Your 100% correct Daniel. The issue has nothing at all to do with race but if it keeps up, I can see how easily it will become a racial issue on top of a legal one and I can give you a personal example. My own brother who is gone now for several years lived in upscale Scottsdale for 35 years and hated Mexicans not only for what the tremendous influx of illegals has done to our economy but according to him, they used to frequent the pristine Scottsdale parks and literally trash them to coin his own words.Can you blame him?

Granted, catagorizing a whole because of a relative few is unfair but living in the thick of it for so long, one has a tendency to not give a damn about the whole after a while and comes to believe the whole is just as bad as the few. I can understand that and knowing the level of education amoungst the illegal aliens I can believe it. You'll see next to zero collage graduates from any country leaving their garbage behind in a beautiful park. Like it or not, that's the way it is and would be even if hoards of uneducated Americans were to invade Mexico.

kkingcrabb profile image

kkingcrabb 4 years ago from Georgetown, S.C.

An alien is a being in a place he doesn't originate from. They did not originate here and they are here illegally hence the term "illegal alien".

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Correctamondo King!

Daniel Thorne 4 years ago

So why does the Obama administration sue states that try to enforce illegal alien laws...don't tell me they are picking on me or racially profiling me..either

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

That's a damn good question Daniel. Probably opting to keep the peace with the Hispanic vote. There's got to be some inside reason why they don't do what they should be doing. I wish I knew...

You know what? You make me ashamed I never bothered to confront these political morons and find out. If we don't get involved in our political injustices, we have no right to complain.

I'm going to write a letter or two and make some phone calls. I'll find out one way or the other and let you know.

Thanks for kicking me in the ass. I deserved it!

anon 4 years ago


yes there is a problem with immigration but forced labor camps seem a bit barbaric.yes lots of people sneak over the border but how do you define a border anyway why should someone have a better standard of life because they were born in america? if these people cross the border and then work harder or for less money than the local Americans why should they not be employed surely with economic globalization at the state it is everyone should have the right to work anywhere the principles of capitalism state that we have a free and equal market but how is the market free or equal when people have their lives dictated by their place of birth

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

One...Sneaking over anyones border is illegal...

Two...The next time my car breaks down, i'll steal your's.

Why should you have a better car than me?

Daniel Thorne 4 years ago

but how do you define a border anyway...sir you must truly be an idiot!

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Try looking at a map of Mexico and The United States. There is a line there starting in southern California, that works it's way through southern Arizona etc., and on to western Texas. This line seperates the countries of Mexico and the United States. Any land south of the line belongs to Mexico. Any land North of the line belongs to the United States. This line is what is universaly known as "a border".

Cross it illegally in any country on the planet and you become a criminal, including in Mexico.....Understand? Does Mexico accept alien criminals with open arms? WE DON'T EITHER!

anon 4 years ago


first off i don't have a car but that is irrelevant. second off there is a difference between working an 12 hour day and saving up to buy a car and being born in the US. for the car one works hard so they are given as a reward. However being born into the US is chance and not a result of work therefore it is completely different. from your car example you could also argue but if i were to live in mexico it would be harder for me to get a car that is a reason why people may sneak over the boarder(the car is an example i doubt people sneak over the border for a higher chance of getting a car) but why should your birth entitle you to a better chance at receiving a car? i am not arguing about what is legal nor about what is practical i am arguing about what is right. surely laws change so stating that something is illegal is immature just because someone states that something is illegal does not make it bad. i don't commit murders because its wrong to kill people not because the law states so sure the law is an additional deterrent but the truth is morals are far more important than rules.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Your arguments, although well presented, have not been thought out as deep as they should be:

ONE...My "birth right" to buy a car is just that, "MY BIRTH RIGHT" and no one elses especially illegal's sneaking into the country to aquire my birth right the easy way.

The United States and it's citizens birth rights did not come on a silver platter. We lost almost one million people just in the civil war alone and right this very second, we have thousands of our young men and women around the world defending our way of life and the chosen way of life of others. You bet your ass I have a birth right and I for one am not going to turn it over to 2 million, largely uneducated, felons that think all thay have to do is sneak into this country in the middle of the night and share in what we Americans have already paid for with the lives of countless soldures and the hard times and hard work of tens of millions of immigrents from all over the world that entered the Unites States legally and became law abiding citizens.

TWO...True, moral clarity within a nation most likely accounts for all the laws and regulations enacted by far smarter legislators than you or I. I know and live with lots of laws I disagree with and some I believe are flat out stupid. Most of our gun laws are a good example. Where I live, you can only buy food and other essentials on Sunday. Everything else is closed. If I want a few 2 by 4's for a project I'm building on Sunday, my only day off, I have to drive to another county or to NY State.

However, Like it or not, our laws are our laws and if I intentionally break them, I become a criminal that could or should pay a penalty or even go to jail. My personal morals have nothing to do with our established laws. As a citizen, I'm oblidged to obey the laws enacted by the very legislators I helped put in power.

Fortunatly, individuals cannot re-write or pick-and-choose laws in any country on the planet. Mexico included.

And one more thing...

There is no country on the planet that can open up it's boarders to untold millions of illegal immigrents each and every year. Already, the United States has suffered gravely because of the financial burden posed by tens of millions of illegal Mexicans and others entering our country in the middle of the night and literally sucking our resources dry to the bone.

Left up to me, undocumented people in this country should be deported. get caught a second time and your going to spend some time in Sheriff Joe's Arizona desert prison camp before your deported again. Get caught a third time, ten years in a federal prison should teach you that you can't break our laws just because you think they are unjust. Try that crap in Mexico and you'll dissapear withou any Cival Liberties Union to hide behind.

We got a great country here and we will fight to the death to keep it that way as we've been doing since day one. You want in? Fine, we want you here believe it or not, but your going to have to do the work and take the time the law requires like tens of millions of other now US citizens have already done. In the mean time, Mexico has a whole bunch of problems you could and should be working on to make Mexico a better place to live than it is now. Who knows, with your help, Mexico could become THE place to live in the future and after you and millions of others have given your lives to make it so, I'd love to see a few million poor, uneducated, and largely felonious alians from the US sneaking into your new country in the middle of the night at least for a year or so. Better get your social services in order, we're all going to want everything that you now have and busted your ass to get with the lives and hard work of the Mexican people.

Daniel Thorne 4 years ago

anon What defines a country...Borders,language and culture. When visiting ANY country you must abide by that country's laws...or suffer the consequences...the law is the law...and that is what is right. I have no right to sneak into any country I please 'cause I think I deserve to.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Right on Anon. I don't have any idea where these people come from thinking the United States is a free for all. I wish we could help anyone and everyone that needs help or wishes for a better life but unfortunatly no one country on the planet including the United States could even come close and to open the borders to uncontrolled hoards of millions per year is nothing more than capital suicide.

anon 4 years ago


i disagree with you on the fundamental view of laws you obviously believe that laws are right whereas i believe what is right should be the law

mr suits

i quite agree that it would be impractical heck even impossible to allow these people in i am just stating what i view as right besides its not easy to get into america the trip across the border from mexico tends to be a route through a desert many people give their lives trying to make it across the border.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Your fundimental analysis of what laws should be needs a bit deeper thought. I agree that laws should reflect what is right but that can only be if you consider the majority, specofic groups, or individuals.

In all cases the individuals left out in the first scenario suffer inequities and perhaps injustices the first group do not. i.e., I would love to see assault weapons banned from all but the military and perhaps certain police forces and I believe the vast majority would agree. Not so with collectors. NRA types, and criminals.

The fact that many Mexicans have lost their lives in the desert looking to sneak into our country is completely irrelivent. Unfortunate yes but still irrelivent. If I'm shot and killed trying to rob a bank that only reflects my desperation and/or ignorance, nothing more. Robbing banks will always be illegal as will sneaking into any country in the middle of the night.

kkingcrabb profile image

kkingcrabb 4 years ago from Georgetown, S.C.

Anon, these people sneak into our country, leech off of our social programs, give birth to many more minorities to make it harder to deport the family. They receive medicaid, food stamps, FI checks, free education, ect.. All of this adds to our national deficit and causes our debt to increase because we need to borrow money to pay for these programs.

Look at it this way if someone comes into your yard goes into your house eats your food and runs up your electric, water and sewer bills and then they leave you stuck with the bill how would you feel? Would that be ok with you anon? This is what they are doing to our country.

There are hundreds of legal ways to enter this country that these people choose to ignore and instead decide to break the law and add to the crime and poverty and the deficit in this country. They take money out of our economy and send it back home to wherever they may be from. Millions of U.S. dollars cross the border every year into Mexico alone. These are dollars that will not be spent at the local walmarts, grocery stores, gas stations or the millions of small businesses that create the backbone of our economy. These small businesses employ 54.4 million people in this country and those dollars would go a long way in helping them stay open and create jobs instead of laying people off. This situation, while not the cause of all the economic problems in this country are most certainly a major part of the problem.

This is in no way is directed at hispanics coming from Mexico this goes for any and all people who illegally enter our country no matter where they are from.

Ramon Celis 4 years ago

You hypocrite ¡¡¡¡ Tell me how did you ancestors arrived to the U.S. ? Do not tell me that they payed for a very expensive application and waited for years and years with the uncertainty of even getting residency or citizenship before they got into the country haha I can smell rednecks like you from miles away I just cannot believe you people actually exist. You slaughtered indians, you invaded Mexico and took away almost half of the territory you know call "United States" and now you prohibit other immigrants JUST LIKE YOUR GREAT PARENTS to come in here ???? WOW ...tell me... how can you live with yourself knowing that you are such a selfish F***.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

One...You've got a caustic, foul mouth.

Two...99% of all the original immigrants that came to the US didn't sneak in under the Atlantic ocean, they came here legally and were processed at Ellis Island in NY.Not too many immigrants I heard of that swam the Atlantic in the middle of the night.

Three...If you can smell rednecks a mile away I would suggest go see a nose doctor. I'm in, and from New Jersey.

Four...Slautered Indians? True to a point. Our treatment of Native Americans was horrible and still is, but they did their share of slaughtering as well.

Five...Invaded Mexico? Better read up on Mexican/American history. No one "invaded" Mexico. There were wars over disputed territory and you lost. You can't have it back either.

Six...The people of the Unites States weclome immigrants from anywhere on the planet. We do not welcome criminals that sneak into our country and break our laws. Gee, ya know, I don't think Mexico does either.

Seven...Selfish, not at all. I just have a problem with 2 millions felons sneaking into my country every year and sucking our hard earned resources dry to the bone that none of them earned or deserve.

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